Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Grafton Village Fire Department responded to the tracks on Main Street Tuesday night after a pedestrian was struck by a train along the CSX train tracks.

LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics also responded to the scene to assist Grafton Village EMS. Metro LifeFlight landed a short distance away from the scene and took over patient care flying the victim to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

The condition of the victim is not available at this time.

UPDATE: The victim in this story, Joel Uebbing, died at MetroHealth Medical Center from the injuries he received. Witnesses say that Uebbing walked close to the train, passing the gates with lights flashing, while two trains were passing through the center of Grafton. Uebbing began crossing the tracks as the final two cars of a southbound train were passing, Uebbing stepped right into the path of the train cars. Uebbing was 26.

Monday, July 30, 2007


A man was shot and killed tonight in Lorain near the McDonalds at Oberlin Ave & Meister Road.

Lorain Police and LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics responded to the scene at 9:32 p.m. after receiving the call for a shooting. Paramedics quickly treated and transported the victim to Community Health Partners West Campus, spending less than 6 minutes on the scene.

One witness we spoke to, Jan, who prefers we not use her last name, said she had just ordered a Pizza at Yala’s on Oberlin Ave. “I went outside to wait for my pizza and some people said that they saw a skinny black guy chasing another guy across the street. Then I looked over by the McDonalds and saw the Police cars and Ambulance coming. The man who was shot was lying in the parking lot between McDonalds and Apples.”

While Detectives were beginning their investigation on Oberlin Ave., Officers and Paramedics were responding to a stabbing on North Central Drive about a mile away. Paramedics treated and transported the stabbing victim to Community Health Partners West Campus as well. The condition of that victim is not known at this time.

If these two violent crime scenes weren’t enough to keep Lorain Police busy they were running between multiple of other large fights throughout the city.
David Hamilton was standing on the sidewalk across the street from the Apples parking lot watching the Police Detectives investigating the scene. “I cannot believe this is happening in my city, it’s just unreal and so very sad.” Hamilton said that it’s times like this that he feels the people of the city need to rally around the Police. “I’m tired of people constantly complaining about these Officers, look at the shit they have to deal with and this happens everyday. These guys are truly putting their lives on the line every single day and I pray they can get it under control.”
UPDATE: Police say that the shooting Monday night was a result of an ongoing feud between two Lorain men. Terry Little is believed to have walked into the McDonalds on Oberlin Ave and shot the victim, Lewis Turner. Turner fled the store after being shot with Little following behind shooting him several more times in the parking lot.Although there were customers in the McDonalds at the time of the shooting, including small children, nobody else was injured.
The shooting death of Lewis Turner is the 7th murder in Lorain for 2007, surpassing last year’s total of 6 already. Little has not yet been charged with the murder but is being held in the Lorain County Jail on drug charges.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


The Flowers family and friends took control of a portion of Hamilton Street late Sunday afternoon for a very important reason. It was the rehearsal for their daughters Quinceanera in October.

Melinda Flowers said that a Quinceanera is a Hispanic tradition-celebrating girl’s 15th birthday as her “coming of age”. Flowers said the Quinceanera begins at the church, “We begin with a Liturgy at the Church where we present her in front of God. She will receive gifts from family members and close friends. She will receive a terra from her Mother, symbolizing that she is a Princess of God. She will receive a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a ring, a bible and a rosary and she will also receive a scepter.” Flowers said that her daughter, Myrasia, will walk into the Church wearing flat shoes and her father, Richard, will remove them and put high heel shoes on her, symbolizing her becoming a woman in his eyes.

Myrasia chose 14 girls and 15 boys to be in her court for her Quinceanera. Each couple represents each year of her life. On October 13th the gentlemen will be dressed in black tuxedos with ice blue vests while the girls will be wearing white dresses. A party will follow the Quinceanera with special dances celebrating the birthday girl.
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As if a dog’s life isn’t sweet enough already, well unless your unfortunate enough to be one of Michael Vick's dogs, here comes DOGGLES, sunglasses for dogs.

Modeling this pair of Doggles is Scooter Bishop of Elyria. Scooter and his parents, Bruce & Laurie Bishop, were returning from The Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville when our camera and Scooter’s nose met. So if your dog has been complaining about the sun getting in his eyes as you drive around town, here is the way to get him to shut up about it. DOGGLES!


In Our Own Backyard

"I am so proud of Workshop Players Theatre"! That's what Theater Manager, Dave Cotton said on July 7, 2007 after Workshop Players distinguished itself at the 2007 Ohio Community Theatre Association (OCTA) Northeast Regional Festival in Canton. The Workshop Players Theatre was named “Theatre of the Year” in the Northeast Region by the OCTA.

Cotton said, "Our actors and technicians 'Did us proud!' at the Northeast regional festival July 7th at The Canton Players Guild. “From my position as festival stage manager in the stage left wing I couldn't get the full perspective, but I did know that our cast and crew were nailing their performance."

