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Carlisle Township – An apparent abduction from the Lorain County Metro Park – Duck Pond - on Diagonal Road ended with one man in custody and a woman being taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her back.

Police received a call from witnesses who believed a woman had been abducted and was in the trunk of a car in the area of Oberlin-Elyria Road.

Albert Payne said he was asleep in his Oberlin-Elyria Road home when he heard sirens close to his home. “When I looked out the window a State Patrol car was in my driveway. Then the Trooper got out with his gun drawn and was yelling into the barn to come out.” Payne said that as other Officers arrived he advised them that there was a back door to the barn and if someone had gotten inside they could have slipped out through that door and into the woods.

A wide perimeter was set up and the search was underway. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Elyria Police Department K-9 Unit and members from the U.S. Marshall’s Office were all involved in the search, both for the suspect and for a victim Tuesday afternoon. An airplane from the State Patrol was also used in the search.

The suspect, 25 year old Matthew Plas, was discovered in the woods of another Metro Park, The Equestrian Center located on Diagonal Road, just south of the Duck Pond. Metro Parks Rangers located the suspect near a horse trail and took him into custody. The Rangers loaded him into the back of a pick up truck and returned him to the office area where Deputies met them.

While they were transferring custody of the suspect the victim, a 43 year old Carlisle Township woman, was located behind a building on Oberlin-Elyria Road, just west of where the suspect ditched his car. Paramedics from Central Lorain County Ambulance District and Firefighters from Carlisle Township were called when it was discovered that the woman had been sexually assaulted and shot in the back.

The woman was treated at the scene then transported to Allen Medical Center in Oberlin. The victim was then flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland a short time later. The victim was conscious and speaking to authorities at the scene.

Vaughn’s Auto was sent to the Duck Pond and to the residence on Oberlin-Elyria Road to retrieve both the victim’s car and suspect’s car. Both vehicles have been impounded for further investigation.

Lorain County Sheriff’s Officials are still working at this hour to piece together what happened this afternoon. They have said that Plas was homeless and living out of his car. He has had been no stranger to Law Enforcement, in and out of trouble with assaults and other crimes on his record.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary to think that i was actually at the equestrian trail just yesterday. Seems as if the crazy people are starting to head south..Jessica

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just crazy, You cant even go to a park anymore without crazy people tryng to hurt people, 15 years ago I would'nt of thought twice about going out alone.

but todays world is just plain crazy...you are right..crazy people are now heading towards the south. People need to be carsful out there, you just never know where evil might be lurking.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You freaking snobs. Carlisle Township is not a bubble. Your false assumption of security is not anyone's fault but yours. You don't know where the perp is from. Every time some crime happens it's "oooh those bad people from Lorain!" Blame the guy who did this. Don't disparage entire communities because you're angry. I'm angry too and I don't appreciate being compared to an escaped inmate while I'm trying to follow a news story. I promise to not invade your precious southern paradise.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course.......good job to the coppers for getting another low life off the streets!!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous post at 8:53.

What a moron you are! You should be hung with the perp.

Not one person in LaGrange is neither complacent nor naive. Fact like it or not: We very rarely have crimes of this magnitude here. That hardly makes us "snobs."

Not one person whose posted accused the criminal of being from Lorain or any other place.

Our posters, as am I, are simply extremely saddened for the victim.

You idiot, this woman was abducted from a Metropark, raped, shot in the back, stuffed in a trunk, dumped for dead! Where the heck is your empathy! Take your meds and call me in the morning. Based on your post, you are no better than the psycho who did this.

On a "snobish" note, I will pray for her speedy recovery both mentally and physically.

On a lighter note: Impressive police work as usual by our boys in blue, black and their dogs. Mr. & Mrs. Rising, you should be commended for being monumental in helping this woman. Most witnesses would turn a blind eye. I'm not surprised that you put fear aside and took a stand.

Last but of course not least, TC, you never cease to amaze me with your incredible pictures, journalism, compassion and respect. Having known you so many years ago, I am so amazed that you made your dreams come true! Thank you for a great website.

May the single Bozo live in the worst part of Lorain (couldn't resist).

Let's all have positive thoughts for this woman and those who love her.


