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Well, my intention was to write a small story on the Superior Cage Fighting event that took place Friday night in Sheffield Village and post the photos from the event. Instead I decided to write my thoughts about the event and share what I saw that night.

First let me say that at no point did I see a child thrown to the ground, nor did I ever hear anyone crying for their parents.

The event itself
The event is basically Mixed Martial Arts fighting inside of a locked cage sanctioned by the State of Ohio. TMC NEWS covered Superior Cage Fighting’s last event that was held inside of a church hall in the city of Elyria. At that event there were no fights outside of the cage and no arrests were made.

The fighters all train extensively for the event and before they step foot inside of the cage they must weigh in and be examined by a Physician that is on site throughout the event. Inspectors from the State of Ohio are also on site throughout the event to ensure the safety of the fighters.

At the end of the fights I photographed and witnessed, most of the fighters shook hands and the loser congratulated the winner. They may not have left the cage as best friends but there was a mutual respect they had for one another.

The promoters of the event met with Sheffield Village Police Officials and Officials from the Sheffield Village Fire Department in February and have been working on the security and EMS plans every since. The Officers from Sheffield Village, in my opinion, were extremely professional. To the person who left the comment that the Officers were more focused on watching the cage fights: you are very wrong and can only assume that you have something against Police in general or perhaps against Officers from Sheffield. They were very busy with crowd control and to be honest I think they would rather have been anywhere else that night then around the cage.

Sheffield Village Fire Department had 2 Medics at ringside, 2 at a triage area in the parking lot and a command post. These men should also be commended for the work they did that night as they handled many medical emergencies during the event.

Off duty Police and Medics were all paid for by the event promoters.

The brawl
The brawl began after the results of the final fight were announced and the losing fighters team and fans did not agree with the decision. Police or Security could not have prevented the brawl itself, I don’t believe it would have mattered if you had a dozen Officers there; the brawl was going to happen.

Officers that were on scene that night should be commended for the way they handled the fight and restored order. From the time the brawl started until the time the site was cleared out was impressive. It didn’t hurt having K-9’s Fokey from EPD and Drago from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Officer on scene.

The mess
I’m never surprises me anymore when I see some of the things people will comment on, so when I read that people were upset by the mess left at Quaker Steak I had to laugh. To those people, if you go to the fireworks at West Rec this year, stay afterwards and see how clean people leave that site. When people go to events like this they turn into pigs when it comes to discarding trash. I am not 100% sure but I have a feeling the staff at Quaker Steak was prepared for that mess.

In conclusion
I am pretty confident that before the next event takes place the event promoters will have a sit down with the Sheffield Village Police Department to discuss new security plans. If and when the next event takes place I believe the audience will see a new set up with security more in mind.

Instead of bashing the promoters of this event they should be praised for bringing and keeping this event in Lorain County. Too often we see businesses and events like this moving to other areas. People came from all over last night, many from out of state to watch the fights. In my opinion the event needs to be held in a different venue, a much larger venue actually. As the events continue the crowds will only get larger and larger. You can’t cram people into a small venue like this and not expect some pushing and shoving. I hope the promoters think about that as they look ahead to “Round 2.”

To see photos from the event: CLICK HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the fighters team was involved in the brawl? All because they did not like the judges decision?

Does the league impose fines or suspensions for this? What are the rules?

The fighters team should know better and set a better example than to participate in a brawl.

Maybe TMC should interview the Elyria Chronicle Telegram reporter that said fans and fighters could be heard screaming for parents, spouses, and friends. He also said that one combatant was taken down by a police dog and another was stunned with a police taser. True or not? Exaggerated or not?

I hope there are some people with cell phone videos that captured this incident. If so, would you post this some place like youtube so we can see what transpired? Or if TMC can post it that would be great too.

I'm willing to bet there are some untold facts about this whole thing.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If round two is held at The Lube, I wonder if they would be willing to not sell alcohol for the event. If people are not drunk or loosened up from alcohol they may not be as bold or brave to start a fight.

Some night clubs have dress codes. Could this also be a viable option? Perhaps if people are not there "dressed to rumble" they may think twice before fighting.