Here is a list of the awards they received:
EXCELLENCE in production elements
OUTSTANDING in Ensemble performance
Dave MacKeigan OUTSTANDING in Directing
John Franks EXCELLENCE in Musical Directing & Accompaniment
Jerry Macek EXCELLENCE in Choreography
Jayne Bartish-Kacik EXCELLENCE in Acting
Tom Castro EXCELLENCE in Acting
Judy MacKeigan EXCELLENCE in Acting
Dennis Runkle EXCELLENCE in Acting

Cotton said that the Workshop Players have had two solid successes this summer. “We have just closed an extremely popular production of "Over the Tavern" by Tom Dudzick and directed by Don Wozniak of Lorain. Eight of their ten performances of that show were completely sold out and the other two were nearly sold out. We have also just received a number of awards at the regional festival with their production of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts and directed by Dave MacKeigan of Avon. The ensemble from that show has just been invited to perform at the 2007 State OCTA Festival in Beachwood over Labor Day Weekend.”

Cotton said, “This is ongoing proof that Amherst Township's Workshop Players Theater is one of the area's best kept secrets.”

Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" will be kicking off their 60th anniversary season on September 13, 2007.

To learn more about the Workshop Players, visit their website

Saturday, July 28, 2007


One neighbor described the noise of the car hitting the building as a “bomb going off.” A man returning home to his apartment building on 6th Street believes he blacked out just before his car rammed the building.

Elyria Fire Department Captain Joe Pronesti said the car struck directly below an apartment window breaking through the façade and the interior masonry. “It’s not in any danger of collapsing, not totally, we just need to shore it up. Right now we’re waiting on the Building Department and the property manager to show up.”

Capt. Pronesti said that LifeCare Paramedics checked out the driver but the man signed off at the scene.

The driver, Theron Burnett, said that he was coming home and was parking his car when he all of a sudden blacked out. “It was my fault but I just blacked out. I don’t really remember it.”

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LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics were in the right spot Saturday afternoon after a girl falls out of an open window. The girl fell from a 2nd floor apartment located at the corner of West Ave and 2nd Street in Elyria. The girl landed in an outside stairwell that leads to the basement of the building.

The incident happened around 1:20 p.m. Saturday afternoon said Rob Dybo, LifeCare Ambulance Communications Supervisor. “Our Paramedics were outside of our Elyria Station which is located across the street from the apartment building. I don’t believe they witnessed the actual fall but they were there immediately after it happened. A couple of the Paramedics ran to her while another got the ambulance and took it over to the scene while another contacted Dispatch advising us of what was going on and so we could get the Police going as well. They treated the victim at the scene, packaged her up and then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.”
Dybo said from the time the Paramedics notified their Dispatch Center to the time they arrived at the Emergency Room at EMH was less than 10 minutes. The child was treated at Elyria Memorial and then flown to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center a short time later.
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truly dedicated...

and soaked

Dedicated is probably the best word to describe the participants in this year’s Lorain Relay For Life, as they were drenched while walking the track Friday night.

Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo, Chairman of the Lorain Relay, said he was asked two years ago by his good friend Tammy Frizzell, who is with the Cancer Society and is in charge of the North Ohio Region and his wife to start up a Relay For Life in Lorain. Kalo said that before committing to it he wanted to first make sure that he would have the necessary time. “I don’t like to make commitments unless I can spend time with them. I have given up some Board seats since I was elected because I wanted to do a good job. Last year we had only 4 months preparation and we did it the first of May and it was miserable, it was 35 degrees and it poured from the time we got here at noon on Friday until we left here noon on Saturday. So we moved it up this year and I have a new co-chair Mary Ann Campana, who has been absolutely wonderful, without her this wouldn’t have happened. She has put a ton of work and love into this and she will be taking over as Chairperson next year.”

Kalo said that in just a year they have grown a lot, this year having 9 teams and serving 100 Survivor Dinners on Friday night. Kalo said they learned that the sponsor for the Survivor dinner backed out only a month ago, but that Texas Roadhouse stepped up and at no charge provided all of the meals. “It’s that kind of support from our community that makes events like this work and without them I don’t know what we would do. Community Health Partners is one of our major sponsors as they are for all of the Relay For Life events throughout the county. Lorain National Bank, The Morning Journal, Giant Eagle, David Campana Insurance, First Federal and so many others stepped up to help us out.”

Even the Bascule Bridge was lit in Purple in honor of the event.

Kalo said that although he took time to decide two years ago that he was going to Chair this event, he knew from the start that he had to do it. You see with Kalo, it’s personal. His mother suffered from Stage Five Breast Cancer and his daughter had Salivary Gland Cancer that was removed last December. “It’s very personal with me, that is why I had to think about it at first because I know it’s a very large commitment. This is the dollars that is used for research, so I wanted to make sure I was able to put the time into it. Our goal last year was to raise $20,000.00 and we raised $22,000.00. This year they raised our goal to $25,000.00 and I am hoping we are about at that amount right now, on Monday it was bank night and we had $18,400.00, this is when everybody brings their dollars in prior to the event.”

Kalo said The Relay For Life started when Washington Doctor decided to start walking and running for cancer, to raise awareness. “He said he was going to walk and run for 24 hours because Cancer is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

As you can see by the photos, participants did not have the greatest weather Friday night. I’m working on getting them Email addresses for NewsChannel 5 Meteorologist Jason Nicholas, Dick Goddard and Channel 3 Meteorologist AJ Colby. The downpour sparked some creativity in some of the walkers as they turned the soaked yard into a Slip N Slide, nobody show this to any Port Authority people.

