Friday, November 30, 2007


Evel Knievel, the motorcycle daredevil of the 1970’s, died today at the age of 69 according to his official website. Robert Craig Knievel Jr. was born on October 17, 1938 and was infamous for his highly publicized motorcycle jumps over buses, live sharks and Idaho's Snake River Canyon.

No cause of death has been released yet but it has been widely known that Knievel’s health had been failing in recent years. Knievel suffered from diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable condition that scars the lungs. He also contracted hepatitis C from a blood transfusion 15 years go, following a horrific spill.

During the height of his popularity many of his fans considered him a hero, a title that he neither asked for nor enjoyed.

“I do not like the word hero. It is the most overused and undeserving word. Too many people think the wrong people are heroes. A Soldier fighting without question, and dying, a scientist, an astronaut – people who stand in the way of harm or conflict and give their life without question for the good of other – they are the real heroes. I am not a hero. I was good at riding a motorcycle and a pretty good businessman. Not a hero.”

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel Jr.
1938 ~ 2007



Two men hunting in Grafton Township this morning spotted smoke coming from a nearby house, as they got closer they could see flames coming from the back of the residence.

Brad Conley was hunting Friday morning in his sister’s back yard with his son Eric. They decided to come out of the woods to get something to eat when they spotted smoke. “We first thought it was just fog or something but then as we got a little closer we could see it was coming from the house. We came down here and the entire back of the house was engulfed in flames, we didn’t know at the time if anybody was at home so we started to beat on the windows and doors and nobody answered.”

The Conley’s were still concerned that someone might be inside of the home so Eric kicked in the front door. “My son kicked in the door and we yelled but nobody responded that we could hear. The smoke was too thick in the home to even attempt to go inside so we just came out and used their garden hose and started hosing down the back deck until the fire department got here.”

Assistant Chief Tim Adams of the Grafton Township Fire Department said when they arrived on scene the fire had already gotten up into the attic. “We believe the fire started outside against the back wall of the home then spread up the home and into the attic. We immediately started an exterior attack knocking down the fire in the woodpile against the house and then sent two teams into the house and they started fighting the attic fire.”

Nobody was in the home at the time of the fire, fire Officials say that the homeowner was taking lunch to her daughter at school at the time of the fire.

Chief Adams said that their Department received mutual aid assistance from LaGrange Township, Eaton Township and Litchfield Township Fire Departments with Tankers and manpower. “We had a total of five Tankers and about 2 dozen Firefighters on scene helping today.”

No injuries were reported.

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Christopher Cole, the former owner of Puritas Metal Products in North Ridgeville, is being held this afternoon on charges of Breaking and Entering, Obstruction of Justice, Carrying a Concealed Weapon on prohibited premises, Inducing Panic and Vandalism.

Cole was upset over the way he was let go by the company and is currently in court over the issue of ownership of the company. Cole told Officers that he was also not pleased with how slow the legal process in that case was.

Police responded just after 6 a.m. Friday morning after employees arrived at work and found a broken window and doors sealed shut from the inside.

During negotiations with Police Cole told them that he was the President of the company and that he had a lot of work to do and was not planning on leaving the building. Cole also told the Police that he indeed had a weapon and that it was inside of his car and the car was also inside of the building. Cole did slide the loaded 9mm handgun under a door to the Police before surrendering.

Police say that they found pepper spray and additional ammo in Cole’s car. Cole was also wearing a bulletproof vest under his clothes.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


“The conditions were right,
the fuel was there,
the oxygen was there,
the doors were open,
and there was nothing there to impede it.”
Assistant Elyria Fire Chief Tim Mitchell

Assistant Fire Chief Tim Mitchell of the Elyria Fire Department said that Firefighters could see the smoke from their ramp at the Cedar Street Station. “We received the call at 1637hrs (4:37pm) and that was for smoke coming from a building at 2nd and West, but as we got closer we could tell it was going to be further away. When we arrived the building was fully involved, the doors were open and the flames were totally consumed inside the building.”

Chief Mitchell said that they decided to attack the fire defensively with their Ladder Truck because there were no reports of anyone being inside of the building. “A second Engine came in and laid a supply line from West River to help with more water. We also had a few spot fires around the structure, it was kind of wind aided for a while with the winds gusting up to 25mph.”

Smoke could been seen for miles away from the fire scene and Chief Mitchell said that is partly due to the type of roof on the building. “It had bow string construction, which means it had that type of roof that is rounded and it had an asphalt coating to it that created a lot of smoke. The building, being as old as it is, once it had that fire inside with the really heavy timbers once that let go the whole roof comes down.”

With as massive as the fire was, FOX 8 NEWS even referring to it as an INFERNO, Chief Mitchell said it was under control in about a half hour. “We had it under control and I was sending outside companies back within a half hour but we were probably on scene for about two hours after we cleaned everything up."

The Elyria Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau is investigating the fire.

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A massive fire in an empty storage warehouse at the old Elyria Fairgrounds on Third Street just west of West Ave is keeping Elyria Firefighters busy this afternoon.

