Saturday, July 28, 2007


One neighbor described the noise of the car hitting the building as a “bomb going off.” A man returning home to his apartment building on 6th Street believes he blacked out just before his car rammed the building.

Elyria Fire Department Captain Joe Pronesti said the car struck directly below an apartment window breaking through the façade and the interior masonry. “It’s not in any danger of collapsing, not totally, we just need to shore it up. Right now we’re waiting on the Building Department and the property manager to show up.”

Capt. Pronesti said that LifeCare Paramedics checked out the driver but the man signed off at the scene.

The driver, Theron Burnett, said that he was coming home and was parking his car when he all of a sudden blacked out. “It was my fault but I just blacked out. I don’t really remember it.”

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Anonymous jason said...

Blacked out? Are you related to lindsay lohan? What is so hard about driving and parking, people? this seems to happen more and more, people using livingrooms for garages. lucky nobody was killed, but come on, leave this up to the old people who fail the vision tests at the BMV while the lady behind the desk says, try again, and again, one more time....etc. geez

5:53 PM  

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