All the participants will be warmed up Saturday morning when the Boy Scouts prepare a pancake breakfast for them before they all head home for a long hot shower and a day or two of sleeping.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Elyria Firefighters responded to an apartment fire in downtown Elyria this afternoon after receiving multiple reports of heavy smoke coming from a 3rd floor window. The fire was in an apartment above Boomers Bar, next door to Zaki’s Restaurant on Broad Street near East Ave.

The fire was contained to one apartment but caused smoke and heat damage to the rest of the building. Only minor injuries were reported at the scene and they were treated by LifeCare Paramedics and released.

Even with heavy smoke and intense heat, Elyria Firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control in less than an hour.

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“It’s all about the kids!" Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper AJ Torres said he has been involved in Operation Open Heart for the last 17 years because of the kids. “I just like kids and this is my way of giving back.” Like the other Officers everybody donates their time to this weeklong event, some even using their vacation time to participate. For Trooper Torres he has a personal reason as well. “My mother was a foster child and her and my father raised me to give back. I also have a lot of fun with the kids and the other Officer’s and volunteers who participate each year.”

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper David Harper formed Operation Open Heart in 1962. Harper, being an orphan himself, wanted to show these children, who were placed in the court system, that Policemen were their friends, and not someone to fear. So with a few of his friends, Harper took about 15 kids on an all-day picnic.

As the years went by, there were more kids then adults. So, Harper began receiving support from the community. Now, on the 45th anniversary, the campout is a weeklong event with 40 kids. The kids have been treated to Air Plane rides, Boat rides, Putt-Putt, bowling and more. They will also be treated to a fireworks show on the final night.

Operation Open Heart continues giving and interacting with the kids throughout the year, taking 125 kids to Geauga Lake Amusement Park for the day. They also deliver turkeys to families on Thanksgiving and pass out presents on Christmas.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007




A Pennsylvania man is facing felony drug possession charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 20 pounds of BC Bud marijuana, valued at more than $900,000, during a traffic stop yesterday on the Ohio Turnpike in Lorain County.

The driver, Hani A. Alkanani, 36, of Erie, Pa. was charged with possession of marijuana, a third-degree felony.

Troopers stopped a 1997 Buick Century, displaying Pennsylvania registration, for a speed violation eastbound on the Ohio Turnpike near milepost 140 in Lorain County at 1:45 p.m. Tuesday. A drug-detecting canine alerted to the vehicle, and a probable cause search revealed 20 pounds of BC Bud marijuana.

The suspect was incarcerated in the Lorain County Jail, and will be arraigned in the Oberlin Municipal Court today. If convicted, Alkanani could face up to five years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

BC Bud marijuana is one of the most potent strains of cannabis, which is usually cultivated in British Columbia. It has a THC content of 30 percent as compared to only four percent in traditional marijuana.

Through June of 2007, the Patrol has seized more than 1.2 million grams of illegal narcotics valued at $30.1 million. In 2006, the Patrol seized more than 4.9 million grams (11,000 lbs.) of illegal narcotics, valued at nearly $55 million.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


WASHINGTON – In an effort to concentrate resources on detecting explosive threats, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced it will no longer enforce the ban on common lighters in carry-on luggage. Torch lighters will continue to be banned in carry-ons. The agency collects more than 22,000 lighters a day which represents a high percentage of all prohibited items surrendered at checkpoints nationwide. The measures will be implemented on August 4th.

“Explosives remain the most significant threat to aviation,” said Kip Hawley, TSA administrator. “By enabling our officers to focus on the greatest threats we are using our officers' time and energy more effectively and increasing security for passengers.”

TSA is also modifying the procedures associated with carrying breast milk through security checkpoints. Mothers flying with or without their child will be permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces as long as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint.

The procedural adjustments were developed based on process and effectiveness studies, feedback from the workforce and regular consultation with airports, airlines and other security partners. This marks the third modification to security procedures within the last year. On August 10, 2006, a complete ban on liquids, gels and aerosols was implemented immediately following the thwarted terror plot in the United Kingdom, and the update to those measures permitting travel-size amounts of liquids went into effect in September of 2006.

TSA has notified Congress of these changes and will soon begin training its workforce of 43,000 security officers. The United States previously had been the only nation in the world to prohibit lighters from carry-ons.

Since August 2006, 59 countries around the world have adopted the 3-1-1 standard for liquids, gels and aerosols: three ounce containers, in one clear, zip-top plastic bag and one bag per traveler at the checkpoint.

In 2006 the TSA confiscated 11,616,217 lighters.

Monday, July 23, 2007


A construction company working on the curbing for the new Target in Lorain struck a gas line this morning causing traffic to be rerouted.

Amherst Fire Chief Wayne Northeim said they received the call that someone had struck a gas line at the intersection of Oak Point Road and Cooper Foster at 9:50a.m. “We found out when we arrived that it was actually one of the construction companies that had struck a 4” medium pressure gas line while working on the curbing.”

Chief Northeim said it was learned that the break occurred in the northeast corner of the intersection, which is the city of Lorain. Lorain Firefighters quickly did testing in and around the Cleveland Clinic offices and discovered that they were not being affected by the break. Patients with appointments were able to access the Clinic offices by going around to Kolbe Road and entering Cooper Foster from the east.

Columbia Gas arrived on scene within a half hour of the first call and additional crews were on the way to fix the break.
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COLUMBUS - The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that troopers will operate six OVI checkpoints to deter and intercept impaired drivers this week.

The checkpoints will be held in conjunction with nearby saturation patrols to aggressively combat alcohol-related injury and fatal crashes.