The Fire broke out just after 4 p.m. in a building located in the 500 block of 3rd street in Elyria. The property, formerly Riverview Mobile Home Park and many years ago was the site of the Fairgrounds, is vacant and being prepared for development.
Strong winds, sometimes gusting up to 25mph, helped fan the flames. Witnesses say the structure collapsed in a matter of minutes.
TMC NEWS will have much more on this developing story, including more photos, later tonight.
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A two-car crash in Carlisle Township this morning, involving a Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputy, sent one woman to the hospital.

Chief Russ Gardner of the Carlisle Township Fire Department said that the Deputy was traveling westbound on Russia Road through the intersection while the mini van was traveling northbound on West Ridge. The intersection has stop signs for north and southbound traffic only, the east / west traffic does not have to stop.

Chief Gardner said the crash spun the mini van around and sent the Deputies car into a yard. “They were both shook up as you would expect from a crash like this but no serious injuries.” The driver of the van was transported to Allen Medical Center and the Deputy was taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Witnesses suggest that road work being done on Route 57 near Chestnut may have contributed to a crash in that intersection Wednesday afternoon.

The driver of the red Chevy was southbound on Route 57 and wanted to turn east onto Chestnut to get to his home. As he approached the intersection road workers had the two turning lanes blocked with traffic cones. Drivers had to make the east turn from the straight lane with poor visibility of northbound traffic. When he made his turn he collided with a car traveling north through the intersection.

Eaton Township Fire and Rescue responded but said everyone signed off refusing treatment or transport. Firefighters did remain on scene to help with traffic and to wash down the fluids that had spilled onto the roadway.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.
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While returning from lunch Tuesday afternoon I spotted Vaughn’s Auto towing a crashed pick up truck onto the campus of Lorain County Community College. My curiosity got the best of me so I went to find out what was going on.

The smashed up truck was being placed in the courtyard on campus for the 6th annual “Zero-Proof Mix Off”. The Lorain County Safe Community Coalition, Lorain County Community College and the Ohio State Highway Patrol sponsor the event. The event looks for alcohol free drink recipes to help celebrate the holidays.

Dave Vaughn said that he and his father have been involved in the event since the beginning. “Someone from the college contacted us six years ago when they thought of this idea and asked if we would be interested in helping, we said yes right away.” Vaughn said that in his years in the towing business he has seen far too many alcohol-related crashes and wishes people would start making better decisions before getting behind the wheel. “I have seen both the alcohol related and the just plain stupid drivers who aren’t paying attention out there. I was involved in one recently where a driver on the highway who wasn’t paying attention struck my truck, it’s sobering to think that in an instant everything could be over. I just don’t understand with all the options people have, taxi’s, friends or family, yet they still think it’s ok to drive drunk.”

Vaughn said that years ago his father, Dave Vaughn Sr., ran radio spots telling people that they would provide free rides to anyone who felt they were unable to drive. They stopped running the ad because they didn’t receive one call.
Individuals, local agencies, businesses and clubs were invited to participate in creating the best Zero-Proof holiday drink. The Zero-Proof Mix Off will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Thursday December 6th in the College Center Mall at LCCC. In case of inclement weather the event will be moved to Friday December 7th, same times and same location.

Organizers invite you to grab your family and friends to attend the event and enjoy the drinks, food, music, dancing and great door prizes.

For more information on the event you can call the Lorain County General Health District at 440.322.6367 or 440.244.3418.

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A 76-year-old woman drove to the E-Check building Tuesday afternoon to get her car checked, while navigating to the garage door somehow got off track and struck the building.

Amherst Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics responded and treated the driver at the scene then transported her to Community Health Partners with minor injuries to be further evaluated.

Employees at the scene stated that they don’t know what happened, she was going fine then all of a sudden just turned to the left and struck the building.

The Amherst Police Department is investigating the crash.

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UPDATE: November 29, 2007
Amherst Police say that the driver of this car, Rosemary Haas of Amherst, told them that she did not know how the crash occurred. Witnesses told Police that they heard Haas’ vehicle engine accelerate, then heard a crashing sound.

The crash occurred Tuesday at the E-Check/Envirotech, 205 Sandstone Blvd in Amherst.

Ms. Haas’ vehicle sustained heavy front-end damage while the building received only minor scraps. A drainpipe and safety pole was also damaged.

LifeCare transported Ms. Haas to Community Health Partners with a head injury.

Monday, November 26, 2007


A crash in Elyria Monday afternoon sent two cars into the front of the old Slot Shop building.

LifeCare took both drivers to Elyria Memorial Hospital with non-serious injuries.

The Elyria Police Department is investigating the crash.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, another Thanksgiving comes and goes and if it wasn’t for those nice people who rolled me over to the computer, I may not have been able to make this post. I hope yours was as good as mine. It was also nice to see our variety of readers and gold card members saying what they were thankful for. I didn’t chime in because we all know I was far to busy EATING! But I am thankful for my family and friends yada yada yada. I’ll get serious later.