11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, first off it seems as if your the one who is angry... i didnt say "ohh those bad lorain people" so dont put words in my mouth, you made that assumption not me. For all you know i could be talking about elyria, avon, amherst, and so on.. Im just saying ive been starting to see more bad things happen out here, for the longest time i never locked my house, my car (actually use to leave the keys in the ignition), and im going to "ASSUME" you've never been able to do/say the same. So from now on i guess im just gonna sit on my front porch shot gun in hand and admire my southern paradise.....Jessica

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huge "Kudos" to all the law enforcement agencies for their combined efforts in the investigation, searching and apprehension of this "suspect"
Best wishes for a full recovery for the victim....
Good job with the K9 units also; what FINE dogs they are!

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Sue said...

This guy was very very disturbed. He has a wife (perhaps soon to be "had" a wife), kids, etc. Mental illness is hugely untreated in this country (except children and ADHD, and yuppies and anxiety - but I digress). It's very important to remember that if you know someone, and they have problems, PLEASE get them help. Keep them from ruining the lives of themselves, their family, and an innocent victim. It's worth the effort.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something does not add up corectly about this story. I would bet there is way more to it that what we have read about in the media. But my guess is that there will be lots more to this story once it all washes out.We will see in the end ....

10:00 AM  
Anonymous karl said...

Besides the two-legged (and four-legged) members of the law enforcement agencies who helped save this woman, I think a big heroes salute should go to both Lane Crittenden and Glenn Rising. From the story, it seems as if these two prevented this lady from getting dumped in the river. If they hadn't stopped when they did, this story may have had a much more tragic ending.
And to second Katie, definitely hoping for a quick and complete recovery for this woman.
Lastly, may the scum who comitted this crime rot in jail for a long, long time!! You definitely do not belong on the streets or anywhere in society.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me set this story straight. Matt Plas aka Matt Underwood, grew up in LaGrange and went to Keystone with me! So hop on your porches and grab those shotguns ladies! Crime happens everywhere!

I feel terrible for the woman and am shocked with this news! I guess you never really know anyone! Great job to all involved with the arrest of Matt and helping the woman.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets face it. If this was a black woman, nobody would have gave a damn. Nobody would stop and ask if I were okay, no one would give chase, and most likely the police wouldn't do anything except say "Oh we'll keep an Eye out". But when it is a white woman it is a whole different story. Just like the story of Natalie Holloway who went missing years ago. They STILL TO THIS DAY run clips on the news about her!! And that woman who was murdered by the akron cop! She was alll over the news forever!! But if Its just someone like me, no one would bother coming. And they say race and prejudice is something of the past.... Let's all feel bad for the white woman!


11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I am a white woman and I would help you or anyone else that needed help! I think the media responds differently depending on the circumstances. For instance there was the attorney from Toledo who was pregnant who was suppose to have been kidnapped, her story made national news and I prayed for her too, she was a black woman. Gina DeJesus isn't white and there look at the response to her disappearance. How about the little black girl from Cleveland that went missing and was later found murdered Come on I think your statement was unfair. I truely believe if anyone saw a woman in distress and hanging out of a car trunk regardless of her race she would get help. This isn't about race, this is human beings helping human beings.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no not true , if it was a black woman Al Sharpton and Art McCoy would be all over it , and it would be about nothing but race.This was a white Perp and a white victim and someone has to chime in and toss the race card, I think we know how the race issues alwaays get brought up. Go Back to your getto and do your crack and herion and then wonder why your races is so involved in crime.....

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Cheryl, seriously? I'm sick of the reverse racism this country suffers from! If everyone was "color blind", this would just be a sad story of a mentally disturbed individual and his innocent victim. OH WAIT - that's exactly what it was until you commented, Cheryl. Poor you for being black? Really? If that's how you feel, then at least keep it to yourself and don't project it onto the rest of society that surrounds you - just because you see yourself differently doesn't mean we do! And it's awfully ignorant of you to stereotype the people of Carlisle & the amazing samaritans who helped this person by #1 - assuming they were white, and #2 - assuming that they wouldn't have helped you, a black woman. And you say, "Lets all feel bad for the white woman!!!" as if we SHOULDN'T feel bad for her, merely because she's white. Hmmmm... who's the ignorant racist???