What does everyone else think?

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

First and foremost, we would like to thank all who participated and care about the safety of this event as well as the many to come.

All options mentioned above are being thoroughly discussed and all variables and scenarios are not being overlooked.

To clear the record, here is the breakdown of the fight that took place:

The two fighters that participated in the main event Derrick Bohannon and Trey Duplessie had NOTHING to do with the brawl transpiring. Both fighters upon the decision commended one another and began to laugh and chat about the tough battle that went to decision. They left the cage smiling and all was fine. As Bohannon's entourage left the cage, a "crazed fan" who wasn't from either team was unhappy that Derrick (who lost) was being praised for his hard efforts. The fan then SMACKED one of the members from Bohannon's entourage. The security on site seen that and immediatly stepped in between the entourage and the angry fan. Bohannon's people then proceeded back to the dressing area and stayed put until all was cleared up and order was restored. There were only 4 disorderly conducts that came out of the mess. That is NOT BAD AT ALL considering the amount of people, and the escalation of the crowds "out-of-cage-hype".

The disorderly conducts were not made on any of the members of either fighter's entourages. But instead, on the initial instigators of the outburst.

But, to answer the first comment question- Yes, fines and suspensions are ALWAYS imposed on any fighter who acts in a disorderly way. Our suspensions are heavy, and our fines are even heavier. That is why you see nothing but the best display of sportsmanship and congratulatory efforts from all of our fighters. This is a sport, and all of our contracted fighters are here for the SPORT! Not because they have a personal vendetta against their opponent. As far as the K9 taking down combatants, we think that may be a little exaggerated. From what was witnessed by many, the K9 was totally under control and was more or less used as a tool of controlling the crowd. I dont know about you, but if I am in the middle of a fight and all of a sudden a K9 is heard, the fight turns into a cockroach race!lol. An electric taser was brought out only to control an instigator of the initial outburst. It was not used on the man, but only there in case of needing to subdue the instigator.

Media does need to hype up stories a little more than the bare minimal, but only to sell more papers obviously. It has to sound interesting or it will be overlooked. As you can see, many other papers and news casters obviously didn't see it as a big deal otherwise it would be everywhere else as well.

But, as initially stated all situations and variables are being evaluated and determined by everyone involved in making events of this magnitude safer, and more enjoyable for all of the fans who love this sport dearly.

We would love to keep our events in this area because Lorain County needs more positive ventures and things to do. It has been slowly washing itself away, and we are here in our efforts to help out the community by providing safe, fun, and affordable entertainment.

We appreciate TMC NEWS coverage on this event, as well as their thoughts. It really shows the truth behind the scenes. TMC NEWS is always on top of the action and always comes out as a "straight shooter" of the media world. Many look down upon it, because it is not the "hyped up" stories you may read in other places, but they have a tendancy to cover the GOOD things just as much as the bad.

Thank You,
Superior Cage Fighting LLC.

1:21 AM  
Blogger JessVal said...

First of all I would like to thank TMCNEWS for covering this event in an honest manner. It is refreshing to read reporters who report honest and unbiased news. To the person who commented about the Chronicle Telegram, I have a few questions. How long have you been reading the Chronicle? Do you have any idea how uncredible they are? Those reporters don't post the truth. Everything that they publish is fabricated! Believe me, I know. They did it to me! I was a victim in an assult case. I have a five year protection order and they had no problem posting my full name, the make and model of my car, and my address. Thanks to them the defendant had all the information they needed to attack me AGAIN! The Chronicle Telegram is struggling in profits thanks to the all-mighty internet and they resulted to extreme exhagerations in order to make money. They should change their name to Page Six, Star Magazine, or another gossip column. As for the fight, I was there. I am responsible mother of two and I am contemplating bringing my son with me next time. The event was well put together and there was plenty of security. The only complaint I have is how packed it was. The fight did result in someone being tasered and someone taken down by a K9. This tells me the police did there job and were prepared for the worst. It was a short lived brawl and everyone was cleared away quickly.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just some quick comments about my story in The Chronicle-Telegram. Every item printed was fact, confirmed by police officers or trusted eyewitnesses. I was en route to the sports desk to write the fight story when an editor called my cell phone and asked me to return to Quaker Steak to get some info on the brawl. By the time I returned (5-10 minutes after the conclusion of the final fight) all order was restored. I witnessed the lockdown and the issues among families and friends being seperated first hand.