So, besides the usual car wreckage this week there were a few stories that caught my interest.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I am a bit cynical, off-the-cuff, straight shooting, and dare I say absolutely heartless at times. But I do like to see good things happen to good people. So the Operation Open Heart story was a nice change of scenery. It is definitely a cause worth supporting. So a huge THANK YOU to all the people involved. And to Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper David Harper: I couldn’t take 15 kids on a picnic unless they were mute, deaf and limbless. Nothing against kids….but what a testament to a good, loving and compassionate heart. So Kudos to you!

Speaking of “heart-warming” stories: I was fighting myself on this next bit, I usually don’t directly answer any comments on my post but, I am making an exception. Only because I received 3 last week with the same content. A few readers were asking me to do a “highlight” or “award” for a deserving individual in the community. They even went as far to say that they didn’t like my “put-downs” on Lorain County. SO CRY ME A RIVER!! One comment said, “So, why don't you give those of us who go to work, pay our bills, take care of our homes and families a break?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rolling up my sleeves or taking off the gloves but a comment like that is so whiny! I tell you this: I have been tame, real tame. Anyone who knows me would tell you that they are glad they are my friend because if your not, you’re really not! So be glad sir that I have yet to make fun of the honest hard working people who “pay their bills.” OOhhh, you pay your bills, do you want a cookie? A gold star? Boo Hoo. What do you deserve that no one else does? To me those are not expectations, they are requirements. I am a good citizen, I pay my bills and I am even involved in activities that give back to the community. But I don’t need a pat on the back, it’s what I believe should be done. When I make fun of people (or point out their flaws) it’s because they did something wrong, illegal or stupid. That’s the beauty of it. If you don’t like it, try this site out: CLICK HERE

Don’t mess with me; it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

But as far as an award for some do-gooder; sure, that’s fine my first star EVER goes to Jeffrey Gadke of North Ridgeville. He’s from the story THREE MEN STABBED IN RIDGEVILLE. You want to know why? Because at least he stabbed the people instead of shooting them with a 9mm or sawn off shotgun. I bet his victims are glad about that too, they had a fighting change. So Jeffrey gets a G.O.L.D star. Which stands for Good Ole Laceration Drama? Tune in next week to see who gets another star and what color it will be! I am not really that serious, nor am I mad about it but, I thought it would be nice to let off some fictitious steam for a second. But, come on folks. This is commentary, it’s not like I’m telling kids there’s no Santa. Let’s lighten up.

So, in the end, what I am I thankful for? Well, for you of course and the fact that you read, even when you feel it’s wrong and secretly you still like it. For the contributors to this site and all the effort they make to bring you good, true news that isn’t fabricated Hollywood-style. For our men and women fighting out battles who have kept a real war off our soil for over 140 years (and even then it was us fighting each other). As Americans we talk a big talk about who should and shouldn’t be fighting. But let’s be real, if it was us ducking for cover in a bunker under our houses, we’d be waiving the white flag real fast. I am thankful for our local law enforcement and safety services from the grunts (EMT’s) up to the Captains and Chiefs of the squads. For keeping us as safe as they can and rescuing us when something goes wrong. I am thankful that we have a LifeCare, who has the technology to make NASA jealous, that they can get to anywhere at anytime and they will! I am obviously thankful for my wife and my little baby girl who are the reason I do my one sit-up in the morning. The only ones that keep my feet on this earth. I love them. My family, who are all out of state. (Not such a bad thing, ha-ha) And most of all, I am thankful for a place where I can wake up and have something to be thankful about. Not everyone can say that. I am thankful for being thankful.

So, if Bing Crosby was here, he’d say “buy a war bond.” I’d say; remember who you love and why, and give them even more reasons to love you. Support those who’s loved ones cannot be with them for whatever reason.

Take a minute to really be thankful, give more and expect less. You’ll be ever happier that you did. Tis’ the Season.

Take care folks!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


A two-car crash on North Ridge Road in Sheffield Township on Thanksgiving Day sent one vehicle crashing into a vacant building.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said that a Cadillac Eldorado was traveling north on Globe and was turning right onto North Ridge Road. The Eldorado pulled out into the path of a mini van loaded with people striking it and sending it off the north side of the street and into a building on the northeast corner of North Ridge and Globe. The Eldorado pulled into the Sunoco parking lot across the street.

Chief Joseph Bandagski of the Sheffield Township Fire Department said that even with the extensive damage to the building and to the front end of the van, no extrication was needed and that nobody received serious injuries. “We treated and transported three people to Elyria Memorial for further evaluation. There were a total of six others who refused treatment or transport to the hospital.” Chief Bandagski said that the injuries seemed to be minor but the people wanted to be checked out at the Emergency Room.

Sheffield Township received mutual aid from Elyria Township and Sheffield Village Fire Departments.