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Eric L. said...

Cheryl, you are an idiot. Why was your comment even posted? Race has not been brought up anywhere within this story or the comments section. "Lets all feel bad for the white woman!" This statement is heartless. Stop playing race games and get on with your life; and please for the sake of the families who read these stories, stop posting nonsense.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl im sorry you seem to think this is a situation where you can pull the race card. Shame on you for thinking that way. Grow up already!

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can not believe someone has gone so low as to bring race into play here. Are you out of your mind?!?!?! This story has NOT ONE THING to do with race. Get over yourself!!!!!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl, what a racist remark!! Now if the same thing happend to you in Lorain, say the projects, would the residents(mostly black) help you or would they also turn the other way? Very sad that you don't even know these heroes yet you make false comments about them. You are a bad example of your race. Thank God that not all African Americans don't have that same point of view.

Pete "The Meat" Avon

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Cheryl, could you be any more ignorant???
Do you honestly think that if the victim in this situation were black that our law enforcement would have responded differently?
Can you even cite one example of this ever happening?
Get over yourself. I'm white, you're black, we're different, BIG DEAL.
Did you ever stop to think that your way of thinking is messed up?

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh give me a brake, no one brought race into this except you. how pathetic are you? this is a small town crime and thats why its getting attention. white men are crazy and plan their crimes, black men just shoot you, thats why it doesnt get attention.... and those happen everyday! when was the last time a black woman was kidnapped in aruba anyway? geezzz.
in no way am i racist, but i think you obviously are... since you brought it up on a page that no one would even think of saying!!! get a life.
if you really feel that way... what about the black man shot on the night before his wedding.....by 3 cops, 2 of which were black?? good thing it wasnt 3 white cops right? but yet they are still trying to make it racial thing. that man wouldnt have been shot if he would have cooperated with the police.
get over it, yes racism still is very alive in this country ,unfortunately ,but its people like you that egg it on! try looking past black white and so on. life would be much easier.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO EVERY WHITE PERSON THAT MADE A COMMENT IN RESPONSE TO MINE: It is so very easy for you ALL to comment on my race when I know ALL of those who posted certainly were not black, most of you stated you were white. I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me or people of my skin tone. I was simply making an observation that crimes commited to or with black people go unnoticed DAILY UNLESS if a "brotha" goes and commits a crime then thats Big news and you can not dispute the fact that the media and law enforcement officers take a white persons dissapearance ALOT more seriously than they do with a black individual. The media and the cops have the mentality that "Oh its just a stupid ghetto Crack head N'er, it's probably a drug deal go wrong" and YOU CAN NOT DISPUTE THAT. I SAW in some of the comments that that is the mentality of alot of people. I don't feel the race card was pulled here, I just threw out an observation like EVERY person does on these stories and when you all disagree with My OPINION (and fact, statistics BACK what I said) you jump all over me. Sorry if I knew that was a website dedicated to you KKK Pointed hat white hillbillies from Carlisle or Eaton I would have never visted this site. On a final note, I do feel very badly for this woman! No woman should ever have to go through that! But do you think the US Marshalls and all that man power would be tied up on a black individual? I think not. Thank You Lorain County, I am glad I know what kind of County I live in!


2:47 PM  
Anonymous karl said...

