Saturday, July 28, 2007


LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics were in the right spot Saturday afternoon after a girl falls out of an open window. The girl fell from a 2nd floor apartment located at the corner of West Ave and 2nd Street in Elyria. The girl landed in an outside stairwell that leads to the basement of the building.

The incident happened around 1:20 p.m. Saturday afternoon said Rob Dybo, LifeCare Ambulance Communications Supervisor. “Our Paramedics were outside of our Elyria Station which is located across the street from the apartment building. I don’t believe they witnessed the actual fall but they were there immediately after it happened. A couple of the Paramedics ran to her while another got the ambulance and took it over to the scene while another contacted Dispatch advising us of what was going on and so we could get the Police going as well. They treated the victim at the scene, packaged her up and then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.”
Dybo said from the time the Paramedics notified their Dispatch Center to the time they arrived at the Emergency Room at EMH was less than 10 minutes. The child was treated at Elyria Memorial and then flown to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center a short time later.
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Anonymous jason said...

does anyone else get tired of hearing people ask, "where are the parents?" I know I am, and as a parent I think that people who are negligent enough to the point that their kids can fall out a window, maybe should be dropped out of a window themselves. Just to help put it into perspective of course. I have jumped out many a window in my day but, my momma let me cause it was safe and I was a climber. that's different.

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