Friday, May 30, 2008


Harvey Korman, famous for his time on the Carol Burnett show in the 60's but will probably be best be known for his role as Hedley Lamarr in the 1974 Mel Brooks film, "Blazing Saddles" died Thursday at UCLA Medical Center at the age of 81.

In Blazing Saddles Korman was endlessly exasperated when people would call him Hedy throughout the film.

Korman's family said through a release that he died after suffering complications from the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm four months ago. He had undergone several major operations.

Korman's other films included two "Pink Panther" moves, "Trail of the Pink Panther" in 1982 and "Curse of the Pink Panther" in 1983; "Gypsy," "Huckleberry Finn" (as the King), "Herbie Goes Bananas" and "Bud and Lou" (as legendary straightman Bud Abbott to Buddy Hackett's Lou Costello).

In television, Korman guest-starred in dozens of series including "The Donna Reed Show," "Dr. Kildare," "Perry Mason," "The Wild Wild West," "The Muppet Show," "The Love Boat" and "Burke's Law."

Korman leaves his wife and four children.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


ELYRIA - Officials in Elyria are monitoring gasoline levels in the sewer system and are making repairs after two supply tanks at Gas USA sprung leaks.

In order to make repairs to the leaks, East Avenue was closed between 4th and 16th streets, and 9th street was closed between East and Middle.

Chief Joseph Pronesti of the Elyria Fire Department said officials were concerned of possible explosions in homes. "Our concern was the fumes getting into the basements and then the pilot light, furnace or hot water heaters setting off an explosion. We have been working with Columbia Gas as far as getting that shut off - the natural gas into the homes. Right now we are still trying to stop the leak."

Pronesti said that work crews have dug down seven feet around the tanks and they are attempting to construct a dam to prevent fuel from getting into the sewer system. Pronesti said that manhole covers have been removed to help ventilate the fumes. "Right now, the threat of any kind of hazard or explosion has gone down drastically because we have ventilated the sewers - the fumes are no longer building up in the system. As those fumes come out, the threat is lower." Pronesti said that Firefighters have responded to homes where residences have smelled gas odors, but the levels detected were not dangerous.

The investigation found that gasoline was leaking from two 400-gallon supply tanks at Gas USA, at 9th Street and Middle Avenue, into the sewer system. Officials said an estimated 200 gallons of gasoline leaked into the area around the tanks in the past 24 hours. As of Thursday evening, no homes have been evacuated. However, residents in the area of East Avenue and 4th through 9th streets were advised not to use gas appliances due to the potential present of gasoline vapors.

Pronesti said that the Fire Department will continuing to monitor the level of fumes in the sewers.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Columbus - The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports this Memorial Day holiday weekend was the safest on record for the past 38 years. Six people were killed in six crashes over the holiday weekend on Ohio roads.This is four fewer deaths than during the same period last year. Over the holiday weekend State Troopers arrested 650 impaired drivers and assisted 4,580 motorists.

“We are extremely encouraged by fewer fatalities this Memorial Day weekend. However, Ohioans need to focus on Motorcycle safety due to 33 percent of the fatalities being motorcyclists.” said Patrol superintendent, Colonel Richard H. Collins.

Five of the Six fatal crashes occured on Federal or State highways while one occured on a county road. Three of the crshes involved alcohol. Three of the six fatalities were wearing seatbelts - One was not and the remaining two were on motorycles.

The following Ohio traffic statistics are for the holiday weekend period of May 23 at 6 p.m. through May 26 at midnight.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Carlisle Township – Two teens sitting at the intersection of Butternut Ridge Road and Indian Hollow Sunday night was rear-ended by a man driving a pick up truck.

Trooper Al Marcum of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said that 48-year-old Michael Surdock of Grafton was traveling southbound on Indian Hollow when he struck the two teens as they were stopped at a stop sign. “Mr. Surdock then attempted to flee the scene but the condition of his vehicle wouldn’t allow him.”

Firefighter John Jemiola of the Carlisle Township Fire Department said that he and another EMT were on their way home from a previous medical call in the Township when they rolled up on the scene. “We saw the cars off the road and the glass all over the place – we then saw that the victims had gotten out of the car and were standing along the roadside. We immediately called it in then began assessing and treating the victims until other units arrived.”

Jemiola said that both teens complained of neck pains but he said neither seemed to have any serious injuries.

Surdock was also walking around the scene and at first was refusing treatment or transport from LifeCare Paramedics; he later decided to be taken to the hospital for his injuries.

Trooper Marcum said that Surdock would be charged with OVI. Other charges are also possible.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

if you are driving and see an accident scene ahead, “SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER”. Allow Police, Fire, EMS and Tow Services to do their jobs without becoming a victim.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last week TMCNEWS.NET presented the story “Taking on City Hall”. The story was about a committee that has formed in an attempt to recall Mayor Grace. The story has received much attention on our comments section as well as others on the net.

For clarification, TMCNEWS.NET was contacted by committee members and requested a sit down meeting to discuss the committee’s intentions. After sitting with the committee, and there were more people at the meeting then just the two ladies featured in the story, I carefully listened to what the committee had to say and reviewed the documents they presented us. A meeting was then requested by TMCNEWS.NET with Mayor Bill Grace the same day and the meeting was granted. The sit down with the Mayor lasted over one hour, discussing not only the recall but also other issues important to the city of Elyria.

After the two interviews there was no question that the story would be posted. We had a story of a committee wanting to recall the Mayor of the City of Elyria, how could I not post that story? It is up to those who read the story to decide who is creditable and who is not. I believe that it is only our job to present both sides.

