Friday, July 20, 2007


Matt Smith, a lifelong resident of Avon Lake, an avid boater and has been a Lifeguard for a couple years, is very familiar with the dangers of the water; especially when it gets choppy. “It’s defiantly way too rough to be swimming in, especially here because of how shallow it is. It’s shallow all the way out to the end of the pier, that’s when you get the huge undertow. It’s generally a nice looking beach but it’s pretty shallow to be swimming.” Smith was on the beach last night shortly after the swimmers went missing. “Last night there were 7 or 8 footers, sometimes it’s deceiving though especially for kids who think Oh, I can swim in that.”

Smith said even last night when the rescue was getting under way a couple of kids who wondered up tried to go into the water to aid in the rescue. He said that he and others stopped them from making that mistake.

Smith said anytime you see whitecaps rolling over, even little ones, it is not wise to stay away. “When you see those white caps it’s best to stay clear cause it’s gonna kick up and it’s gonna get worse. People have to have respect for the lake because it’s going to take you whenever it wants.”


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