Most importantly, I am a HUGE MMA fan and this event was absolutely phenomenal. I can not say things like that in the paper because we have to report facts and can't interject bias or opinion. The event was professionally run, entertaining and the fights looked as good as any pro event I've ever watched on PPV. The actions of a few idiots after the show should in no way influence what people think of MMA in general or the promoters, Quaker or the participants in our local event. If anyone has any questions or comments for me personally, please contact me at

Thank you,

Shaun Bennett
The Chronicle-Telegram

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

Thank you Shaun for clearing that up! In the newspaper, it did sound 10 times worse than it was, but that is how media is sold and we all understand that. We also understand that if you would have said all order was restored in a matter of minutes, your editor probably would have chopped that part out anyways,lol.

I mean, who wouldnt be interested in a "brawl" at some fights. Obviously, no one can be blamed for the criminal acts of a third party who is in no way, shape, or form involved with any of the operating staff that night.

We did our best and tripled our security for that night, and as witnessed, it obviously payed off. We just have to take all variables and different scenarios into consideration in the planning of our next event.

Also, everyone is so rough on Shaun for this small blurbed article, but what we should all be looking at, is how well he COUNTERED that story by his EXCELLENT coverage in the sports section.

Everyone has to make a living, his just happens to be a journalist. We cannot knock anyone for fulfilling their duties on the clock. Thanks Shaun for at least putting the huge cover story in the sports section. It was dead-on and well written of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED that night.

Thank You
Superior Cage Fighting LLC.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Shaun of the CT. I'm sure you did the best you can and I wouldn't put the blame on you for any misinformation. Being someone who deals with the media I know that by the time it makes it to the presses the info is distorted thanks to the workings of the editors. And "trusted eyewitness" is such a generic term it should read info from eyewitnesses. That could be any kind of info. Haas

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why this type of activity is neither positive or interesting. Happy to keep this in the county? Not me. Take it out.
This brawl behavior will continue when you have barbaric activity and alcohol. Its a bad mixture and Lorain County doesnt need it.
This site is a good site and should be commended for its reporting.
This is NOT a sport.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

Dear Anonymous above us,

This IS a SPORT. As a matter of fact, a branch of the Ohio State GOVERNMENT has a little thing called "THE ATHLETIC COMMISSION" to sanction this SPORT.

There is a book of rules, regulations, and stipulations that look similar to an old Websters dictionary. This is statistically proven to be a safer sport than that of boxing. These are wholesome family guys who enjoy competing in a SPORT that is out of the realm of normal society. You really have to open your mind to understand this sport. It is not just "some guys" brawling, and acting "barbaric".

There are many different forms of combat that are disciplined and trained in, that is used to manipulate, deceive, and outwit the opponent into defeat. It is a display of hand to hand combat at its best. It is nothing more than a wrestling match, mixed with kick-boxing. The cage panels act as a safeguard by keeping the action in the competition area. Unlike boxing rings, in a cage, you cant twist your arms up in the ropes, get clotheslined by the ropes, fall out of the ropes 3 feet to the ground, nor burn your body up by rubbing hard against the ropes. Most of the time when people see our cages, it gives them a violent feel because some say it is animalistic. But, as stated above, it is actually there for the safety of the competitors.

Sorry to ramble, we just want to open eyes to people that have no clue about this sport. The person above is a perfect example of someone looking from the outside in.

Thank You,
Superior Cage Fighting LLC.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous karl said...

Let's face it. You mix some people who want to start a fight with alcohol (and or drugs) and what do you expect?? As they say, Helen Keller could have seen this one coming! Any truth to the rumors that the EPD won't let this outfit in town because of the fights and drug sales associated with this outfit? Heard that from a few sources and just wondering if there's any truth to it.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct. They will not be allowed in Elyria. good thing.