With that said, I also wanted to present the rest of the conversation that I had with Mayor Grace. Part of the discussion was that a lot of citizens aren’t fully aware of all that is going on in the city, or why certain things are happening. I encourage you to take a few moments and read the entire conversation with the Mayor, I think after you read it you will say; “Ah, I did not know that.”

The conversation covers issues with the Fire Department, Route 57 construction and how money is being spent to keep the city running.

To read the full conversation with Mayor Grace – CLICK HERE


Avon – Estimates put the count anywhere between 1200 to 1500 Motorcyles were in the 4th Annual Firefighter’s Memorial Ride.

The ride started Sunday morning at Cleveland Browns Stadium and the Firefighters memorial statue. Event Director John “Kiks” Kikol said that they went into this morning just shy of 1,000 bikes registered. Perhaps due to the perfect weather, several hundred more showing up this morning to join in.

The 47 mile ride took the bikers past at least 11 Fire Stations before ending at the new Avon Harley Davidson shop on Chester Road. Police Motorcycle Units from Cleveland to Avon escorted the event so there were no stops and all the bikes were able to stay together

Kiks said that money raised through this event is donated to the familes of Firefighters or Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty. “This is our way of showing respect to the families and honoring the heroes who have given their lives for you, for me and for our familes. Organizing an event like this is a tremendous amount of work, but the reason we do it – when we have the opportunity to assist a family of a fallen hero, it’s all worth it.”

Kiks said that this Wednesday he and the committee will sit down and begin work on the 2009 Ride.

For more information on the Firefighter’s Memorial Ride -

To see more photos from the ride: CLICK HERE

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Grafton Township – With a car loaded with children, none wearing a seatbelt, 67-year-old Donald McCurry of Grafton felt it was a good idea to get behind the wheel of the Crown Vic and drive – intoxicated.

Trooper Shawn Kline of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said that McCurry was traveling eastbound on Route 57 in Grafton Township when his car went off the right side of the road, just east of Mennell Road. “He (McCurry) says that someone ran him off the road, I just don’t see any evidence of that yet.” Trooper Kline said that McCurry had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and beer cans were found inside of the vehicle.

Along with McCurry there were four small children in the back seat and an adult passenger in the front seat. Troopers say that none of the occupants were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash. Trooper Kline said that the passenger and two of the children were transported to the hospital by Firefighters.

Grafton Township Firefighters received assistance with treating and transporting the victims from Grafton Village Firefighters.

Despite several attempts from State Troopers and Firefighters, a clearly injured McCurry refused any treatment or transport at the scene. McCurry was then arrested for OVI by Troopers and taken to the Patrol Post.

A quick check of court records show that Sheriff’s Deputies arrested McCurry in Eaton Township in April of 2001 for DWI, Reckless Operation and Disorderly Conduct. The DWI was later amended to Reckless Operation.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


Lorain – Lorain Police Officers arrested Lorain Councilman Dennis Flores late Friday night after Flores solicited a prostitute. The prostitute ended up being an undercover Police Officer working a sting operation at Reid & West 18th Street. Lorain and Elyria Police Officers were conducting the operation.

Flores was charged with Solicitation and Driving Under the Influence. Flores has publicly said he is sorry for what has happened and apologized to the citizens of Lorain, other Councilmen and the city Administration. Flores called the incident a “momentary lapse of judgment.”

Flores, who has been on council for only 5 months and is a co-chair of the Police and Fire committee, was booked into the new city jail and released on bail.


Grafton – The 2008 Grafton Firemen’s Festival is well under way with great events left for tonight, Sunday and Monday.

The Grafton Firemen's Festival has been an annual event since 1936. It raises funds to help support the operations & equipment of the Grafton Village Fire Department.

Friday night was the first ever laser light show for the festival with another show scheduled tonight at 10:00PM.

PATCHES, Wellington Fire District’s own mascot, was on hand today posing for pictures with kids. Patches took advantage of the time with the kids to inform them and their parents to make sure they had smoke detectors, with working batteries, in their homes.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Department was also talking to kids passing out free bike locks and showing off their Bomb Robot.

Plenty of rides and games for the kids this year. The above ride is what I call “How Long Before I Throw Up Ride”. Saturday there will be a Kids Matinee and FREE Bike Drawing @ 5:00PM. The Firemen’s Water Fight will run between 1 and 3 PM, something you will not want to miss.

To see the schedule for the rest of the weekend: CLICK HERE

To see a few more photos from Saturday afternoon: CLICK HERE

Friday, May 23, 2008


Elyria – The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Elyria Post, in conjunction with the Vermilion Police Department and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, announced today that a low-manpower OVI checkpoint will be held from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. tonight on Liberty Avenue, east of Sunnyside Road in the city of Vermilion in Lorain County.

The OVI checkpoint, funded by fines from impaired drivers and other federal funding, is planned to deter and intercept impaired drivers this weekend.

The Patrol says if you plan to consume alcohol, designate a driver or make other travel arrangements before you drink. Don’t let another life be lost for the senseless and selfish act of getting behind the wheel impaired.


Elyria – The Lorain County Emergency Operations Center was opened Monday morning for a special training session.

The Students: Police Officers, Firefighters, School officials & Health Department officials.