The driver of the Eldorado has been cited for Failure to Yield from a stop sign.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE


A two-car crash on South Broadway and E 44th Street in Sheffield Township Wednesday afternoon sent one victim to the hospital in serious condition.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol the Four-Runner was traveling south on Broadway when the driver lost control and crossed over into northbound traffic. The Four-Runner struck the drivers side of the white RAV4 sending both vehicles off the roadway. While the RAV4 spun back onto the road and came to rest at 44th Street, the Four Runner continued through the yards coming to rest two houses away.

Chief Joseph Bandagski of the Sheffield Township Fire Department said that Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to extricate the driver of the RAV4. “She was pinned in there when we arrived on scene so we had to cut the drivers side door off to get her out safely. We ended transporting her to Community Health Partners Emergency Room.” She was later transported to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland by ground, as the weather was too hazardous for helicopters to fly.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says the investigation is still ongoing and that charges have not yet been filed.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE


To all of our loyal readers, friends, new readers and most especially to our Gold Card Members, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you all have a wonderful day and enjoy this time with your family and friends.

As we spend today reflecting on what we are most thankful for, let us not forget those who put their lives on the line for us every day: The men and women serving in the Armed Forces around the world. These people leave their families and go into hell not knowing what tomorrow holds for them. We should be thankful as a nation that there are people willing to perform these duties.

The men and women, who here at home, put on a badge and gun everyday, go to work and not know if they will return or not. Their jobs, although fulfilling to most, can be dirty, rough and extremely dangerous. It is too often performed without the credit, praise or respect that they deserve.

The men and women who wake up in the middle of the night when the bell sounds informing them of a house fire, a warehouse fire or of a child trapped in flooded waters. Often times we take these men and women for granted. Some see them as people who sit around and watch TV all day and earn way too much money. How much money would you ask for to run into a burning house to rescue a family? How much would you ask for to go into high waters to rescue a child? I covered the massive fire in Wellington this month and as I stood on the railroad tracks, a couple hundred feet away from the building, the heat even from that distance was amazing. I could only imagine the heat from vantage point of the Firefighters.

The men and women who sometimes get lost in the shuffle, those who don the blue shirts with the reflective EMS scrolled across the back. Paramedics and EMT’s can be found crawling into cars on the side of the road starting lines or tending to wounds while Firefighters are using the Jaws to free victims. In one shift these men and women can see gunshot victims, heart attack patients and major car crashes. They can also be found transporting the elderly to and from nursing homes lending an ear to someone who may not have many other people willing to listen.

When you are making your list today of the things that you are most thankful for, please remember these people.

Terry M. Costigan, TMC NEWS
TMC NEWS asked several friends and Gold Card Members to share what they are thankful for this year; I hope after reading what they have written you will take a few moments and share with us what you are thankful for this year.

For this year’s Thanksgiving, there are two things that come to mind immediately:
1. I am thankful for all of our soldiers, police officers and firefighters, who still believe in this country and who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way every day on our behalf. God Bless them.
2. In a world that has become devious and mean-spirited, I am thankful for my close-knit family and friends. They help keep the darkness on the outside.

Police Chief Cel Rivera, Lorain Police Department

I always hear speeches and awards that start out with “I would like to thank my family and friends” – This Thanksgiving those words mean more to me then ever. I have gone through many changes this year. I have to say without my parents and close friends I would not have made it. These past twelve months I have made more friends then I have in my entire life. They have helped me in more ways then I can ever explain. Like most holidays, this Thanksgiving I will be working the road. The Sunday before will be the day my family and I celebrate this special holiday. My parents, my daughter, and one very special person will be joining me for a day of Thanks.

So when asked, “What are you Thankful for”, this year I say my loving parents who have helped me out unconditionally and without hesitation. My two-year-old daughter Madaline, who with a hug, kiss, and a “I love you daddy” makes everything OK. She has changed me so much this year, more then she will ever know and I thank her for that. An angel came into my life this year as well. She is a loving, supportive, and most of all understanding person. I look forward to each time I see her. Without her, life would be incomplete. This angel’s name is Rashelle, and I want to thank her for all she has done for me.

Trooper Chris Ausse, The Ohio State Highway Patrol

This year I promised myself that I would be thankful for all of the things that we take for granted on a day-to-day basis. I am thankful for the roof over my head, because so many people don't have that luxury. I am thankful for food to put on the table, not just today but everyday.

I am thankful for my husband, because without him, I wouldn't have two wonderful children, a shoulder to cry on and someone to curl up to when I am cold. For my children, because despite the fact that I have lost three babies, God has still blessed me with two beautiful children, who love me, and I know too many people who can't have babies themselves. For my family and extended family/friends, who are full of love and support.

For my work friends, without you I couldn't have landed the career of my dreams, one that provides substantial things for my family and myself. I will do my best not to let any of you down.

And lastly, I am thankful for TMC NEWS and Terry Costigan...with out you, I would be so out of the loop!

For anyone or anything I missed, sorry and Happy Thanksgiving!

Abby Chenoweth, Wife, Mother, Friend, Litigation Paralegal

I'm most thankful for my family, my beautiful fiancée and our kids. We had a great year with vacations, and all the sports that the kids play.