The counties where the checkpoints will be held will be announced the day prior to each checkpoint, and the location will be announced the morning of each checkpoint.

“In 2006, impaired drivers contributed to 456 fatal crashes resulting in 489 deaths on Ohio roadways,” Colonel Richard H. Collins, superintendent of the Patrol, said. “These checkpoints are designed to not only deter impaired driving, but to proactively remove these dangerous drivers from our roadways.”

In addition, the Patrol will continue its strict enforcement of safety belt violations. Numerous studies have concluded that wearing a safety belt, and having children properly restrained in child safety seats, dramatically improves a person’s likelihood to avoid serious injury or death resulting from a motor vehicle crash. Troopers will have zero tolerance for safety belt offenses when motorists are stopped for violations and are not wearing a required safety belt or don’t have children properly restrained in child safety seats.

If you plan to consume alcohol, designate a driver or make other travel arrangements before you drink. Don’t let another life be lost for the senseless and selfish act of getting behind the wheel impaired.Operational support for the sobriety checkpoints will be provided by local law enforcement agencies.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Production teams were caught removing sets from this weekend’s production of Hello Dolly and moving in sets for next weekend’s production, SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL!

For more information on next weekend’s performances: CLICK HERE


The United States Coast Guard – Lorain Station, discovered a boater who had fallen overboard early this evening. The Coast Guard had received a call of a boat drifting with no one on board. Shortly after, a call came in for a man floating in the water with a lifejacket on. When the Coast Guard found the man they pulled him from the water and began CPR. They brought the man to Beaver Park Marina North where two LifeCare Ambulances were waiting. Paramedics began treating the man, continuing performing CPR and transported him to Community Health Partners in Lorain, where he was pronounced dead.

The Coast Guard is investigating.


The driver of the Ambulance caused the crash that took five lives, including three EMS personnel, after “failing to cautiously enter a rural intersection”.

Witnesses who were at the intersection, including an off duty Police Officer and his wife, say the Ambulance did slow down to about 40mph but did not show due regard for the safety of others. State Patrol Sgt. Ray Haas said The Ambulance approached a stop sign with their lights and siren going slowing down to about 40mph but continued through the intersection crashing into the semi trailer. Although the crash is still under investigation by the State Patrol, Sgt. Haas said it appears that the driver of the semi did nothing wrong. No stop signs were posted for the semi, which was traveling east. The driver of the semi told Officials that he did not hear the siren and only saw the lights only seconds before the crash.

The Ambulance crew was transporting an elderly couple from the scene of a crash where a drunk driver struck their vehicle. The couple had received minor injuries from that crash.

The crash occurred at 6:59p.p. on Friday in Crane Township at the intersection of County Road 176 and County Road 87 in Paulding County, about 65 miles southwest of Toledo.


Avon Lake Police Lt. Duane Streator said that the body of missing swimmer, Brandon Glass, was found this morning at approximately 11:3oa.m.

Today’s search operation included rescuers from the Avon Lake Police and Fire Departments, Avon Police Department, United States Coast Guard – Lorain, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the Rocky River Marine Patrol. The body was discovered 300-400 yards from the shore and approximately 200 yards west of the boat launch channel. His body was recovered from the water and transported to the Lorain County Coroner’s Office.



TMC NEWS attended the Lorain Board of Education meeting on Monday July 16th, at the Frank Jacinto Elementary School. The main reason we were there was to cover the rally that was organized by concerned parents and teachers who are unsure about their futures with the Lorain City Schools.

First I must say that the turn out was quite impressive. Aside from the number of people who were there the signs were all very creative and also mostly respectful, no real mean spirited shots. The blue cartoon character walking around was a nice touch as well. I talked with several people, including teachers, parents, students past and present and just your everyday Lorain citizen who is just concerned about the education in their city. One common thread connected them all; they were all very passionate about this issue. When you speak to them, especially the students you can hear a fear in their voice, concerned about not only the upcoming school year but the future of the education system in their city.

TMC NEWS approached Lorain City Schools Spokesman Dean Schnurr outside of the meeting and asked him to comment on the rally and the turnout, Mr. Schnurr said that he was unable to comment because he was not the official spokesman for the Board. He added that questions should be directed to the Board although they were answering no questions. I suppose there are reasons why the Board is not answering questions right now and that all may come out at a later time. However, one thing that struck me while listening to the citizens speak during their allotted 20 minutes was how, for the most part, the different members of the Board seem very disinterested in what the people were saying. While one woman spoke about nurses being let go and the value that they have within the school buildings, it seemed as though Board member Raul Ramos was more interested in whatever was on the paper he was reading at his seat. While watching him I never saw him look up and make eye contact with the speaker.

This Board must realize that every day that passes where they do not answer the questions that the public is asking, their credibility slips even further away. One would think that when the Board sees the amount of people who turned out to Monday’s rally that they might set aside more then 20 minutes for people to voice their concerns. The gym was standing room only with people wanting to vent. You know things are bad when you pull up to the school and find three live trucks from TV Stations in Cleveland all running live spots from the rally.