The Teacher: Robert Watson of South Carolina

The Syllabus: Making ALL Schools throughout Lorain County SAFE

It has been almost 10 years since the county has done such an extensive assessment of all schools according to Robert Watson who was brought in this week to train people how to be “assessors”. The program was requested and sponsored by the Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will, Watson said he was asked Will to train a new group of assessors who would concentrate and focus on crisis response training as oppose to comprehensive safety issues. “What we want them to find out is how well prepared the schools are to respond to a crisis and their readiness. These people will look at the crisis response procedures they have and how they find them grouped – or encourage the school how to group them according to the threat.”

Watson said that in many schools the crisis response procedure is grouped in with all of the schools other safety procedures, he would like to see it pulled from there and have it stand on its own. “Right now it can be mixed in with routine safety plans like how to handle visitors, fire drills and things of that nature. This makes it very hard to teach from those emergency procedures to the faculty and other staff. It’s also tough for the emergency responders because they would like to see them all grouped together under one specific heading.”

When the assessors are sent out to the school buildings they were taught to do three things; Ask, Look & Find. (ALF) “They will sit down with the school administrators and they will ask questions, interview them about their procedures – they will find out from asking. Then they will look, that is you inspect – you see that what they said is actually there. If they say the doors are kept locked all the time when you interview them then you go look and find a door propped open – then you have a conflict there. Then find means go to the documents – see if the documents support what the people say during the interviews. So the approach is to go in and interview, inspect and to review documents and try to get a comprehensive look about the schools ability to respond to a crisis.”

Watson said that Lorain County has been very proactive in having this program. “The Prosecutor and Tom Kelley, Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, are two of the lead figures in this program and they want to see the assessment done of the schools, which will help the schools. This is not just a program to gather information and stick it in a file somewhere, it’s only good if it feeds back to the schools and it helps them to improve themselves.”

During a kick off seminar held in February Prosecutor Dennis Will said that his office is proud to continue the program and to work with many other agencies in making the area schools safer for students and staff. “What we are trying to accomplish is to update the school response plans, to make them aware of new and more inventive ways to develop their plans so that they stay active, that they remain realistic with what they are dealing with and that they learn from other people who have had types of incidents that we are trying to prevent here.”

Kelley said a team of officials went out and accessed all of the schools in Lorain County in 1999. The assessment consisted of everything from looking over their emergency plans, interviewing teachers, students and parents. “We would literally feel circuit breaker panels to see if they were overloaded, touched panic bars, checked fire extinguishers – we checked everything to see if the school was safe, then we made our recommendations.” Kelley said the school assessments will happen again at the beginning of the next school year, however the checklist will have more of a focus on emergency planning. “This time we will focus on emergency plans, making sure that they are update – all of the contact names and numbers are current.”

Will said that with schools having so much on their plate, sometimes security issues get pushed to the back burner. “I think that the schools have so many things to deal with – with testing and meeting projective goals that they prioritize things and this isn’t the highest priority. It’s normal in any type of response plan or any type of planning that you have to continually update your training and that is why we are trying to do this on a yearly basis and to perform a reassessment of all the school facilities.”

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The North Ridgeville Lions Club and VFW Post 9871 invite everyone to come to the North Ridgeville Memorial Parade and ceremonies on Monday, May 26th and show your American Pride and Honor the service men and women who have given their all to protect the freedoms we so enjoy.

The theme of the parade this year is “My Role in Honoring American Veterans”

The parade will start lining up in the Marc’s parking lot at 9:00AM, and will begin at 10:00AM. The parade route will take the normal course proceeding west on Center Ridge Rd. and concluding at the Rangers Stadium behind the North Ridgeville Middle School.

All participants and spectators are encouraged to join us in the stadium for the Memorial Day ceremonies following the parade. The beautiful ceremonies will pay tribute to our fallen Veterans and feature patriotic selections played by the North Ridgeville Marching Band. Awards will be given out for Best Float, Best Marching Group, Best Crowd Pleaser Car, Best Classic Car, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Best Decorated Bikes.

Special this year, we will be collecting old American Flags at the entrance of the stadium. Following the Memorial Day ceremonies, the Knights of Columbus will be conducting a flag retirement service at the base of the flag pole at the North end of the football field. To help promote proper disposal of tattered American Flags, until Memorial Day, the following North Ridgeville locations are accepting old flags:
David Bogner Family Funeral Home
Napa Auto Parts
VFW Post 9871
Buescher’s Hardware - also offering 20 % off the purchase of a new flag.

For further information, please contact Lions Member, David Bogner at 440-327-2955.

Monday, May 19, 2008


LaGrange – An early morning crash on Indian Hollow Road sent one woman to the hospital by helicopter.

Assistant Chief Dan Jackson of LaGrange Township Fire & Rescue said that it is unclear at this point why the woman went off the road. “The woman was traveling north on Indian Hollow Road around 8:30 this morning and went off the right side of the road. We are not sure at this time why she went off the road.”

Chief Jackson said that the 52 year old driver was the only occupant in the minivan at the time of the crash. “Once she went off the road she plowed through a ditch, snapped a pole and then struck a tree. We were able to remove her through the passenger side without having to use any extrication tools on the car.”

Throughout the ordeal the woman was in and out of consciousness and suffered a head injury from striking the windshield during the crash.

Paramedics from LaGrange Township Fire & Rescue treated the woman at the scene then transported her to Community Park in LaGrange. Metro LifeFlight landed at the park and took over care, flying her to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Elyria – A group of Elyrian’s upset at the direction their city is heading has had enough and Debbie Coon said they plan to do something about it. “We have formed “Citizens against Grace” and we will be working to recall Mayor Grace beginning the first week of July.” Coon said that the recall has been on the minds of people for some time, but recently they came into possession of a court document that, to them, was the final straw.

