Sunday, July 29, 2007


The Flowers family and friends took control of a portion of Hamilton Street late Sunday afternoon for a very important reason. It was the rehearsal for their daughters Quinceanera in October.

Melinda Flowers said that a Quinceanera is a Hispanic tradition-celebrating girl’s 15th birthday as her “coming of age”. Flowers said the Quinceanera begins at the church, “We begin with a Liturgy at the Church where we present her in front of God. She will receive gifts from family members and close friends. She will receive a terra from her Mother, symbolizing that she is a Princess of God. She will receive a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a ring, a bible and a rosary and she will also receive a scepter.” Flowers said that her daughter, Myrasia, will walk into the Church wearing flat shoes and her father, Richard, will remove them and put high heel shoes on her, symbolizing her becoming a woman in his eyes.

Myrasia chose 14 girls and 15 boys to be in her court for her Quinceanera. Each couple represents each year of her life. On October 13th the gentlemen will be dressed in black tuxedos with ice blue vests while the girls will be wearing white dresses. A party will follow the Quinceanera with special dances celebrating the birthday girl.
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