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Well, another Thanksgiving comes and goes and if it wasn’t for those nice people who rolled me over to the computer, I may not have been able to make this post. I hope yours was as good as mine. It was also nice to see our variety of readers and gold card members saying what they were thankful for. I didn’t chime in because we all know I was far to busy EATING! But I am thankful for my family and friends yada yada yada. I’ll get serious later.

So, besides the usual car wreckage this week there were a few stories that caught my interest.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I am a bit cynical, off-the-cuff, straight shooting, and dare I say absolutely heartless at times. But I do like to see good things happen to good people. So the Operation Open Heart story was a nice change of scenery. It is definitely a cause worth supporting. So a huge THANK YOU to all the people involved. And to Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper David Harper: I couldn’t take 15 kids on a picnic unless they were mute, deaf and limbless. Nothing against kids….but what a testament to a good, loving and compassionate heart. So Kudos to you!

Speaking of “heart-warming” stories: I was fighting myself on this next bit, I usually don’t directly answer any comments on my post but, I am making an exception. Only because I received 3 last week with the same content. A few readers were asking me to do a “highlight” or “award” for a deserving individual in the community. They even went as far to say that they didn’t like my “put-downs” on Lorain County. SO CRY ME A RIVER!! One comment said, “So, why don't you give those of us who go to work, pay our bills, take care of our homes and families a break?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rolling up my sleeves or taking off the gloves but a comment like that is so whiny! I tell you this: I have been tame, real tame. Anyone who knows me would tell you that they are glad they are my friend because if your not, you’re really not! So be glad sir that I have yet to make fun of the honest hard working people who “pay their bills.” OOhhh, you pay your bills, do you want a cookie? A gold star? Boo Hoo. What do you deserve that no one else does? To me those are not expectations, they are requirements. I am a good citizen, I pay my bills and I am even involved in activities that give back to the community. But I don’t need a pat on the back, it’s what I believe should be done. When I make fun of people (or point out their flaws) it’s because they did something wrong, illegal or stupid. That’s the beauty of it. If you don’t like it, try this site out: CLICK HERE

Don’t mess with me; it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

But as far as an award for some do-gooder; sure, that’s fine my first star EVER goes to Jeffrey Gadke of North Ridgeville. He’s from the story THREE MEN STABBED IN RIDGEVILLE. You want to know why? Because at least he stabbed the people instead of shooting them with a 9mm or sawn off shotgun. I bet his victims are glad about that too, they had a fighting change. So Jeffrey gets a G.O.L.D star. Which stands for Good Ole Laceration Drama? Tune in next week to see who gets another star and what color it will be! I am not really that serious, nor am I mad about it but, I thought it would be nice to let off some fictitious steam for a second. But, come on folks. This is commentary, it’s not like I’m telling kids there’s no Santa. Let’s lighten up.

So, in the end, what I am I thankful for? Well, for you of course and the fact that you read, even when you feel it’s wrong and secretly you still like it. For the contributors to this site and all the effort they make to bring you good, true news that isn’t fabricated Hollywood-style. For our men and women fighting out battles who have kept a real war off our soil for over 140 years (and even then it was us fighting each other). As Americans we talk a big talk about who should and shouldn’t be fighting. But let’s be real, if it was us ducking for cover in a bunker under our houses, we’d be waiving the white flag real fast. I am thankful for our local law enforcement and safety services from the grunts (EMT’s) up to the Captains and Chiefs of the squads. For keeping us as safe as they can and rescuing us when something goes wrong. I am thankful that we have a LifeCare, who has the technology to make NASA jealous, that they can get to anywhere at anytime and they will! I am obviously thankful for my wife and my little baby girl who are the reason I do my one sit-up in the morning. The only ones that keep my feet on this earth. I love them. My family, who are all out of state. (Not such a bad thing, ha-ha) And most of all, I am thankful for a place where I can wake up and have something to be thankful about. Not everyone can say that. I am thankful for being thankful.

So, if Bing Crosby was here, he’d say “buy a war bond.” I’d say; remember who you love and why, and give them even more reasons to love you. Support those who’s loved ones cannot be with them for whatever reason.

Take a minute to really be thankful, give more and expect less. You’ll be ever happier that you did. Tis’ the Season.

Take care folks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't go soft on me now Jason. Your commentaries are hysterical. Lorain County is dog meat, I wouldn't take it personally that some people happen to like it here. Besides you don't discriminate, you rag on everyone. We're all part of the fun. So those tight wads that don't like your articles can always chose not to read eh?