“This document is a lawsuit filed by Honey Rothschild against Mayor Grace and Elyria Law Director Pete Shilling for Retaliation, Breach of Contract, Sex and Racial Discrimination in Employment and Sexual Harassment. In it she alleged that Director Shilling Discriminated against her by advancing white employees before her even though she had more time in the office and had never received a bad review at work. It also says that Director Shilling subjected Rothschild and other female co-workers to intimidation.” (Count 34 Page 17; “The plaintiff and her other female co-workers have been subjected to intimidation, shouting, name calling like “fucking females” on the part of Defendant Shilling, their supervisor and the male co-workers who were allowed to yell, shout, embarrass and intimidate the female co-workers at all times including staff meetings.)

According to court documents, Rothschild sued Shilling in July of 2000 for Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. That case was settled in January of 2002 with Rothschild receiving $25,000.00 and her lawyer receiving $15,000.00. Under that agreement Rothschild kept her job and agreed to not discuss the terms of the settlement. Rothschild filed another suit in 2003 after she alleged that Shilling breached the settlement agreement by retaliating against her, and continued to sexually harass her.

The 43 Count lawsuit, filed in Lorain County Common Pleas Court in September of 2003 and heard by Judge Edward Zaleski, said that Rothschild “brought her allegations of unlawful acts on the part of the Law Director to the attention of the City’s EEO Officer in December 1999, Mayor Grace refused to investigate as required by law and failed to perform his duties and responsibilities as the chief executive officer of the City of Elyria.” Coon said that is simply unacceptable and that Mayor Grace failed in his duties. “She took this to Mayor Grace and he essentially shoved it to the side and did nothing about it. I believe that Mayor Grace should have, because the complaint was against the Law Director, requested someone from the outside to come in and investigate the claims. This proves that our Mayor does not like people from the outside knowing what happens in his administration, he doesn’t like having to answer to the people of Elyria.”

Pam Jantzen, another committee member, said she was disgusted after reading the court document.
“As a woman I was very disturbed that something like this happened in our community and that our Mayor would not do anything to help her. She clearly turned to him for help on a couple different occasions and he turned her away and sent her back to Mr. Shilling.”

Jantzen points to Counts 6, 39 & 40 as the most disturbing to her. (Count 6 Page 8; “the Defendant Shilling, Law Director of the City of Elyria, in retaliation for filing sexual harassment charges against him, sent Plaintiff a, memo containing pornographic materials meant to shock and disgust her under the pretext of giving her an assignment to review criminal laws during a time when she was assigned to do civil work; Mr. Shilling tricked Plaintiff into reading the first part of the said pornographic materials; which includes vulgar references to female and male genitals and description of sex acts that disgusted and shocked Plaintiff and caused her anguish and humiliation.”

Count 39 Page 18 & 19; “That her co-workers have complained to Plaintiff about Defendant Shilling’s unwanted sexual advances, including but not limited to, touching them, kissing them, asking them their sexual preferences.”

Count 40 Page 19; “That her co-workers have complained to Plaintiff that they have had to shorten their work hours to avoid contact with Mr. Shilling, their supervisor, and at times have to avoid going to off site seminars and bar association conventions for fear that the Law Director will make unwanted sexual advances toward them during these trips.”

“Women and African-American’s in this community should be outraged by what happened in that office and the fact that our Mayor did nothing to help this woman, to me is appalling.”

Coon said in any Government agency you must operate in the open and talk to the people you serve.
“He doesn’t like his business to be out in the open, but when you are in a position as he is in, and there are documents out there like this one, you can try to hide them but someone will find them. You can hide whatever you want but just because you are Bill Grace doesn’t mean that you are untouchable.”

The committee is also upset over the actions taken by Mayor Grace concerning the Elyria Fire Department. Jantzen said some of the committee members live in District 2 and fear that with the closing of Station 2 their homes and lives may be at risk. “His (the Mayor) feeling is that even with only 14 guys on, instead of the 17, that the city and District 2 is still very safe and we all know that is not true. He has told me that where I live Station 1 is just as close to my house as 2’s but I know that is not right. I have had to use the Fire Department and although they did a great job it did take longer for them to get there because they came from downtown instead of E. Broad Street.”

The committee will have to wait until the first week of July to officially begin their recall efforts. By law they must wait 6 months from the time the person they want to recall is sworn into office. The committee will have to secure 20% of the number of people who voted for Mayor in the last election, which would be approximately 1,600 names. Once they have the names certified by the Board of Elections Coon said they would have to present it to the Elyria City Council and they would have to accept it. “If they accept it then the Mayor would have 5 days to either resign or chose to fight the recall and a special recall vote would be scheduled.”

In a sit down interview on Friday, TMCNEWS.NET informed Mayor Grace of the recall committee’s intentions and although he said it was unfortunate that they would feel the need to do something like this, he will continue working hard on moving the city of Elyria forward. “It’s frustrating because I know and the people around me know how hard I work and the team around me work – and all things considered I believe that we are doing an absolute exceptional job for the city given all the circumstances that are largely outside of our control. So it’s frustrating when people don’t agree or understand that and I certainly appreciate and understand and know that people make their judgment based on far less then all the information and it’s not even fair or practical for them to understand things at the depth that many of us do.”