Obviously hundreds of people rallying at the Board meeting didn’t seem to affect this Board so I doubt that an editorial from TMC NEWS will do anything either. However, we call on the Board of Education to come clean and answer their public, their employers. We also believe that former city Councilman David Flores is on the right track in calling for the Board to appoint a Blue Ribbon Commission to look over the books and get to the bottom of these issues. We also call on the Board to free up more time for the public to speak at future Board meetings. If the speakers go 3 hours then it is your duty to sit there for 3 hours and listen to them. Our hope is that the Board will also push their chairs back from the table and actually pay close attention to what the people have to say and answer, if not all, at least some of the questions posed by the people.

The last Board meeting was held with about 24 hours notice to the public. This Special Meeting lasted just under 5 minutes, and yet in that short amount of time so many lives were shaken up with over 200 jobs being cut. Oh, and no public comments were allowed.

TMC NEWS supports the recall petition that is circulating around the community. Some fear that a recall might put the education system in Lorain into chaos. Really, what condition is it in now?

Saturday, July 21, 2007


The search for missing swimmer Brandon Glass continued today as Firefighters, Police Officers and Officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources put boats in the water.

Avon Lake Police Lieutenant Duane Streator said today’s search operation consisted of many resources. “Today we conducted search operations with various different agencies and a lot of resources. Today we used a couple different Sonar’s to try to locate anything at the bottom with no luck. The lake did help us out this afternoon and flatten out so we could get closer to shore to do a shore search but to no avail at this point.”

A Sonar is an instrument/camera used to take pictures underwater using sound. A boat tows the camera behind it. The camera is usually called a fish. It sends out the sound and measures how long it takes for the sound to come back to it, and how loud it is. A computer keeps track of the information and can makes pictures of the bottom of an ocean, lake, or river.

Lieutenant Streator said Officials will evaluate the lake conditions tomorrow morning to determine the type of search that will take place. When asked how the Rescuers are holding up Lieutenant Streator said they are working hard to help bring closure for the family. “They see the family and friends everyday and they see how hard this is on them. They want to bring them the closure they need and for themselves as well.”

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Van Wert Post is currently investigating a five-person fatality crash that occurred at 6:59 p.m. Friday in Crane Township at the intersection of County Road 176 and County Road 87 in Paulding County.

Four Antwerp Emergency Medical Services workers were transporting two victims in a squad vehicle from a separate injury crash that had previously occurred on U.S. Highway 24. While transporting the injured victims from that crash, the squad, which was traveling southbound on County Road 87, was struck broadside at the intersection by a commercial vehicle that was traveling eastbound on County Road 176. The squad burst into flames on impact.

Three of the EMS workers and the two crash victims being transported received fatal injuries in the crash. The fourth EMS worker, who was in the squad, and the driver of the commercial vehicle, were both transported from the scene.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

updated: 7/22
The Ohio State Highway Patrol's Van Wert Post released the names this morning of the five people killed in the crash. The emergency workers from Antwerp were: Sammy R. Smith, 64; Heidi L. McDougall, 31, and Kelly J. Rager, 25.The victims who were being transported in the Ambulance were identified as Robert R. Wells, 64, and Armelda Wells, 60, both of Hicksville.A fourth EMS worker, Matt McDougall, 31, of Antwerp, who was in the squad, and Gerald D. Chapman Jr., 54, of Bryant, Ind., the driver of the commercial vehicle, were both transported from the scene. Mr. McDougall, a Hicksville police officer, was in fair condition this morning at Parkview Memorial Hospital in Fort Wayne. Mr. Chapman's condition was unavailable this morning.

The emergency workers were all volunteers from Antwerp, Ohio, who were treating patients from an earlier crash on U.S. 24 in Paulding County. The township of Antwerp has a population of just 1,642.


A Lorain County Deputy Sheriff on patrol Friday night spotted a fire at the Forrest Hills Golf Course on Oberlin-Elyria Road in Carlisle Township. It was first believed to be a structure fire but as the Sheriff and Firefighters from Carlisle Township got close they realized it was actually a group of golf carts on fire.

A section of about a dozen golf carts burned along with portions of the tress the carts were parked around. The heat was so intense that golf carts parked close by began melting.
Assistant Grounds keeper Carl Spackler said; “Well, I didn’t get hurt. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

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Friday, July 20, 2007


Officials reported that they recovered the body of missing swimmer Daniel J. Smith of Elyria. His body was located around 11:30 at 33880 Lake Road which is the last house in Avon lake right at the Sheffield Lake border. The homeowner was monitoring the shoreline behind his home and discovered the body then notified Police.


Avon Lake Police Lieutenant Duane Streator said the call to the Police Department came in at 9:28pm Thursday night. “We received a call for two swimmers in distress off of Miller Road Park. We responded along with the Avon Lake Fire Department. The Fire Department deployed swimmer and rescue personnel into the water to try and locate two males. The males were described as a 20 year old and a 19 year old who were swimming about 75 yards off the beach. Rescuers tried in valiant effort until around midnight to locate the two swimmers.”

Lt. Streator identified the two missing swimmers as 20 year old Brandon Glass and 19 year old Daniel Smith, both of Elyria.

Avon Lake Fire Chief Bill Morris said that upon their arrival they deployed two swimmers from their department as well as two from the Avon Fire Department. “The Firefighters were in water gear and searched the area that the missing swimmers were last seen. Rescuers were unable to locate either of the swimmers so we decided to do a shore to water sweep of the area until midnight at which time the weather conditions had turned horrible, we were unable to deploy divers because of the weather conditions. At that point we decided to cease operations until daybreak at which time we responded back here at 6 this morning. We again deployed individuals into the water doing a walking sweep because of the conditions. At this point we have made 3 sweeps in the water as far out as the individuals could go and unable to locate either of the two individuals.”

