Thursday, July 19, 2007


In a phone conversation today with Dan Salamone, News Director for WOIO 19 Action News, he spoke about the recent stories concerning VFW Post 1079.

Salamone said that although his station has gained a reputation for being aggressive in getting stories, their people simply do not kick bartenders. “I had the photographer in my office about 30 minutes ago and he told me that there was no way he kicked that lady and I believe him.”
When asked why his crew didn’t call the Post in advance to set up an interview Salamone said that the reporter was in Elyria already finishing up with Mr. Bungard. “Jonathan had just finished up his interview and felt that while he was there in Elyria he would just head over to the VFW and get their side of the story. Our reporters do it both ways, sometimes they will call and set up an interview but if you are in a situation where you are right there in town it’s just as easy to head over and see if you can knock on the door and talk to them.”

Salamone wanted to make sure that people know the story was not anti-VFW or anti-Veterans; “This story was simply about a war veteran who believed he was being mistreated because he blew the whistle on the Post for allowing people to smoke when that is against the law. We are certainly not anti-Veteran nor do we have anything against VFW Posts, if you watch our station we have done numerous positive stories highlighting Veterans and supporting different Veterans groups.” In fact right after the VFW story WOIO Reporter Harry Boomer did a piece on local World War II Veterans flying to Washington DC to get their first glance at the WWII War Memorial.

Salamone said that for now, unless something else news worthy happens, they don’t plan any additional stories in the near future about Post 1079 and Mr. Bungard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if one watched the news last night Harry Boomer did his thing first then they ran the post 1079 story.

7:50 PM  

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