Just ebcause its sanctioned doesnt mean its a sport. These are not family guys with values. They are people who have only one motive, destroy and physically harm another human being. This is no different then cock fights or dog fights.
Add in alcohol use and drug activity/use its gonna get someone killed no matter how many "rules" you have.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Superior Cage fighting,

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone's sad that the event will stay in Sheffield and not Elyria. The feel, look and the fights themselves seemed 10x better at Quaker. Half of Elyria will show up to spend their money in Sheffield, anyway.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Michael Petruzzi said...

I am writing in response to Shaun Bennett’s post. First I would like to give him a lot of credit for responding in such a professional manner. Nobody should paint all media bad just because some are bad, or just because you may not like certain reporters from his newspaper. There is good and bad in every media outlet.

The only issue I would take with Mr. Bennett is that he said; “Every item printed was fact, confirmed by police officers or trusted eyewitnesses.” Just because a Police Officer or a trusted witness says something doesn’t make it fact, it just means that is how they may have seen it or perceived it. This is the same for those who were nowhere near the event and may have heard something from someone who says they were. If you weren’t there, you truly do not know what happened.

To those who say keep this out of Elyria because of the violence, you should be contacting your councilmen and Mayor about getting Uncle Vics, Mardi Gras and other downtown bars CLOSED UP! I recall seeing a story here on tmc news about a large fight outside of mardi gras where officers had to respond from all these other communities to help break up the fights and crowds. Where was the outrage then? Why weren’t people questioning who was paying those officers from other communities? As the summer gets closers I guarantee you those types of fights at those downtown bars will only grow.

Thanks again to Mr. Bennett for his response.

Michael Petruzzi

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

Dear Anonymous,

We have not yet been contacted by anyone from the city of Elyria, so we cannot comment on anything they may say.

But, You must be mistaken on who we are. We haven't done a show in Elyria since January, nor do we intend to. Drug sales!?!?! That is merely an attempt to put negativity on this sport. If the drugs were such a problem, I am SURE there would be a HUGE article made out of it with PROOF (which is non-existant) I have heard some wild rumors but never have I heard anything involving drug sales. Our fighters are regularly monitored and tested for foreign substances as well as steroids on a regular basis. So, you must be referring to some third parties NOT INVOLVED with Superior Cage Fighting LLC. who are making "drug sales".

Comparing this SPORT to cock-fighting and/or dog fighting is just ridiculous. Dogs and roosters are fighting TO THE DEATH with NO RULES, nor are they smart enough to know any better. In this sport, you have two HARD TRAINING competitors, that KNOWINGLY engage in competing against one another for the sake of the sport in seeing who is more combatively elite. It is not to HURT or DESTROY one another. If that was the case, then every time there were a submission, the opponent would follow through and BREAK THE BONE of the opponent as the move is intended to be used in real-life combat. It is a 100% controlled fight (hence the Judges,referees, and EMTs on staff) and all rules are followed to the exact written definition.

Someone getting killed? Just for your amusement, let me give you the statistics- in the past 10 years of this sport, there has been only ONE RECORDED DEATH. So, in 10 years of people saying this is "barbaric, dangerous, violent, and unacceptable," I think they would be amazed that there has only been one death, where as in boxing, there are averaged 11 yearly!!! Considering this sport has grown to be bigger than boxing in the past years, that is a really impressive statistical fact! The greatest rule of this sport is held in effect by our STATE TRAINED referees. The rule goes as follows:

When a contestant is unable to defend himself safely, or relevant danger is present, the fight is stopped immediately to ensure the safety of the contestants. It is not let go until "THE DEATH".

It really shocks me that someone would say, "These are not family guys with morals. They are people who have only one motive, destroy and physically harm another human being."
Let me begin this by stating, "THESE ARE FAMILY GUYS WITH MORALS" They do not have only ONE MOTIVE to destroy/harm one another. If the motive was to destroy and harm, then they would not congratulate one another for a fight well fought. Nor would they be talking and laughing with each other behind the scenes about some mistakes made during the fight, or how hard one of them got hit. For Mr.Anonymous to speak of these fighters and personally not being a fighter, nor involved with this sport is just ludicrous! Try not to jump the gun with your own "OUTSIDE" observations and do your homework before trying to slander something you have not the slightest clue about.