United States Coast Guard Commander Tim Wendt, Chief of response for Coast Guard Sector Buffalo New York. Commander Wendt said the Coast Guard response started shortly after the 9-1-1 call with a small boat being dispatched from their Lorain Station. The small boat searched until midnight when the conditions worsened and they had to return sending out the larger boat. Two helicopters were also dispatched from Detroit Michigan to aid in the search last night. “We have currently searched approximately 60 square miles using the 6 different resources we have including the boats and helicopters. The search has not yielded any results yet. We will continue to search as long as we feel there is a chance for survival.”

Avon Lake Police Chief Dave Owad said that they have called on every available resource in order to make this a successful rescue attempt. Chief Owad wanted to remind people of the dangers of the Lake. “People cannot underestimate the hazards and dangers of the lake.” Chief Owad said that the beach was not closed and that the swimmers were in the designated swim area, just to the northern border of that area.

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Matt Smith, a lifelong resident of Avon Lake, an avid boater and has been a Lifeguard for a couple years, is very familiar with the dangers of the water; especially when it gets choppy. “It’s defiantly way too rough to be swimming in, especially here because of how shallow it is. It’s shallow all the way out to the end of the pier, that’s when you get the huge undertow. It’s generally a nice looking beach but it’s pretty shallow to be swimming.” Smith was on the beach last night shortly after the swimmers went missing. “Last night there were 7 or 8 footers, sometimes it’s deceiving though especially for kids who think Oh, I can swim in that.”

Smith said even last night when the rescue was getting under way a couple of kids who wondered up tried to go into the water to aid in the rescue. He said that he and others stopped them from making that mistake.

Smith said anytime you see whitecaps rolling over, even little ones, it is not wise to stay away. “When you see those white caps it’s best to stay clear cause it’s gonna kick up and it’s gonna get worse. People have to have respect for the lake because it’s going to take you whenever it wants.”

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Rescuers from Avon Lake Police & Fire and the United States Coast Guard have suspended the search for the two missing swimmers near the Miller Road Park in Avon Lake.

Initially it was thought that four people were missing but two were able to make it out of the water safely, two others remain missing at this time. The two still missing are both males, one is 19 and the other 20 years old. Officials say the four went swimming around 9:40pm but the two never came back to the shore.

Rescuers will resume searching at daybreak.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Avon Lake Fire Department and the United States Coast Guard are searching for two missing swimmers in Lake Erie off Miller Road Park in Avon Lake at this hour.
Rescuers began searching for the missing swimmers around 10:00 tonight. Boats are in the water and a helicopter is in the air above the water aiding in the rescue attempt.

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The 4th annual Dancing on Main Street event will kick off at 3 pm on August 4th in historic, downtown Amherst, and feature top area music groups, artists, great food and drink, and much more.

Dancing on Main Street is a free music festival, which showcases area bands and helps promote downtown Amherst’s fabulous taverns and restaurants. The event begins at 3 pm and the fun continues until midnight.

Our partner sponsor, Premier Toyota-Scion of Amherst will raffle off a free 3-month, try-before-you-buy rental of a new Toyota vehicle of your choice. The rental value is $1500. Tickets are available at many downtown taverns and businesses and from any Main Street Amherst board member and are limited to 500. Tickets are selling for only $5.00 each, so get several and improve your chances of being the big winner (some restrictions apply.) Bob Fisher, owner of Premier Toyota-Scion of Amherst, will be on hand at the main stage to pull the winning ticket. Premier Toyota-Scion will also showcase several of their new vehicles on the downtown streets during the event.

This year’s musical lineup begins with The Roadhouse Band, warming up the stage at 3 pm, followed by fan-favorites The Men of Steele and Dann Swift & Lilly and Friends. Another local favorite and our headliner band, The Naked Monkeys, take the stage at 9 pm and play until the festival ends at midnight.

While music is at center stage at the corner of Church Street and Park Avenue, there are many more activities and offerings throughout the downtown. Many of our taverns and restaurants offer specials throughout the day. Take advantage of seating offered outside the taverns to enjoy your food and drinks. Our tavern sponsors this year are Cedar Pub, Church Street Bar and Grill, The Big Eaze, Park Lanes Bowling, RCs Brewhouse, and Ziggy’s Sports Bar and Grille. In addition to great specials offered by these taverns, the tavern owners are organizing a Corn Hole tournament, which should provide some great fun and rivalry among the taverns and their patrons. So stop in a participating tavern to get on board for the fun!

As you stroll along Church and Park, you’ll also find food concessions and beverages offered on the streets, and a convenient, covered central dining area, as well. Main Street Amherst offers cold beer on tap, Mike’s beverages, Pepsi and water. You’ll also find artists displaying and offering their artistic creations for sale this year. Be sure to stop by each booth to see their creative efforts. Many downtown shops and businesses are staying open late for your shopping pleasure. All in all, it’s a great day for family fun. Come early and stay late – there will plenty to keep the entire family busy and entertained from afternoon until midnight.