The hot button topic recently has been the seemingly never-ending battle between City Hall and the Elyria Fire Department. In response to those who say it is Mayor Graces’s fault that Station 2 has been closed since the lowering of the Fire Departments minimum manpower back in August, the Mayor said that is an action of the Chief. “I’ve not been quick to distance myself from the charge that I closed the Station, I don’t run away from that because it’s a likely consequence of lowering staffing from 17 to 14, so I don’t shy away from that but that is an action of the Chief.”

When it comes to the question of response times in Station Two’s district Mayor Grace said that the effect has been minor in impact and helpful in revenue. “Those Stations (Cedar Street & E Broad Street) are only 50 seconds apart in transportation and there are portions of District Two that are just as close to Cedar Street as it is to Kipling.” The Mayor cited one of his more outspoken critics who lives on Pinewood in District Two. “Cedar Street Station is just as close to her home as the Kipling Street Station cause they both have to get to E. River and then travel south and E. River is right in the middle of those two stations. So anywhere along E. River south to Robin Park and that area off of Chestnut Ridge, the quickest way to get there from anywhere along Broad Street is to go down E. River and Cedar Street is just as close.”

In reference to the court document and the charges made by the committee that Mayor Grace should have done something about Director Shilling, the Mayor said that is out of his jurisdiction. “The Law Director is a separately elected official in the city and the employee in question is an “at will” employee of the Law Director – I don’t have jurisdiction over it or those individuals.”

When asked who would have jurisdiction over the Law Director and his office, Mayor Grace suggested perhaps City Council. “It’s such a rare thing, it would be City Council if anything and even that would be ceremonially – there’s no real mechanism there.”

Because of this particular case the city took a look at their sexual harassment policies.
“This event got us to take a look at our policies and procedures and lack of them in some cases – so there wasn’t such a policy in place and we put one in. It’s not just sexual harassment, it covers a wide spectrum of things that people feel they are being unfairly treated.”

Mayor Grace said that if a case were to come before him, of any type of harassment, he would treat it seriously and take the appropriate actions.

Coon said that the committee would continue working towards the recall. “We have a lot of work ahead of us, we know that and if anyone wants to participate or if they have any questions about the recall they can Email me @


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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Elyria – A single car crash on Route 57 near the Ohio Turnpike entrance in Elyria Saturday afternoon sent three people to the hospital.

The driver of the car stated that she was run off the road and into the concrete barrier by another vehicle, although she was not clear on a description of the car.

LifeCare Paramedics and Firefighters treated three people at the scene for minor injuries. All three were transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Elyria Police are investigating the cause of the crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


Elyria – A four vehicle crash on Route 57 Saturday afternoon sent two people to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses say a brown GMC van was traveling westbound on Route 57 from Abbe Road when he slammed into the back of a Pontiac Grand Prix. The Grand Prix was pushed by the van into the rear end of a silver pick up truck – the pick up truck was then pushed into the rear end of a black Lexus. All vehicles were in stopped traffic waiting for a traffic light at the time of the crash.

Two people were transported with complaints of back and neck injuries by LifeCare Paramedics to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Elyria Police Officers had to close the westbound lane for about an hour while Mug’s Elyria Towing untangled the vehicles.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Elyria – The Lorain County Grand Jury has indicted the man who kidnapped, raped and shot a woman earlier this month. Matthew Plas was served with the multiple count indictment by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office. The indictment reads as follows:


Plas remains in custody at the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office. The victim is still recovering at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

If you would like to make a donation to help the victim as she recovers from her injuries you may do so by going to any Fifth /Third Bank and donating to the Shawn Stevens Fund.

To see photos from the original story: CLICK HERE

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Elyria – An inattentive driver was the cause of a car crash Wednesday afternoon in Elyria on Middle Ave.

The driver of a KIA minivan was traveling northbound on Middle Ave when she ran a red light, causing a Honda minivan that was traveling eastbound on Third Street to strike her.

Witnesses who were out for lunch said the KIA minivan spun around a couple times before coming to rest in front of the county Administration building.

The passenger of the Honda was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the KIA and her child passenger were uninjured in the crash.

Along with witnesses the driver of the KIA admitted to running the red light saying that she just wasn’t paying attention to the lights.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Monday, May 12, 2008


Elyria – The construction barrels went up on Route 57 today in preparations for the paving project. The barrels are in the northbound lanes from Chestnut to Cleveland Street, southbound is still wide open but there are barrels sitting on the berm so those will be out soon too.

The confusion caused three car crashes this afternoon around 3 p.m., all within 30 minutes of each other. None of the three crashes were considered serious but one driver was transported by LifeCare Paramedics to Elyria Memorial Hospital after she complained of neck and back pains to Police.

Officials say that if you cannot find an alternate route and have to drive along 57 during the construction that you should slow down and pay very close attention. We only have about a year and a half to go before it is all over.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


The Eaton Township Fire & Rescue Department presents their annual Chicken Bar-B-Q this Sunday from 11:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

The Bar-B-Q will be held at the Fire Station located at the intersection of Route 82 & Route 83. Adult tickets are $9.00 and the children grub for a mere $5.00. Your ticket gets you a Half Chicken, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Rolls and a drink. (And as David Letterman says; “And as if that weren’t enough, and by golly don’t ya think it ought to be?”) Guests will also enjoy a dish of ice cream to finish off their meal.

Take out is available, however if you dine in you can take advantage of their “all you can eat salads.”

To see photos from last years Chicken Bar-B-Q: CLICK HERE

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Photo Page
Well, my intention was to write a small story on the Superior Cage Fighting event that took place Friday night in Sheffield Village and post the photos from the event. Instead I decided to write my thoughts about the event and share what I saw that night.

