Monday, July 23, 2007


A construction company working on the curbing for the new Target in Lorain struck a gas line this morning causing traffic to be rerouted.

Amherst Fire Chief Wayne Northeim said they received the call that someone had struck a gas line at the intersection of Oak Point Road and Cooper Foster at 9:50a.m. “We found out when we arrived that it was actually one of the construction companies that had struck a 4” medium pressure gas line while working on the curbing.”

Chief Northeim said it was learned that the break occurred in the northeast corner of the intersection, which is the city of Lorain. Lorain Firefighters quickly did testing in and around the Cleveland Clinic offices and discovered that they were not being affected by the break. Patients with appointments were able to access the Clinic offices by going around to Kolbe Road and entering Cooper Foster from the east.

Columbia Gas arrived on scene within a half hour of the first call and additional crews were on the way to fix the break.
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