Saturday, July 21, 2007


The search for missing swimmer Brandon Glass continued today as Firefighters, Police Officers and Officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources put boats in the water.

Avon Lake Police Lieutenant Duane Streator said today’s search operation consisted of many resources. “Today we conducted search operations with various different agencies and a lot of resources. Today we used a couple different Sonar’s to try to locate anything at the bottom with no luck. The lake did help us out this afternoon and flatten out so we could get closer to shore to do a shore search but to no avail at this point.”

A Sonar is an instrument/camera used to take pictures underwater using sound. A boat tows the camera behind it. The camera is usually called a fish. It sends out the sound and measures how long it takes for the sound to come back to it, and how loud it is. A computer keeps track of the information and can makes pictures of the bottom of an ocean, lake, or river.

Lieutenant Streator said Officials will evaluate the lake conditions tomorrow morning to determine the type of search that will take place. When asked how the Rescuers are holding up Lieutenant Streator said they are working hard to help bring closure for the family. “They see the family and friends everyday and they see how hard this is on them. They want to bring them the closure they need and for themselves as well.”

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