First let me say that at no point did I see a child thrown to the ground, nor did I ever hear anyone crying for their parents.

The event itself
The event is basically Mixed Martial Arts fighting inside of a locked cage sanctioned by the State of Ohio. TMC NEWS covered Superior Cage Fighting’s last event that was held inside of a church hall in the city of Elyria. At that event there were no fights outside of the cage and no arrests were made.

The fighters all train extensively for the event and before they step foot inside of the cage they must weigh in and be examined by a Physician that is on site throughout the event. Inspectors from the State of Ohio are also on site throughout the event to ensure the safety of the fighters.

At the end of the fights I photographed and witnessed, most of the fighters shook hands and the loser congratulated the winner. They may not have left the cage as best friends but there was a mutual respect they had for one another.

The promoters of the event met with Sheffield Village Police Officials and Officials from the Sheffield Village Fire Department in February and have been working on the security and EMS plans every since. The Officers from Sheffield Village, in my opinion, were extremely professional. To the person who left the comment that the Officers were more focused on watching the cage fights: you are very wrong and can only assume that you have something against Police in general or perhaps against Officers from Sheffield. They were very busy with crowd control and to be honest I think they would rather have been anywhere else that night then around the cage.

Sheffield Village Fire Department had 2 Medics at ringside, 2 at a triage area in the parking lot and a command post. These men should also be commended for the work they did that night as they handled many medical emergencies during the event.

Off duty Police and Medics were all paid for by the event promoters.

The brawl
The brawl began after the results of the final fight were announced and the losing fighters team and fans did not agree with the decision. Police or Security could not have prevented the brawl itself, I don’t believe it would have mattered if you had a dozen Officers there; the brawl was going to happen.

Officers that were on scene that night should be commended for the way they handled the fight and restored order. From the time the brawl started until the time the site was cleared out was impressive. It didn’t hurt having K-9’s Fokey from EPD and Drago from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Officer on scene.

The mess
I’m never surprises me anymore when I see some of the things people will comment on, so when I read that people were upset by the mess left at Quaker Steak I had to laugh. To those people, if you go to the fireworks at West Rec this year, stay afterwards and see how clean people leave that site. When people go to events like this they turn into pigs when it comes to discarding trash. I am not 100% sure but I have a feeling the staff at Quaker Steak was prepared for that mess.

In conclusion
I am pretty confident that before the next event takes place the event promoters will have a sit down with the Sheffield Village Police Department to discuss new security plans. If and when the next event takes place I believe the audience will see a new set up with security more in mind.

Instead of bashing the promoters of this event they should be praised for bringing and keeping this event in Lorain County. Too often we see businesses and events like this moving to other areas. People came from all over last night, many from out of state to watch the fights. In my opinion the event needs to be held in a different venue, a much larger venue actually. As the events continue the crowds will only get larger and larger. You can’t cram people into a small venue like this and not expect some pushing and shoving. I hope the promoters think about that as they look ahead to “Round 2.”

To see photos from the event: CLICK HERE



Elyria – A 29 year old Elyria man, Jason Kendall, was riding bikes with relatives Saturday afternoon in Cascade Park. They were heading into the park along the path that runs behind the Elyria Police Station on Lake Ave. The further down the path they went the narrower the path became and changing from a paved road to a dirt path. It was along the narrow dirt path that Kendall went off the path and tumbled approximately 40 feet.

Elyria Firefighters, LifeCare Paramedics, Elyria Police Officers and Elyria Park Rangers all responded to assist Kendall. Assistant Chief Glenn Saddler of the Elyria Fire Department said that Firefighters rigged up a fairly simple system to bring the victim back up to the path. “Basically we sent two Firefighters down to the victim; they assessed his injuries and immobilized him. We then sent down a Stokes Basket and after they secured him we were able to pull him back up the cliff.”

Looking like half of a Tug of War team, Firefighters, Police Officers, Medics and Rangers all pulled the rope hoisting the victim back up the cliff.

Once back on the path the victim was carried along the dirt path to an awaiting LifeCare Supervisor Off Road vehicle. The victim was loaded into the back of the truck and driven to the back lot of the Police station where he was then transferred to an awaiting ambulance. (Anyone see the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles?)

Kendall was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital with cuts and bruises. His bike was also retrieved by Firefighters.

To see more photos from the rescue: CLICK HERE


Sheffield Village – What started out as an evening of fun, wings and cage fights, turned ugly at the end.

Shortly after the final fight in Friday night’s Cage Fights at Quaker Steak in Sheffield a group of people who were not pleased with the outcome of a title fight began a fight of their own in the audience area. Off-Duty Sheffield Village Officers who were working the event quickly called for help from surrounding communities to help restore order.

Officers from Elyria, Avon, Sheriff’s Office and the State Patrol arrived in a short amount of time and fanned out to assist in clearing out the crowd. Perhaps fortunate for the Officers a lot of the crowd had already left because of the rain.

Sheffield Village Police say that when it was all done, four people were arrested for Disorderly Conduct. One Officer received minor injuries to his hand; Paramedics from Sheffield Village Fire Department patched him up and released him at the scene.

Many of the fans that were leaving the event expressed disgust towards those who started the brawl. “It’s horrible because we just had a great night of hanging out with our friends, eating wings and burgers and enjoying the cage fights. Now because a couple of idiots, people will look at this event and say see, I told you so. I hope they don’t because this is a great event for people who like this sport.” Aaron Reese of Cleveland.