I'm also thankful for the guys I work with; they do such an incredible job. They make me look good with all the hard work and extra tasks they perform.

Fire Chief Frank Root, Avon Fire Department

Thankful? Where do I begin? To be alive in this country, at this point in history, is a gift more bountiful than I can express. My family, my friends, the graceful and embracing community in which we live. The men and women in uniform who have, and do today, risk their very lives to make ours more livable. And for my job, that allows me to observe and sometimes share the wonderful stories of the people of Northeast Ohio.

But you know what I am most grateful for? A day, a holiday, when we are asked to humbly recognize the wonderful things that we have been given. This day is a gift that offers far more than it asks of us.

Tim White, Channel 3 News Anchor

This year, I am thankful to be alive. I'm thankful for my friends and family, for a roof over my head, and a chance for tomorrow. I am also thankful that my career is going so well, I recently guest starred in Law and Order and have starred in numerous independent films. My band Whale is doing well and has been featured on Fox News and played on some major market rock stations. Music and acting are passions of mine and I am thankful that I am able to be doing both.

PS- I'm most thankful that this is Bush's last year in office! Yay!

Ben Curtis, Actor / Musician
Curtis is best known for his commercials as the "Dell Dude"

I’ve been blessed enough to be thankful for many things: wonderful friends and family who keep a smile on my face and laughter in my heart (you know who you are); excellent co-workers who constantly give of themselves; my health (although I am aging rapidly); watching my daughter move ever closer to giving birth to her first born, a day I never in my wildest dreams thought would happen (thank you Dr Getty); seeing my son make it through the year without major surgery (just those 2 minor ones, huh Eric?); Mel Brooks, may he live on in infamy; and finally, I haven't been mentioned in “Sundays with Jason”.
Rhonda Purdy, R.N. EMT-P

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


A two-car crash in Elyria Township Tuesday afternoon sent two drivers to the Emergency Room at Elyria Memorial.

Chief Wayne Eppley of the Elyria Township Fire Department said that the crash occurred as a mini van was attempting to pull out of a driveway onto Lowell Street. “The driver had just dropped off a co-worker here at this house and was pulling back out onto the street when the car came from the top of the bridge around the corner and apparently didn’t see her in time and clipped the front of her van.”

Chief Eppley said that both drivers were taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital for further evaluation although the injuries appeared to me minor.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.


If you have been looking for a feel good story this holiday season your search is over. Local Police Officers working with Operation Open Heart spent the day delivering turkeys and pies to area families with foster children.

More than a dozen Officers delivered over 100 turkeys, pumpkin pies and all the fixin’s to families all over Lorain County. Richard Pozywak Sr., a retired Lorain County Deputy Sheriff said this is a tradition that dates back 45 years. “I have been working with Operation Open Heart delivering turkeys for 25 years myself. This is what the program is all about, giving back to the community and doing whatever we can to help the youth in our community.”

Pozywak’s son, Richard Pozywak Jr. works part time as a Police Officer at Put In Bay and full time with LifeCare Ambulance, said he grew up watching his father participating in this program and always knew that he too would be involved. “Whatever I can do to help I will. I have been fortunate enough to be able to work in the profession that I have always wanted to and my bosses at LifeCare have been very supportive of not only Operation Open Heart but also allowing me to take time off to participate whenever needed.”

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper David Harper formed Operation Open Heart in 1962. Harper, being an orphan himself, wanted to show these children, who were placed in the court system, that Policemen were their friends, and not someone to fear. So with a few of his friends, Harper took about 15 kids on an all-day picnic.

As the years went by, there were more kids then adults. So, Harper began receiving support from the community. Now, on the 45th anniversary, the campout is a weeklong event with 40 kids. The kids have been treated to Air Plane rides, Boat rides, Putt-Putt, bowling and more. They are also treated to a fireworks show on the final night.

Operation Open Heart continues giving and interacting with the kids throughout the year, aside from delivering the turkey dinners they take 125 kids to Geauga Lake Amusement Park for a day and pass out presents for Christmas.

Monday, November 19, 2007


A fire in Lorain Monday afternoon destroys a Talbot Street home leaving a man and his four children looking for a place to stay.

Lorain Firefighters responded to the call Monday afternoon and found flames shooting from the windows. Assistant Fire Chief Gary Burls of the Lorain Fire Department: “When Pumper 3 arrived they found the house fully involved and they advanced a hand line and got in under control pretty quick then the other trucks came in and help knock it down.”

Chief Burls said he had a brief conversation with the homeowner and learned that the man lives in the home with his four children. “All of the kids were in school at the time of the fire and he had actually just left to go pick one of them up from school.”

There is no damage estimate at this time, only that the entire house was affected except for one bedroom area. There were no injuries reported.

The Lorain Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau is investigating the cause of the blaze.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE


North Ridgeville Police say they received several calls early Sunday morning of a fight that was taking place on Paula Blvd involving several males. Callers also advised that they heard someone yelling that one person had a knife.