Cheryl, you are aboslutely loony-tune with some of your comments. People were not making any racial commentary at all and I don't see anywhere that people were stating what their race was when they were posting (where do you see that people stated they were white when they made their postings?). Are you psychic? You can tell what a person's race is by their name (I have met both white and black people with the same name as mine). You must be really great if you can tell what race a person is when they use anonymous for their commentary.
Furthermore, I don't feel sorry for you because of your color, but I do feel sorry for anyone who has such an attitude and mindset as yours. You are definitely not dealing with reality. I don't see what you see if the comments, but maybe I just read the words for what they say, not what I want them to say (or known as reading between the lines). Also, you most definitely did "pull the race card" as you were the first one who mentioned it and made some very rude and inhuman commentary about how we should pity the lady because of her skin color. Hopefully, someday you will grow up mentally and raelize how stupid and unnecessary your comments were. I don't know what statistics you are using, but I do remember what a math teacher told me once that "figures don't lie, but liars can figure." In other words, statistics can be skewed to whatever purpose someone wants to put them to. If a population is 90% colored (as some inner city neighborhoods in the east) and 90% of the crime is committed by blacks, that is simply the odds of probability, nothing more.
TMC news tries to deliver a fair and impartial rendering of the news from what I can tell, so your slander of them is not appreciated. They try and deliver news in the area without imposing a racial overtone to that news. Again, your race card pulling is not needed and only makes you look like a real idiot.
If you are unhappy here that we have some "hillbillies" in the county, please move where you can be at home with the bigoted losers who share your same beliefs. The county will definitely be much better off without you than it is with you. I base this on reading your lunatic commentary and just wondering what sort of ideas are bouncing around in that empty skull of yours.
My apologies to the victim, the heroes involved in this story, TMC news and other posters to this story that we have to read such crappola from Cheryl. But, you do have to agree, she is solid proof that there are people out there who aren't firing on all cylinders.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Eric L. said...

I have an opinion too Cheryl. Stay away from the comments section and keep your racists remarks to yourself. If would like to join the rest of us the world and get off your pedestal, please feel free to chime in once and awhile. Thanks for listening to MY "honkey" opinion.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why when a situation like this occurs you people have to fight and argue. Let's be happy everyone should be ok from this situation. Our Law enforcement & EMT rescue people did a wonderful job! Way to go!!!
Good Job to the Metro Parks Rangers, also!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well what do you know? Looks like the crazies didn't come from the north. I'd love to engage in a flame war, but I couldn't improve on just letting katie and jessica say what they think.

You posted false assumptions in a public forum. It is fair of me to call you on it. If you don't like it, next time, wait until you have some facts.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl, i too am a black woman myself, and my husband who is black is a man of the law. I think your comment was rude and disrespectful to our human kind race. My husband and i look beyond color no matter what, i am more proud to be an American, than just a Africian American. We teach our family to love and respect everyone.
My husband has been an officer for 20 years and never once have they treated any situation any differently because of race.
Its opinions like yours that keep racism alive in this world. You obviously have a no respect for the law or anyone that doesnt share your racial views. As if the country doesnt have enough problems. We need to be happy for our freedom and appreciate the good people in our community. Every race has their issues as well as each individual.
To say "lets all feel bad for the white woman", was a terrible thing to say. How would you feel if this was a black woman and a white woman made that comment? A woman is a woman is a woman! regardless of age ,race ,nationality, etc. Of course every white person responded the way they did! You said a very hurtful thing and made a comment that was uncalled for in a very serious situation. It was a terrible thing to have happened and you should show alittle respect regardless of your opinions of "lorain county".....try moving to cleveland, maybe you would enjoy it there better?Those officers have plenty of black "brotha's" problems that they are taking care of everyday.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous James said...

"Lets face it. If this was a black woman, nobody would have gave a damn. Nobody would stop and ask if I were okay, no one would give chase, and most likely the police wouldn't do anything except say "Oh we'll keep an Eye out". But when it is a white woman it is a whole different story. Just like the story of Natalie Holloway who went missing years ago. They STILL TO THIS DAY run clips on the news about her!! And that woman who was murdered by the akron cop! She was alll over the news forever!! But if Its just someone like me, no one would bother coming. And they say race and prejudice is something of the past.... Let's all feel bad for the white woman!


Why do you have to be racist and bring race into this. It doesnt matter what color you are or what gender you are. it was still a darn crime. you black people try to get all the attention on you all the time....

piss off

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if rangers weren't mowing grass all the time...this wouldn't have happened. everytime i see a ranger they are on a mower. i thought they were to patrol the parks and keep visitors safe.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so lets get back to the subject people!!!!! cheryl said what she wanted and got the response she was looking for. typical. now leave it alone and comment about the real story, im sure there are plenty of race debating chat rooms you can speak your opinions on! its a never ending battle that will always be an issue till the end of time.let it go, lets not stoop to her level. us lorain county folks are better than that.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee Whiz, isn't anything safe anymore. I'm glad she was found and got the medical attention she needed.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After having heard the updated news this evening, I was so heartbroken to hear that the victim (who has 3 children)is now paralyzed. I'm certain that her children can deal with this, as it is much better to have your mother in any condition than lose her entirely, but she has a long road ahead of her.