So, for someone to speak without knowing the actual facts, we go back to the original statement- It is someone looking from the outside in...

Thank You,
Superior Cage Fighting LLC.

as previously stated: Anyone who has any questions, or requests may email them to:

Here is a list of fighters and their occupations:

Dave Lyons- Criminal Forensics
Jay Wadsworth- N.Y. Police Officer
Jim Schmitt- Dentist
Frederick Jameson- ER Doctor
(just to name a few...)

12:36 AM  
Blogger JessVal said...

To the person posting as anonymous that is apparently too scared to make the following strong and false aquisations and actually post their name. Your comment was "These are not family guys with values. They are people who have only one motive, destroy and physically harm another human being." It's completely obvious that don't know any of these fighters. I happen to know 4 people who fight for SCF and live in Elyria. One of them is a neighbor who has 3 daughters and a son. He also coaches his daughters soccer games. He is a good father who understands the importance of a father in his children's lifes. They attend the fights with their mother. Another fighter is a paramedic. A PARAMEDIC! Trained and trusted to save peoples lifes. Maybe you should not comment on something you don't know. You make yourself look very foolish and uneducated about these events. As far as the fights not being allowed in Elyria and it being a good thing.....So, it's a good thing that Gas USA on Middle Ave is allowed to stay in business with 12 yr old kids selling crack on the corner?....or how about the drug transactions at Elyria High, Mr. Heros on Middle Ave., Wilkes Villa, South Park, and Ely Village??? I'm not for sure why, but my guess is SCF isn't allowed in Elyria because we can't afford to have enough officers on duty on a normal day. By the way, there is often tons of fights on the day of the Cascade Fire Works. I don't remember seeing any cage fighting going on there! No cage fights at Vicks, Mardi Gras, Red Fox, Warehouse, C.J.'s Lounge, Cabanas....and the list goes on! How about you take a bigger look at Elyria's problems and stop trying to ruin one of the only good events still left in Lorain County! By the way, I'm not scared to post my name. It's Jessica Valentine. I've lived in Elyria for 20 yrs and graduated from Elyria High.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Superior Cage Fighting said...

Please look at our website and review all of the complex rules and regulations that each and every person who participates in our events MUST FOLLOW. The rules work as a deterrent to eliminate all "hot-heads", "weak tempered", and "uncontrollable" people that may HAVE A MOTIVE to HURT or try to DESTROY another human. That is not why we are here, and we ask that you review our complex set of rules and regulations and see that there is truth behind this statement.

Thank You,
Superior Cage Fighting LLC.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL at the doofuses on here comparing MMA to dogfighting, etc, calling these guys criminals, saying it isnt a sport....LOL! what a complete joke. Dont waste your time defending the sport (FYI- the fastest growing sport -yes, SPORT- in the world.) or the fine gentlemen who compete in it against these close minded idiots. they dont deserve your time. and if anyone listens to them, how smart does that make THEM? Walk around their soapbox. Pass them by. Nothing you say could sway these babbling blowhards. Open minded mature people easily tire of their uneducated grandstanding and exaggerated ballyhoo.

SNAKE TOme, Owner,
KnockoutFactory Gym
(not anonymous)

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not only ridiculous but also a huge insult to compare our sport to dogfighting or siamese fish fighting or whatever.... I AM A FAMILY MAN with two beautiful girls who enjoys training and testing myself mentally and physically in ways these narrow minded people cant comprehend... In no way have I ever felt malice or hatred towards any of my opponents, nor have I wanted to cause them any kind of personal harm... We are highly trained in martial arts and know the limits of our bodies and those of our opponents. If you aren't willing to consider this a sport and us athletes, then put the names of your favorite sports (Basketball, Baseball, Etc) in a hat, pick one out, and I bet that 99 percent of us "Savages" could beat you at it.
Dustin V.

2:17 AM  

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