When Officers arrived they found several males fighting in the street with three men “bleeding profusely” from stab wounds.

North Ridgeville Firefighters treated and transported two of the men, one to St John West Shore and the other to Elyria Memorial. Avon Fire Department provided mutual aid to North Ridgeville and treated a victim who had a stab wound to his hand. That victim was transported to St John West Shore. The victims were 33-year-old Dameon Dempsey, 32-year-old Michael Rich – both of North Ridgeville and 29-year-old Michael McCasson of Cleveland.

Police arrested 40-year-old Jeffrey Gadke of North Ridgeville of Felonious Assault with a knife.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE

Sunday, November 18, 2007


A crash in Amherst Sunday afternoon was a result of a car thief fleeing from the owner who spotted him taking the car.
The chase went through the city of Amherst and as the thief attempted to make a turn onto South Main from Elyria Ave he didn’t quite make it. The car took out a utility pole, knocking out power to the neighborhood and cutting between two trees in the front yard of 620 S Main Street. The car was stopped by a bolder that was part of the yards landscaping.

The thief took off on foot but was found by Sheriff’s Deputies a little south of the crash site. Amherst Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics treated the man and then transported him to the hospital for further treatment.

Check back later for more details as they become available.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE


Elyria Police have little to go on after a man was shot in the arm in the Toy Box Night Club on Broad Street early Sunday morning.

Elyria Police received a call from Elyria Memorial Hospital Emergency Room at 3:14 a.m. advising them that they were treating a gunshot victim. Police responded and interviewed the man who drove the victim to the ER but he was not a witness to the shooting. People who were still in the bar when Police arrived also stated that they did not witness the shooting and didn’t know anything about the incident.

The victim, Andrew Owen from Elyria, was later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

The Elyria Police are investigating the shooting.


So, Sunday rolls into town and I am spending these last moments looking at my toes. Why? Come on, you know. After Thursday I won’t be able to see them till after New Years!

So let’s talk some trash. By trash I mean Lorain County!

The crash on 113: Kid swerves to miss a deer. A likely story! After learning he was slapped with a DUI, I was wondering if the “deer” had a bright red nose, or if it was towing Santa’s sleigh. But to the comment saying he wasn’t “drunk” and that the deer was the culprit; I say: GROW UP! Drinking has varied effects on everyone, especially younger people. Just because this kid wasn’t face down in a vomit-filled toilet, he’s not “drunk”? Just pass the “buck” and we’ll blame it on the deer! After all it was probably the deer that bought the booze and loaded the kid up.

Some more good news; The Midview school was given the “all clear” and the mystery is on to find out what made all those students collapse. Well, let me put on my detective hat and call me "Sherlock” but a document I read from the DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances Control) said that they would start monitoring methane gas levels under schools and in crawl spaces. Why? Turns out that enough gas build up could in fact “blow-up” a building if not detected. What does that have to do with Midview? Well, I will answer with a question: Where does Methane come from? COWS! So, I know I have no real “hoof” to stand on with this observation but, maybe all the cow dung and burping in Midview has started poising the school system. It’s a wild guess but that’s why they call me Sherlock! My guess is the cows ran off right before the authorities got there!

Maybe it’s the same gas that set Wellington up in smoke too. You never know. We’ve got some great pictures for all you pyromaniacs! I am glad no one was hurt though. Good to see a group effort by all the Departments involved. Great Job!

Now, a story I can sink my teeth into. An old, (I mean OLD) lady in Avon Lake ran a stop sign and almost killed a couple people! I got right to the bottom of this one. This was a planned attack! If you’ve ever been to Fratello’s, you should know they DO NOT have free refills on soda! A senior citizens nightmare! (Second only to over-priced coffee!) I think this “blue hair”, backed up, revved up and gunned it for the restaurant. Only to be thwarted when some “innocent bystanders” pulled into her way! I hope she’ll recover in time for BINGO! The only crime she’s committed in my book is being, “one spicy meat-a-ball!” Death to Fratello’s!

So, it’s only fitting that my HIGHLIGHT OF THE LOWLIGHTS be centered around the recent crime sprees here in Lorain County. The first being the “Pure” Gas Station in Amherst. What kind of gas is pure anyway? Certainly not mine! (Sorry, I had to) Idiot #1: He pulled off a decent caper; I have just a couple questions. First, I understand the all black ensemble but why would you pull your shirt up over your face? Is it that hard to find a mask? Especially post-Halloween! I implore you all to try to pull your shirt up around your nose for just a moment. My neck hurts already, you can’t make any sudden movements and it kinda smells funny. Just a thought. Secondly, I am still trying to figure out the whole “run-by” approach. Is it so hard to find a getaway car or at least a getaway bike, skateboard; roller-skates… not even a Pogo stick? I guess running is just the ghetto way to getaway. We could call it a “ghettaway.” But this story is not as interesting as the next.