I'm not going to lend any credence to Cheryl. However, I do have a few statements to my 1-2"anonymous" fans. First off, bite me (yep, that was immature). I do not come from any large cities. I grew up in Elyria; my family has very deep roots in LaGrange AND Carlisle Twp. dating back to the 1800's when they came here to farm and still do. I tend to couple LaGrange with Carlisle Township since they have a LAGRANGE address and both of our communities are tightly tied. I was simply shocked, that at a time when people should pull together for this woman an "anoyn" would post some nasty crap implicating community as if we somehow deserved it here for being stupid and careless! Who cares what the geographical details are! It horrifies me and would horrify me regardless of where it happened.

Nice posts Karl. Let's all just keep our prayers going out to her and her family, and be thankful for so many heros...civilians who risked their lives to help and those who responded so quickly in all areas of law enforcement, EMT's, Rangers and of course their amazing K-9's.


7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit!! Thats Matt Underwood! I knew him hell iv hung out with him a few times when i was younger but its pretty damn shocking seeing what he did! yes i know i said matt underwood but in school and out of school he was known as matt underwood not matt plas but yeah he messed up big time this time.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

katie, I was under no illusions that you were big enough to admit when you were wrong.

So go bite yourself.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous The Platinum Easter Bunny said...

Dear Cheryl,
You are a Moron. Not a black moron, or a white moron...just a regular old moron.

Funny how the only person making racial comments is you... You called all of the previous commentors crackers and hillbillies... hmmm, I can't see any comment where somebody called you the N-word.

In fact the only post using that particular terminology was yours.

If you wanted to stir up debate you did. If you hoped to advance an agenda...well you failed. If you are a black woman hoping to make people realize that your race has value, intelligence, and reason you failed.

On behalf of all people white, black, red or yellow, please don't be a spokesman for the African-American people. They have enough problems as it is, I'm very sure they don't want or need your help.

I only wish I were black, so maybe my words would mean something to you. I wish I were black, so that I could apologize to everybody that ever has or ever will read your particular brand of stupidity.

Go away...loose this site address...

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i have been disappointed with this site recently because of the lack of stories and comments. Looks like were back on track. Unfortunatly it is under horrible circumstances.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i have been disappointed with this site recently because of the lack of stories and comments. Looks like were back on track. Unfortunatly it is under horrible circumstances.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl your a sad person, come on emergency personal would have responded no matter what color the person was. they get a call they go. once again reverse racism.if she was black they wouldn't care. Its a sad day when the only thing you think about is yourself and not that of another human. Lets just thank God this person was captured. For you to say something like this makes you an idiot. No matter what color your skin is no one deserves to have this happen to them and who ever commits such a lack of disrespect for life deserves to be in jail for the rest of their life no matter what color they are

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Job Law Enforcement for catching this guy .
Ohio State Patrol
US Marshals
Lorain County Park Rangers.
If it was not for good communication betweens these departments the suspect could of gotten away.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know everyday I go to work and never complain. I simply stand by and wait for my next call. I was part of this call and the only thing that I and my team knew was that a women was hanging out of a trunk and kidnapped. The team drove as fast as we could to save a life. We didn't know who she was or who he was let alone their national origins. How dare you say that I put a value on one nationality more than any other. Always remember it is US dressed in BLUE that are making the ultimate sacriface and dying for total strangers. You tell me why I am willing to make that sacrifice everyday so I can be judged and abused by YOU.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Eric L. said...

Nice post anyon 7:11.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Randi in Lorain said...

AMEN, anonymous 7:11. And a big "Thank You" for all that you do every day for all of us. I cannot BELIEVE that anyone would actually try to turn this into something with racial overtones. How dare they make such an accusation? It is people like them that keep racism alive and kicking, despite our best efforts to stamp it out.

I think this person forgets that we are in the NORTH, and that many of us have ancestors that actually fought and died in the Civil War because they believed in equality for ALL.


4:27 PM  

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