This community-focused event is organized by Main Street Amherst, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and maintain an historic and economically vital downtown that is attractive and accessible to people of all ages. Main Street Amherst is a nationally accredited and official Ohio Main Street community. Costs of the event are being covered by sponsorships from community-minded businesses and taverns downtown, and our main partner sponsor for this event for two years running, Premier Toyota-Scion of Amherst.

“Dancing on Main Street is one of our community’s most enjoyable family events, and dovetails well with our mission, an important part of which is the revitalization of our downtown” said Sally Van Nuys, event chair and secretary of Main Street Amherst. “We’re excited to present this event again this year, which promises to be a big success, thanks to our hard-working volunteers, our sponsors, and our Main Street members. We encourage everyone to come out and support Main Street Amherst and its event sponsors, working hard to revitalize and promote downtown Amherst.”
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In a phone conversation today with Dan Salamone, News Director for WOIO 19 Action News, he spoke about the recent stories concerning VFW Post 1079.

Salamone said that although his station has gained a reputation for being aggressive in getting stories, their people simply do not kick bartenders. “I had the photographer in my office about 30 minutes ago and he told me that there was no way he kicked that lady and I believe him.”
When asked why his crew didn’t call the Post in advance to set up an interview Salamone said that the reporter was in Elyria already finishing up with Mr. Bungard. “Jonathan had just finished up his interview and felt that while he was there in Elyria he would just head over to the VFW and get their side of the story. Our reporters do it both ways, sometimes they will call and set up an interview but if you are in a situation where you are right there in town it’s just as easy to head over and see if you can knock on the door and talk to them.”

Salamone wanted to make sure that people know the story was not anti-VFW or anti-Veterans; “This story was simply about a war veteran who believed he was being mistreated because he blew the whistle on the Post for allowing people to smoke when that is against the law. We are certainly not anti-Veteran nor do we have anything against VFW Posts, if you watch our station we have done numerous positive stories highlighting Veterans and supporting different Veterans groups.” In fact right after the VFW story WOIO Reporter Harry Boomer did a piece on local World War II Veterans flying to Washington DC to get their first glance at the WWII War Memorial.

Salamone said that for now, unless something else news worthy happens, they don’t plan any additional stories in the near future about Post 1079 and Mr. Bungard.


An alert Elyria Police Officer while on Patrol spotted something suspicious on the Lake Ave Bridge. Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Kelly said that Officer Scott Willis was crossing the Lake Ave Bridge Thursday afternoon when he spotted fluid spilling out of a jug that was lying in the middle of the road. Officer Willis turned his car around and saw car that drove through the fluid spin around on the pavement. Director Kelly said the fluid that was leaking was a petroleum substance, which is either a type of cutting oil or motor oil. “The jug apparently fell off the back of a truck and even though the amount of fluid that leaked was small between the rain and cars driving over it the fluid spread about 400 to 500 feet making the roadway very slippery and dangerous.” Director Kelly said that even though it was not a hazardous material with some of it getting into a storm sewer, which within 40 feet goes right into the river, under Ohio law that is a “reportable release” to the EPA. “We contacted the EPA and notified them of the situation and they were satisfied with what was going on.”

The Elyria Fire Department, Street Department and Waste Water Department were all on scene putting absorbent down on the spill to clean up the roadway.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A trip to the ice cream stand turned into a multi car collision Wednesday afternoon in Pittsfield Township.
Wellington Fire District and Central Lorain County Ambulance responded to the scene but even with all the vehicles involved nobody wanted to go to the hospital.

Martin Shively said he was driving along Route 20, just east of Route 58, when a small black SUV made a turn into the ice cream stand on the south side of the road causing a 5 car and 1 semi collision. “The front of my car took quite a beating but at least everyone is ok.”

Everyone involved signed off at the scene refusing medical treatment.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

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Today TMC NEWS had the opportunity to sit down with the Commander of VFW Post 1079 to discuss charges from a fellow post member and the incident that occurred Tuesday night with WOIO 19 Action News.

Post Commander John Victor said that he wants to make one thing perfectly clear about his fellow Post member claiming that he was kicked out of the VFW. “I never kicked him out of the VFW, I cannot do that. We have had numerous problems with Dick in the Canteen with him being verbally abusive with the Bartenders. If he is not waited on right away or gets his drink as fast as he thinks he should have it then he starts yelling and it just became too much. The final straw was when he yelled at two bartenders because he wasn’t, in his mind, getting fast enough service then he yelled at our Canteen Manager. Our Canteen Committee met and voted that his Canteen privileges will be suspended for 30 days. He was never told that he was kicked out of the VFW. He still maintains all privileges that other members enjoy, he is just not allowed in the Canteen.” Commander Victor said that three days after the suspension he received a call from the Board of Health asking him questions about the man who had been suspended. Commander Victor said that until that phone call he had not known the man had filed the complaint. “I told the Board of Health that he was thrown out for cussing out the Bartender, I didn’t even know at that time that he had gone to the Board of Health.”

Commander Victor said that they have strict rules in the Canteen when it comes to language and fighting. “We have had to suspend privileges before when a couple members started arguing and they popped each other in the noses. The 30 days allows them time to cool off and for us to look into the matter.” The Commander said that when it comes to the language they warn people when it starts getting out of hand.
“Obviously there are some cuss words that are ok but when you start using the F word, especially in anger towards people working here and our Canteen Manager, then that is just too much.”

