Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Elyria – An argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend early Thursday morning ended with one going to the hospital and the other to jail.

Elyria Police were called to a home on Oak Street around 1 A.M. Wednesday morning for a reported stabbing. When Officers arrived they spoke with the victim who said her boyfriend, Daniel Longwell, attacked her inside the home and then fled in a red Ford F-150. The victim advised Officers that Longwell was heading to his Mothers residence in Oberlin. Elyria Police advised Oberlin Police of the situation and to have them watch for Longwell.

LifeCare Paramedics treated the victim at the scene for puncture wounds to the back of her head, wrist, forearm and scratches on her face. The victim was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

The victim told Police that she and Longwell had been drinking shots of whiskey and there came a time when Longwell wanted to leave the residence. The victim said she told Longwell to stay in the home because she felt he was highly intoxicated. It was then that the victim stated Longwell pushed her to the ground and hit her several times. Longwell told the victim that he could not be there (in the residence) anymore and that he was going to his Mothers.

Oberlin Police Officers were able to locate Longwell and took him into custody in their city, a short time later he was transferred to Elyria City Jail where he spoke to Officers.

Longwell told Officers that after drinking whiskey with his girlfriend she began “nagging him about various things” so he attempted to leave. He stated that the victim grabbed him in an attempt to stop him from leaving; he stated at that point he pushed her to the ground and then he “blacked out.” Longwell told Police that at the time he pushed her to the ground he had two sets of keys in his hands. When Police asked him if he blacks out often he replied only when he has been drinking and gets very angry.

The victim signed Domestic Violence charges against Longwell.


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