Saturday, September 29, 2012


Elyria – Elyria Firefighters had to get down and dirty early Friday evening after a 9 year old boy got stuck inside of a drain pipe off Morgan Ave.

Witnesses say the 9 year old was playing in the drainage ditch with a friend when he wandered into the pipe that runs along the tracks. The boy thought that the pipe just went straight through from the south side of Morgan to the north side. When he got about half way there was a drop and because it was too dark he never saw it and dropped down about 4 feet.

When Firefighters arrived they were able to hear the boy but couldn’t see him. One Firefighter, attached to safety lines and equipped with medical equipment just in case, entered the drain and made his way to the boy. Once the Firefighter checked him out medically he helped guide him back out to his awaiting parents.

The boy was then examined by LifeCare Paramedics and turned over to his parents.

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