Thursday, November 22, 2007


A two-car crash on North Ridge Road in Sheffield Township on Thanksgiving Day sent one vehicle crashing into a vacant building.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said that a Cadillac Eldorado was traveling north on Globe and was turning right onto North Ridge Road. The Eldorado pulled out into the path of a mini van loaded with people striking it and sending it off the north side of the street and into a building on the northeast corner of North Ridge and Globe. The Eldorado pulled into the Sunoco parking lot across the street.

Chief Joseph Bandagski of the Sheffield Township Fire Department said that even with the extensive damage to the building and to the front end of the van, no extrication was needed and that nobody received serious injuries. “We treated and transported three people to Elyria Memorial for further evaluation. There were a total of six others who refused treatment or transport to the hospital.” Chief Bandagski said that the injuries seemed to be minor but the people wanted to be checked out at the Emergency Room.

Sheffield Township received mutual aid from Elyria Township and Sheffield Village Fire Departments.

The driver of the Eldorado has been cited for Failure to Yield from a stop sign.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is zilka on the phone when everybody else is working includung zilka jr.

8:47 AM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

The Firefighter in question on the cell phone is Tom Zilka of the Sheffield Township Fire Department. Zilka is a Firefighter & Paramedic with STFD.

Zilka was on the cell phone speaking to Emergency Room staff at Elyria Memorial Hospital letting them know how many victims they had and the type of injuries they sustained. Zilka wanted to see if EMH would be able to accept all of the patients or if they would have to be split up between other area ER’s.

I hope this clears up the reason he is seen in a photo speaking on his cell phone.


1:39 PM  
Anonymous T. Zilka said...

Thanks TMC. This is true. I was on the phone with E.M.H. Regional Medical center discussing the situation with thier triage nurse. When you have a situation with multiple patients, in this case there was the possibility of (9), the Hospital that you may transport to needs to be notified as soon as pratical as to what they may be receiving. They may not be able to receive all of the pt.'s. I was also on the phone with Community Health Partners to establish what they can handle. I can assure you that while I was on the phone to the Hospitals, all pt.s were being cared for by EMS personnel. When our Dept. arrived on the scene, a size up was performed, all any other resourses that we felt were needed were called to the scene via mutual aid agreements. At the end, we had the data that we needed at the scene, if all (9) pt.'s required Ambulance transportation, to which Hospitals, and where to obtain more Ambulances. I hope this answers your concerns.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just as any good Paramedic would do....

8:34 AM  

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