Check back tomorrow for more photos from the fights, both the caged and the non-caged ones.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Amherst – A truck driver returning to Houston Texas lost control of his rig Friday morning on Middle Ridge Road in Amherst. The rig ended up on its side with the load of steel rolling into the Pine Crest Apartment complex.

Lieutenant Joseph Kucirek of the Amherst Police Department said the 80-year-old truck driver went off the right side of the road and lost control. The driver couldn’t get the truck back on the road and it ended up rolling over. The load of 46 thousand tons of steel pipes rolled off the truck and into the apartment complex. Fortunately there were no people outside and only two cars in the lot at the time of the crash.

Chief Wayne Northeim of the Amherst Fire Department said that the driver received only minor cuts and bruises but refused any treatment or transport from LifeCare Paramedics. Northeim also said that there was only a minor amount of oil that leaked out of the semi and that the diesel tanks were still in tact. The load however wasn’t so lucky. “There were ten pieces of pipe that spilled off the truck and into the yard from the truck all the way up to the apartment building. One pipe actually struck the base of patio decks and those are being tended to now by a construction company.” Northeim said that he is still unclear as to why the driver was even traveling on this section of Middle Ridge Road; “This is not an area where you see many semis so I am not sure why he was even down here.”

Lt. Kucirek said that the driver would likely be charged with Failure to Control.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

The "Gift of Life"

Give the "Gift of Life"
Sunday, May 11th8:30 to 12 Noon
North Eaton Christian Church
The North Eaton Christian Church will be hosting the Blood Mobile on Sunday, May 11th. The Blood Mobile will be in the NECC parking lot from 8:30 AM to 12 Noon.
Please eat a good breakfast before you donate. Cookies and juice will be available after. Your body will quickly replace the blood you give. The actual time it takes to donate is about 10 minutes. Photo ID required. If you have any questions please contact Laura or Randy Kuhn at 327-5219.NECC is located on the corner of Rt. 82 and Rt. 83 in Eaton Twp.
Even if you don't come to North Eaton to give blood find someplace to donate. Give the Gift of Life!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Elyria – A curling iron left on a bed has left one apartment completely destroyed and ten others with smoke and water damage.

Assistant Chief Robert Dempsey of the Elyria Fire Department said they received the call of an apartment on fire at 144 David Drive at 9:16 p.m. Wednesday night. “The fire originated in apartment C-10, that apartment belongs to Larry Eccleston and his 14 year old daughter. The fire started in the daughter’s bedroom on the top bed of a bunk bed. The daughter had left a curling iron and a straightening iron on for about an hour. The heat from the irons ignited the bedding on the top bunk setting the bed on fire.”

Dempsey said that Eccleston discovered the fire and attempted to extinguish it himself. When he realized it was too much for him to handle he called 9-1-1. This is something that Dempsey said Firefighters do not recommend. “We always recommend that people get out of the structure as quickly as possible and then call 9-1-1, immediately. The longer you wait the farther ahead the fire gets. In this case I do not think there was a long time delay, but there was some and in our business every second counts so we strongly recommend to get out immediately and then call 9-1-1.”

Jessica Smith lives in the building next door and heard the smoke detectors going off. “I was running back into my building real quick just to get some formula for my baby when I heard the alarms. I could see in the corner bedroom window what looked like a small flame but then all of a sudden it just blew up, not like an explosion but it just grew very fast.”

Smith said that she called 9-1-1 right away and then notified the building manager. It was when she was on her way back from the manager’s apartment that she said she witnessed something amazing. “When I was walking back over I saw a Police car in the lot and then I saw this Police Officer coming out of the building with two small children. By this time there was a lot of flames coming from the windows and a lot of smoke so to me that Officer saved those kids lives. He was very impressive and I think he should be recognized for what he did.”

Art Mead Sr., Disaster Chairman of the American Red Cross said that he and his Red Cross Volunteers were assisting victims of the fire. “There were 11 apartments affected by the fire and we are working with a total of 24 people. We have given them vouchers for a motel room and food as well as clothing that they need. Our Nurse is also working closely with them to determine if any of them need medication or any other special medical needs. We were fortunate in this case where the Firefighters allowed some of them back into their apartments real quick to get things like medication.”

Mead said that some of the victims will be staying with family tonight and they were still waiting at midnight to meet with two other families. “We will also be back first thing in the morning to see what else is needed and we will also be able to survey the damage to the apartments to determine how long we will need to provide housing for the victims.”

Mead said that if anyone would like to donate to the American Red Cross could do so by calling their office at 440.324.2929. “We would like people to make a donation to the Local Disaster Relief Fun, that is where we pull money from to assist families.”

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Elyria – Firefighters are battling an apartment building fire at this hour on Elyria’s north side.
Reports from the scene have one apartment completely destroyed by fire while others have suffered severe smoke and water damage.

Fire Officials have called in the American Red Cross to assist up to 22 residents who are now wondering where they will live.

TMC NEWS has a reporter and photographer on scene and will bring you details and photos as soon as they come in.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Sheffield Village – A crash on Route 611 in Sheffield Village Tuesday afternoon has left one man dead and another flown to Cleveland.

Sheffield Village Firefighters responded to the crash on 611, near the Backpackers shop, after a car driven by 56 year old David Mumford went left of center striking 63 year old James Fisher on his 2006 Yamaha Motorcycle. Although witnesses attempted to help Fisher immediatley his injuries were just too severe and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fisher’s motorcycle caught fire during the crash and Mumford’s car was sent into a nearby yard with heavy front end damage. Mumford was taken by Paramedics to Community Health Partners where he was later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland with non-lifethreatening injuries.