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - Jason! You sure can't take a little suggestion can you? First of all, I'm not a "sir". I'm probably old enough to be your grandmother. I don't think that it is "whiny" to stick up for the many good people who live and work in our county. We all "get" your sarcasm but I just felt that once in awhile it would be nice to hear about the good things that happen here too. It's your blog though so . . . whatever!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ma'am, take a joke or take a cab. You have zip for a sense of humor. Deal with it or don't read his articles.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual a good commentary. Keep up the good work! Patsy

10:02 PM  
Anonymous karl said...

Instead of giving the "GOLD" star for our wonderful North Ridgeville guy, why not give him the "Jerk Actually Carrying Knife And Stabbing Someone" award (I'll let the readers work out the abbreviated version of this one). Fortunately his victims survived and will be able to give testimony in court where they can let the jury know what a wonderful person he is.
As to the comments regarding being a hero for paying your bills, baloney! It's called being a responsible adult and it's what's expected of all of us.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous ken said...

Folks why are we trying to change the mind of Jason and what he writes on Sunday? If we do not like a TV show we do not watch it or if we do not like an article in print we don’t read it. I do not because he couldn’t write a meaningful article if you can call what he writes that if his dependent on it.

I like TMCnews for its quick on the spot news they have daily, The Blog owner must like Jason doing his thing of making fun of people or he/she would pull it all together. I may be speaking for myself but I am sure there are many out there feel the same way that you can’t even call it dry humor.

Jason is just exercising his right of free speech as we all have the right to do; he just uses it to make fun of people who he thinks are below him on the food chain so to speak because he has a job and pays his bills.

I am giving you a break Jason, they way I see it I am above you on the food chain so to speak. I am a Veteran who has raised four kids worked and paid bills for over 40 years, now I am sure there are a few stupid things you have done in your life or have broken few laws which is illegal as well, unless you are one of the chosen few who are or think their perfect, there for if I knew of them I would not make fun of you and the reason is because you are a Human being not an Animal.

Now I have said what I was going to say and I am reminded of the saying (Some can dish it out but can’t take it when its dished out to them) So Jason next Sunday you can say what you will about what I have written and rage on me all you want call me what you will just remember one thing the one who you would want to read it wont because the most important person who would read it is me and I wont be reading it.

Oh another thing Jason, do not give up your day job to write for a living you won’t be able to pay you’re bills and then some one may make fun of you.

7:43 PM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

As owner of this site I would like to thank you for not only logging on to the site but for your participation. I have read many of your comments and truly appreciate the fact that you take the time to leave them.

More importantly I would like to say thank you for your service to our country. Nobody has more of a right to voice their opinions then those who fought for that freedom. So with full sincerity, thank you sir.

In reference to Sundays with Jason, I do enjoy reading what he has to say “most of the time”. I will tell you that when I am out shooting stories I hear two questions the most. 1. Do you ever sleep? 2. Who is this Jason guy? I have been surprised that most of the feedback on him has been very positive. I am not attempting to defend him, just telling you how I feel. There have been times that I didn’t agree with things that he had said or felt that he may have gone too far.

Jason will remain a part of this site for as long as he wants or for as long as his wife allows him. One of the reasons I will not pull him off is because Jason has always been up front and signs his name. He has offered people who disagree with him in the past to speak on the phone or exchange emails. To date, none have taken him up on the offer.

Each day I read the Chronicle Telegram and the Morning Journal. To be honest, I never read any of their editorials; I skip right past them.

Again, thank you Ken for reading and participating as much as you do on here.

Terry M. Costigan

9:26 PM  
Anonymous john said...

Personally, I think just about anyone could write the "Jason" column. When I discovered tmcnews, it was a great site. It seems most of your coverage anymore is fires and auto accidents. Now, these are interesting to read about and the pictures are great, but I seem to remember a little more high school sports coverage. I miss that.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous ltmedic14 said...

Jason, that was great!!!! You always crack me up. I love reading "Sundays With Jason" and also reading what others have to say. I look forward to it every week. Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Marilyn, lifelong resident of elyria said...

Jason has made fun of me in the past but I wear that as a badge of honor. Actually, he had a point when I made some remarks about the local ambulance service and them getting lost. So I respectfully apologize to life care for those remarks.

I do make it a point to read what Jason has to say every Sunday. I try to do it before church so I can pray for him and the people he talks about. (just kidding) For me I became a real Jason fan when he talked about the issues surrounding the problems in avon lake and Elyria with the kids beating up the Elyria high student because he was black and the kids smearing crap on the girls car cause she was Asian. Very sad stories and I feel he handled it with great care.

So keep it up Jason, I look forward to what you have to say each Sunday.