Idiot #2: I don’t care if you’re making a million dollar deposit; the bank doesn’t wait around a millisecond after closing time. I am guessing this guy doesn’t have a checking account. Not only did he unsuccessfully try to get in the bank, he couldn’t even “ghettaway!” Then comes the lame brain story about getting “carjacked.” Dude, you’re driving a ’91 Taurus; NO ONE WANTS TO JACK YOUR CAR! But you know what the best part of this one is? Someone posted this, “….If you knew this man as nothing but warm-hearted and kind, would you think it was funny? If you were close to this young man and knew that he didn't have a malicious bone in his body, would this still be funny?...” YES! It would still be funny. Let’s cut through the crap with a hot knife here; Jeffrey Dahmer was a “nice” guy. Satan is the “fallen” Angel. I am so sick of hearing about all these nice guys and when they go bad. I am calling out to all you bona-fide “NICE” guys. Defend your territory! These imposters are living their lives, claiming to be just like you and then turning out to be MONSTERS! And to all the liars: if you murder someone, rob someone (or attempt to). You are NOT a nice guy. You are an Idiot! If that commenter could go back and add some music to his post, I would suggest some sappy violin music to the tune of “poor pitiful me.” Point in case; this dummy couldn’t pull off a heist if he had O.J Simpson riding shotgun and the “A-Team” as a back-up plan. LOSER!

Quite a slew of crashes this weekend. Our roads looked more like the demolition derby. I would advise people to avoid 113 altogether. Do yourselves a favor and stay home. Play gin rummy. Or just drink gin; apparently that’s what your kids are doing. I just hope a teen doesn’t have to die before we take underage drinking seriously. Some of these kids have only had their licenses a couple years. Is there nobody there to make sure these kids can walk a line before they jump behind the wheel? Okay parents, I get it. You don’t want to baby-sit your teens. Fine, just remember that when they’re being lowered into the ground in the ol’ pine box.

That’s all, sorry I rambled on but…it’s what I do! Take care of yourselves and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll be making house stops, picking up leftovers, so “if you need me, call me.”



The night of a thousand crashes continued as Elyria Township Firefighters responded to Route 57 (northbound) near the I-90 Eastbound on ramp for a multiple car crash.

Four cars were banged up in this crash as the sleety rain came down on Troopers and Firefighters while they worked the scene. Traffic was never stopped, just slowed eastbound while two victims were treated and transported to Elyria Memorial.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.
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Wet pavement, high speed and not being familiar with the area are some of the reasons this truck ended up in a ditch and the two occupants went to the hospital.

Eaton Township Firefighters treated the driver and passenger of this Toyota pick up truck after Troopers say the driver lost control coming up the entrance ramp from Route 57 to Route 20 east.

Troopers say that as the driver lost control while taking the curves too fast. The rear end of the truck fishtailed out to the left; the truck went off the left side of the road then came back on sideways. Once back on the ramp it crossed over Troopers say once the truck hit the mud and grass on the other side it rolled over coming to rest in the ditch.

Charges are pending against the driver.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


This noontime crash tied up traffic on Cleveland Street at Route 57 Saturday afternoon. Although 4 cars were involved, some with moderate to heavy damage, LifeCare Ambulance took only one person to the hospital with minor injuries.

The Elyria Police Department is sorting through the mess to determine what happened.

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While State Troopers were dealing with the crash in Sheffield Township they received word of another crash in Carlisle Township and that one car was on its roof.

The driver Dan Rector, 19 of Elyria, and his passenger Grant Richmond, 17 of Elyria, were able to crawl out of this car after the crash. Rector told the State Patrol that he was driving his Dodge Neon SRT 4 along Diagonal Road at 55mph when a friend of his, in another car, tried to pass him, so he sped up. The friend, Dylan Trupo, driving a Ford Focus then bumped Rector’s car. Rector and Richmond then left the road striking mailboxes and a guardrail. The car then returned to the road flipping over and coming to rest on its top.

In a phone interview with Richmond he tells TMC NEWS that he remembers the crash but not getting out of the car. “I remember us going off the side of the road hitting the mailboxes and the guardrail then sliding back onto the road and rolling over, but I can’t remember how I got out of the car. I am guessing that I crawled out through the drivers side window cause my side was so smashed down.” Richmond said it was surreal being involved in the crash and he knows just how lucky he is. “After seeing what the car looks like I am surprised I am even talking to you right now, I know how lucky I am to be alive right now.”

Carlisle Township Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics treated Rector and Richmond at the scene and transported both to Elyria Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. Both were released a short time later.

Rector also told Troopers that he had been drinking that night with friends. When asked when he had his first drink Rector said between 9 and 10 p.m., when asked when he had his last drink Rector said just before the crash.

Rector and Trupo have both been charged with Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated, Reckless Operation and Underage Consumption.
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A crash in Sheffield Township late Friday night left two people trapped in one car with a total of four being sent to area hospitals; two to Metro by helicopter.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Miquel Sanchez, 21 of Lorain, was driving north on Route 57 at a high rate of speed when he collided with a Dodge Ram sitting at a red light. Lorain Police Officer Craig Payne, in a statement to the Patrol said he just happened to be in the area on patrol at the time of the crash and was an eyewitness.