Commander Victor told me that the Officer’s of the VFW Post 1079 met on Monday and reviewed the case concerning Brungard. “Dicks been warned many times, I warned him 5 times about his langauge, this time when he did all three we figured that was too much. We threw him out for 30 days at first then during the Board meeting on Monday we decided that with everything that has been going on we’re going to suspend him indefinitely. Once our Canteen Manager gets back from DC on Thursday she will type up the letter and send it certified mail to him letting him know.”

During our visit Commander Victor had the bartender, Jennifer Jones, come inside the office so we could speak to her and also to see the bruise on her leg. We asked her what went down last night.

“I saw their light, they had everything on and I walked over to the door to try and stop them. They just kept demanding that I answer questions and I told them that I had nothing to say and they kept it up." Jones said that she was trying to close the door while the crew was trying to open it back up, “It all happened so fast, the one came around and kicked me in my leg.” Jones at first thought it was the reporter who had kicked her but other members standing there watching the confrontation said they saw the cameraman kick her. Jones went to Elyria Memorial after the incident to have the leg checked out; Commander Victor said that she was also shaken up quite a bit from the confrontation so her blood pressure was up quite high. “Once we get a copy of the Police report and the report from the hospital we will be filing charges with the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Commander Victor, a Veteran of the Vietnam War, wanted people to know that the VFW Post 1079 is proud of their members and protective of their Post. He said he is proud of their involvement in the community having just donated over $80,000.00 to various charities last year. Commander Victor served in Vietnam as a Marine as a Squad Leader on patrols between Mount Russell and Neville, they were fire bases on the DMZ and were a mile and a half a part. Commander Victor is now serving his fourth term as the Commander of Post 1079.

I would like to add that I left a message with Dan Salamone, News Director for WOIO 19 Action News, asking to speak with him about Tuesday’s incident. Mr. Salamone did return my message and said he was willing to discuss it with me. However, I was unable to get back to him before the end of the day due to being out covering other stories. I will make contact with Mr. Salamone Thursday morning.


Officials believe that the driver of a nursery truck went off the road on Route 303, east of Cowley, in Grafton Township then may have over corrected while trying to get back on the road causing it to roll over and crash into a utility pole.

Grafton Township Fire Chief Bob Richards said his department was called to the scene for a roll over crash with possible entrapment. “When our first Firefighter got on scene he immediately called for Metro LifeFlight to be put in the air. We also had Valley City dispatched because we weren’t sure at first the extent of the guy’s injuries and Valley City is staffed during the day with Medics so we wanted to make sure we had all of our bases covered. We found one person sitting outside of the vehicle on the side of the road while the other was underneath the truck.”

Chief Richards said the man was not pinned under the truck but they did have to clear out a tree in order to gain complete access to the victim. A man driving by when the crash occurred, thinking the man was pinned under the truck, used the crane on the back of his truck to lift it up. “He assumed the man was pinned under the vehicle so he did what he could to take some weight off truck so either he could get out on his own or we could help him.” Firefighters left the crane in place once they arrived because it had semi stabilized the truck and they didn’t want it shifting during the rescue attempt. Chief Richards said although extensive attempts were made to save the man’s life the LifeFlight Doctor pronounced him dead at the scene.

The other victim that was found sitting outside of the vehicle was transported to Medina General Hospital.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Elyria Police were called to the VFW on S. Abbe Tuesday night after the Canteen Manager had a run in with a news crew from WOIO 19 Action News.

Tina Pizer, VFW Canteen Manager, said that the trouble started when the news crew arrived to try and catch members inside the Canteen smoking. “A disgruntled former member went to the Health Department and told them that we have been allowing our members to smoke in the Canteen and tonight the crew from 19 news tried to sneak in and catch us smoking.” Pizer said that the member that went to the health department was very abusive to the Bartenders in the Canteen, even making some cry. “We have nothing but respect for our Veterans, this is why we are here, but you can only take so much from a person so that is why he is no longer allowed in the club, his being kicked out had nothing to do with him going to the Health Department. Other members have done the same and they are still here.”

Pizer said that in order to get into the Canteen you have to be a member with a card to get past the locked door or be buzzed in by the bartender. There is a two way mirror at the door for when someone buzzes allowing the bartender to see who is there. “What they did tonight was they snuck in behind an older lady who was using her card to enter; they tried to push their way past her at the door. My bartender saw this and went to the door to tell them to leave. She is all of 5’ tall and about 100lbs and she was kicked by the crew during the scuffle.” Pizer said that the bartender was taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital to have the leg checked to make sure it is just a bruise and nothing more serious. “These people came rushing in here trying to get their story and didn’t care who they ran over. They never called to ask us what was going on or to discuss our side. They just showed up and tried to push their way into the Canteen.”

The crew, not knowing that the Police were called, started heading back to Cleveland when an Elyria Park Ranger spotted the truck on South Abbe near Broad Street. The Ranger advised the crew that the Officer’s were heading to the VFW and maybe they should return to speak to them as well.

The reporter and his photographer returned and waited across the street for the Police. Officer’s met with them after speaking to the people at the VFW. The Reporter and his Photographer gave the Officer’s a viewing of the tape they shot inside of the Canteen. The Police are still investigating and have not yet released a statement. During the newscast the reporter mentioned the allegation that he kicked the Bartender in the leg, he said “Luckily we’ve got the tape to prove that never happened.”

Pizer said that they would be going to the Prosecutors Office Wednesday to file charges.
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