The Sheffield Village Police Department is investigating the crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE




Carlisle Township – An apparent abduction from the Lorain County Metro Park – Duck Pond - on Diagonal Road ended with one man in custody and a woman being taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her back.

Police received a call from witnesses who believed a woman had been abducted and was in the trunk of a car in the area of Oberlin-Elyria Road.

Albert Payne said he was asleep in his Oberlin-Elyria Road home when he heard sirens close to his home. “When I looked out the window a State Patrol car was in my driveway. Then the Trooper got out with his gun drawn and was yelling into the barn to come out.” Payne said that as other Officers arrived he advised them that there was a back door to the barn and if someone had gotten inside they could have slipped out through that door and into the woods.

A wide perimeter was set up and the search was underway. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Elyria Police Department K-9 Unit and members from the U.S. Marshall’s Office were all involved in the search, both for the suspect and for a victim Tuesday afternoon. An airplane from the State Patrol was also used in the search.

The suspect, 25 year old Matthew Plas, was discovered in the woods of another Metro Park, The Equestrian Center located on Diagonal Road, just south of the Duck Pond. Metro Parks Rangers located the suspect near a horse trail and took him into custody. The Rangers loaded him into the back of a pick up truck and returned him to the office area where Deputies met them.

While they were transferring custody of the suspect the victim, a 43 year old Carlisle Township woman, was located behind a building on Oberlin-Elyria Road, just west of where the suspect ditched his car. Paramedics from Central Lorain County Ambulance District and Firefighters from Carlisle Township were called when it was discovered that the woman had been sexually assaulted and shot in the back.

The woman was treated at the scene then transported to Allen Medical Center in Oberlin. The victim was then flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland a short time later. The victim was conscious and speaking to authorities at the scene.

Vaughn’s Auto was sent to the Duck Pond and to the residence on Oberlin-Elyria Road to retrieve both the victim’s car and suspect’s car. Both vehicles have been impounded for further investigation.

Lorain County Sheriff’s Officials are still working at this hour to piece together what happened this afternoon. They have said that Plas was homeless and living out of his car. He has had been no stranger to Law Enforcement, in and out of trouble with assaults and other crimes on his record.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Elyria – Have you finished scratching your head yet wondering why the two men drove around the locked gates in Elywood Park and drove into the Black River? If so, get the finger ready to start scratching again.

Elyria Police were called to Elywood Park early Sunday evening after people in Cascade spotted, what they thought were kids, poking around the car in the river. Officers make the trek down the hill and spotted Jonathan Hicks of Amherst using a tree branch to fish items out of the car.

Hicks, who was accompanied by a woman and of course a small child, was able to fish a jacket out of the car but nothing else. Hicks said he spotted the car and wanted to make sure nobody was inside. He made no calls to the Police of Fire Department to report the sunken car however.

Officers questioned Hicks then sent him on his way. No charges were filed.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Ok, let the comments begin.


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May 9th, 2008
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For V.I.P. Tables & Info call- (440) 926.3696
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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Elyria – Two men driving through Elywood Park in Elyria Saturday afternoon apparently missed the “FORD CLOSED” sign at the entrance to the park. Then, for some reason, they went around the closed and locked gate leading down to the Ford crossing.

What happened next was inevitable. The two men attempted to cross the high and fast moving Black River. They didn’t get far.

Witnesses quickly called the Police and Fire Departments after watching in disbelief as the car was swept off the Ford and along the bank.

When Firefighters arrived on scene they found the car almost completely under water and the two men standing along the bank. Park Rangers escorted the two men back up the hill to safer ground where the driver was given and failed a field sobriety test. The Ranger then took the driver into custody for reckless operation and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

LifeCare Paramedics took the passenger to Elyria Memorial Hospital to be evaluated.

Employees from Mug’s Elyria Towing arrived on scene to evaluate the scene and decided that they will return on Monday to retrieve the vehicle.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


Elyria – A head on collision Saturday afternoon on the Ford Road Bridge in Elyria sent two people to the Emergency Room with non-life threatening injuries.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee traveling westbound on Ford Road was believed to be left of center as it approached the bridge, the Ford F-150 traveling east across the bridge was struck head on by the Cherokee causing heavy damage to both vehicles.

Elyria Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics treated the victims at the scene with two females from the F-150 being transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital. The two people in the Cherokee refused treatment or transport from Medics.

Although both the Cherokee and the F-150 received heavy damage, no extrication was needed. Firefighters did point out however that the airbags in the f-150 never deployed.

The Elyria Police Department is investigating the crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


Carlisle Township – Officials from the Carlisle Township Fire Department say that when they arrived to the home on Edgehill Drive Friday afternoon they found a “blowing torch-like flame” shooting against the wood framed home.

A lightening strike to a gas meter, located against the front of the home, punctured the natural gas line. Firefighters contacted Columbia Gas to come to the scene to shut off the gas line.

Not sure if anyone was in the home, Firefighters did a primary search finding the house empty. It was discovered though that the fire had extended from the outside of the home to the soffet and into the attic. Firefighters had to pull down ceiling to get to the body of the fire in the attic.

Oberlin Firefighters ventilated the roof and assisted in an interior attack and overhaul. Other departments providing Mutual Aid assistance were LaGrange Township, Eaton Township, Wellington and South Amherst.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE
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