Marilyn, lifelong resident of elyria

10:37 PM  
Blogger silverdud said...

hey ken, are you feeling ok? the first couple sentences of your comment sounded like you were "defending" jason. then it turned into an attack. the funniest part is this following confusing rant i had to read 3 times to figure out who or what you were talking too.-

"Now I have said what I was going to say and I am reminded of the saying (Some can dish it out but can’t take it when its dished out to them) So Jason next Sunday you can say what you will about what I have written and rage on me all you want call me what you will just remember one thing the one who you would want to read it wont because the most important person who would read it is me and I wont be reading it."

for someone who doesnt read jason's articles you sure have a strong opinion. just admit it like everyone else that you are a closet jason fan. the articles are not meant to be pulitzer prize winning. they are obviously sarcasticly written for the enjoyment of some. take your own advice and if you truly do not like it DONT READ IT.


the other Jason ;)

10:44 AM  
Anonymous ken said...

Tim, thank you for your kind words about my service but the hero’s of my time well their names are on the Black Garnet wall in DC. Let’s all turn our attention on the Veterans of today fighting the war on Terror, they are the hero’s of our times no matter what our feelings are on the war, We as Americans have divided again as we did back in the mid 60’s and early 70’s we have the freedom to do so because of what most are calling the Greatest Generation our WII Veterans.

Now I don’t want Jason to stop or you to pull his column it’s just why can’t there be some kind of balance can’t him just clean it up some? Jason has the tool at hand in print to write about some good in the County because your site is read by many, Now this may sound contradictive but as you I am not fan of the local editorials as well though in the past I have posted read one or two.

Most of the stories I read myself that Jason comments on after reading them I ask my self how stupid was that and (What Were They Thinking) Now I am not a prude by any means and as many I have faults as well and have done some stupid things in my life, Who hasn’t ? But when you read a comment from one of Jason fans says go ahead Jason make fun of Lorain County in the short of it (It’s dog meat) it makes you think why can’t they speaking in general get involved to make a change to build it back up and stop putting it down.

Last week I gave Jason a contrastive comment it seems he took it personal as he called it a whiny comment, My question is did he read the whole comment because if you read it all it was just a suggestion and I feel not offensive, now it may have been what some of us call contradictive criticism at most, but like some humor constructive criticism doesn’t hurt any one.

Now I must say I too slumped low in to the void of taking his comment of what winy comment a bit personal as well and there for should have never busted his chops like I did, so there for I want to publicly apologize to Jason for my comment of yesterday, I am sorry! Jason you do have the talent to write a column.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous ken said...

To the other Jason

Yes you’re right it may have had some ranting in it and confusing to you but my question is who are you? Now let me get this straight in my uneducated head, what you’re saying is only the chosen few like you and not folks like me who don’t have the journalism skills like you shouldn’t leave comments on TMCnews?

I like you didn’t finish High School, I am not proud of it but that was a choice I made back in the day. I did as many I attended Vietnam U but I do have my GED and 40 years of responsibilities behind me, I am proud of how my life turned out and at least I was man enough to apologize for my ranting.

Now weather you feel I shouldn’t leave a comment because of how I write well that is to bad get over it, Now you can make fun write nasty comments about what I write or joke about with your friends go for it get a good laugh if it makes your day at least have the decency at the end of your comments to thank me for making your day.

1:28 PM  
Blogger silverdud said...


i do appreciate what you and many others have sacraficed for this country that my family and i enjoy everyday. without the men and women that defend this country's honor we would not have the freedom to have conversations such as these.

with that being said, one of the freedoms that i cherish the most is freedom of speech. without it sites like tmcnews could not exist. you suggested Terry should tell jason to be more "balanced" and clean it up some. this my friend would be censorship. being that you fought so hard for the liberties that we all enjoy this surprises me. in my response i was just suggesting that you take some of your own advice. i was not attacking your education, and be careful with your assumptions. i too have only a high school education and it is something that i, unlike you AM proud of. i have worked very hard to get where i am in life with lots of obstacles on the way. i am very greatful for everything i have and the freedoms i enjoy. we need to ALL remember this from time to time and with the holiday season be more thankful for it.


the other Jason ;)

3:22 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

To the other Jason

Thank you for your kind words as well. But no I don’t want Jason to be censored by any means that would go against any American beliefs. He can keep doing what he has been doing but he also can find and make light of life’s challenges we all face that is all I am sure he can think of something.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You folks must be crazy!

Jason's colum is the funniest thing I read on Sunday! I can't even drink my coffee without crashing my screen while reading his clever column!

He doesn't discriminate for heaven sakes! He even makes fun of himself. Come on, get a life and laugh a little. It makes you live longer.

Jason, you are a great guy with incredible morals despite your cynismn. Your writing is great and so are your opinions.

Good thing I don't have asthema!

In addition, thanks for keeping him on here TMC. You have a wonderful site here. Good job to you as well.


5:42 PM  

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