“I was on patrol in the area of 57 & 254 when I witnessed the accident. The Dodge Ram pick up was stopped at the red light facing north on 57 when it was struck from behind by the Honda. Subsequently the Honda pushed the truck into the air, turning it around before coming to rest in the median. The Honda veered of to the left and struck a guardrail.” Officer Payne went on to say that in his opinion Sanchez was driving in excess of the posted speed limit and that he did not believe Sanchez’s car had any lights on at the time of the crash.

Chief Joseph Bandagski of the Sheffield Township Fire Department said that both victims from the Honda were trapped when they arrived. “The Honda had severe front end damage. Striking both the back of the Dodge Ram and then the guardrail the engine and dash were pushed into the passenger compartment of the vehicle pinning the two people inside. We were able to get the female passenger out fairly quickly but the driver was practically pinned under the dashboard making his extrication a bit more difficult.” Chief Bandagski said that Firefighters looped a chain around the steering column and attached it to their Jaws of Life, which was anchored to a guardrail post in front of the car. “Once that was hooked up we activated the Jaws which pulled the chain which lifted the steering column and dashboard off the driver then other Firefighters were able to extricate him.”

Sanchez and his passenger, 18-year-old Adrienne Caraballo of Cleveland, were both transported to area hospitals where helicopters quickly flew them to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.
The driver of the Dodge Ram, 50-year-old Hector Vazquez of Lorain along with his son were also both transported to area hospitals with less serious injuries.
Chief Bandagski said that Sheffield Township received assistance from Lorain, Sheffield Village and Elyria Township Fire. “With the number of victims, the extent of injuries and the extrication that needed to be done it is nice to have such cooperation from surrounding communities.”
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Friday, November 16, 2007


A woman driving her SUV east on Route 113 Friday evening attempted to avoid striking a deer and ended up rolling her vehicle.

The crash occurred around 6 p.m. on 113 between Clemens and Murray Ridge Road. The driver, 29-year-old Connie Drochak, extricated herself from the vehicle after it came to a stop and only received minor injuries.
Elyria Township Fire Department responded and transported Drochak to Elyria Medical Center to be thoroughly checked out and to be treated for cuts she received to her hands.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


The man who claimed to be a victim of a car jacking by a would-be bank robber on Kansas Ave in Lorain Tuesday evening is now considered the suspect in the failed robbery attempt.

The 24 year old suspect, Louis Ceron of Lorain told authorities that he had a gun put to his face by the man who attempted to rob the Lorain National Bank on Tuesday afternoon. He further claimed that the man took off in his 1991 Ford Taurus.

Police arrested Ceron late Wednesday night and have charged him with Obstruction of Official Business, Tampering with Evidence, Making False Alarms, Robbery and Criminal Tools.


It's no secret that local news is often a pillar of all that's wrong with the media. Integrity has long since left this arena, with ridiculous scare tactics to get you to watch ('Could your child be playing with a sexual predator right now?! Find out at 11'), sensationalized headlines (‘Apocalypse at the Court House’), and the constant bombarding of propaganda to make sure that you know that the weather IS extremely dangerous, WILL kill you without notice, and is VERY unpredictable. That is unless you tune in often to WKLT where their Dual Doppler X5000 Beta Max Pro Integrated Radar and the First Alert Weather Team is always there to keep you safe and notified. You’re right Charlie Brown: good grief.

That being said, I have given up hope on those topics. But there is still one aspect of local news that just makes me nuts. Why do they always have to send some poor reporter out to some dark parking lot in front of a now empty building to report their two minute story LIVE! Yes, there may have been a 5-4 vote by the school board to keep sports drinks in the vending machines earlier that day, but do I really need to see Deborah Wingate standing outside in a parka by the closed district administration building being blown around by wind and snow at 11 at night so she can tell me about it live? For god’s sake let that poor woman go home and eat some clam chowder with her family! Especially since she is most likely just going to give a ten second intro to the story before cutting to a pre-recorded segment. She’s got to get all dressed up, get the van and camera guy, and stand outside for an hour waiting in a blizzard just to say three sentences. Four if she’s lucky, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m willing to bet there wasn’t a single person who was sitting at home that night thinking, “Oh great, the school sports drink story! I hope they have a reporter waiting outside the school building right now ready to report, just in case the school board gets a wild hair and throws together an impromptu meeting to discuss adding energy drinks to the vending machines too!”

I’m sure this whole “live” business came about from everyone trying to prove that they are the ones most ready and available to update you with the latest news, not just recorded news, but 90% of that crap could be thrown together hours earlier. I wish they’d quit trying to show off and realize that no-one cares, and just let these poor reporters stay home.

Jesse Hernandez

Hernandez is a local Cleveland musician, to view his website: CLICK HERE

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


To see photos from after the fire: CLICK HERE

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