Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Camden Township Fire Department responded to Rt. 511 in front of Green Circle Growers this afternoon after a man rolled his pick up truck over. Central Lorain County Ambulance District transported the man to Allen Medical Center in Oberlin for evaluation.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash.

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Lorain City Utilities Department have been working around the clock after a sewer line collapsed on the city’s eastside.

Part of the parking lot at the Lorain County SPCA Bingo Hall caved in and it was discovered late last night that a busted sewer line below was the cause. Workers have dug up the ground and are currently repairing the line. While working they have set up equipment at Colorado and Kansas to reroute the sewage just in case of a back up. There have been no problems reported yet and no homes in the area have been affected. Engineer’s said they hope the line will be repaired by Sunday night.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Some residents of South Park Apartments were evacuated this afternoon after a gas leak outside of “L” building.

Elyria Fire Department responded to 1864 Middle Ave after receiving a report of a gas leak at the apartment complex. Elyria Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Ron Brlas said a contractor was digging along the west side of “L” building when the backhoe they were using pierced a plastic gas supply line. “When we arrived, we found a 2 inch pipe was severed and natural gas was escaping. We isolated the immediate area surrounding the leak. Engine 1 and Ladder 7 crews removed the occupants from the apartments in L building.”

Columbia Gas sent crews out to shut off the valve to the supply line but was unable to find it so they sent a heavy equipment crew to the scene. That crew was able to crimp he supply line and shut off the flow of gas.

Fire Officials remained on scene and monitored the atmosphere inside the building to make sure no gas was leaking into structure. Once the flow of gas was stopped the residents were allowed back into their apartments.

Workers tell TMC NEWS that they were there to waterproof the basement walls after the building sustained flooding damage last June. Residents are quick to point out that 9 months have passed since the flooding. “This is the way it goes around here, something gets damaged or we get flooded out it takes forever for the management to do repairs.” Another resident said that flooding is common and some apartments were not properly cleaned have black mold. “When my apartment was flooded they put us in another apartment that wasn’t even ready for people to live in. You have security guards who harass you at the front gate making you show your identification and then asking you other personal questions just to act like big shots. There is no reason these people need to see our social security numbers and other personal information. This place needs to be shut down.” The residents we spoke to spoke on condition of anonymity saying that they fear retaliation from security and property management.

We asked the security guards at the front gate if we could speak to a property manager, so they could respond to residents complaints, they just told us that media was not allowed on the property and that we had to leave.

Monday, March 26, 2007


You know its spring when you see people lined up in front of Twist n Shake on Cleveland Street in Elyria. Since 1946 Ice Cream has been sold at the corner of Cleveland Street and Pasadena, beginning with the original Dairy Queen then as the Polar Bear. In 1988 Don & Rae Lynn Brady bought the shop and opened Twist n Shake in 1989. They have been selling Ice Cream and other treats ever since, non red brick building and all.


The American Legion Post 12 Baseball Team is having their Spring Steak Fry Saturday March 31st.

Doors open at 4:30 with Dinner from 5 to 7. Entertainment will go from 7 to 11pm.

Tickets are $20.00 each or 2 for $35.00. Tickets include dinner and refreshments. Carry Out Orders WILL be available.

American Legion Post 12, corner of Gulf Road & Ohio Street, Elyria

For ticket information please contact Brad Chenoweth 440-322-3524 or Jeff Chenoweth 440-322-4326

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Lorain Police FOP Lodge 3 is sponsoring a Fish Fry this Friday, March 30th, from 4pm to 8pm (DJ & Dancing ‘til Midnight) at Rosewood Place on Oberlin Ave.

½ lb. Lake Erie Perch, Fries & Coleslaw - $15.00 Per Person - Carry Out WILL be available. Also, ask for the special rate on a second half-pound of fish.

For ticket information contact: Ralph Gonzalez, Doug Smith or Bob Brown at 440-204-2100.


UPDATE: Sunday 5:00pm
Amherst Police, in an initial report, state that the driver, Daren Abraham, was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol. Additional problems followed during the arrest of Abraham and additional charges were added accordingly.

Daren Abraham was arrested and charged with, OVI, State Refusal, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct Intox, Reckless Operation and Safety Belt.
A single car crash on Middle Ridge Road in Amherst early Sunday morning took out power in much of the surrounding area.

A white Lexus, sporting dealer plates, driven by the son of car dealer Arch Abraham took out an electric pole on Middle Ridge Road at Elyria Ave. Along with Abraham’s son there were two female passengers, none complained of injuries at the scene. Abraham was at the scene moments after the crash and could be heard yelling at his son who was sitting in the back of an Amherst Police car. A neighbor who heard the crash described the scene for us from the time of the crash. “When I heard the crash I first thought it was someone breaking into my home. Then when I looked out of my window I saw the car in my yard under my tree. I stepped outside and I could hear the driver, the guy, yelling on his cell phone, I’m not sure who he was talking to but he just kept yelling -- someone cut me off, someone cut me off – I’m just glad that I was inside the house and not coming home from work. This is scary when it comes right into your front yard.”

Amherst Police Department is investigating the crash. Check back for more details on this story.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Firefighters in Lorain responded to a fire on Hickory Hill Thursday afternoon. When they arrived they found the garage heavily involved. Firefighters quickly knocked down the blaze. Elyria & Avon Fire Departments helped cover the city while Lorain fought the fire.

Lorain Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire. No injuries were reported.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Police are releasing few details tonight after a couple was found dead in a Lorain Home. Lorain Police were called to a home on Andover Ave. in Lorain Wednesday afternoon after two bodies were discovered shot inside the home. The Lorain County Coroner did confirm that two people were shot inside the home and that autopsies would be performed Thursday morning. Each victim had one or more gunshot wounds.

The victims have been identified as 41-year-old Roger A. Creak and 38-year-old Tammy C. Creak.

Neighbors were speculating that it was a murder suicide but Police have not confirmed that.

in memory of...

Calvert DeForest
Larry "Bud" Mellman



The Lorain County Board of Health confirmed this afternoon that a 4 year old Elyria Preschool student has a case of Bacterial Meningitis. The child is improving and the illness, according to Health Officials, does not appear to be life threatening.

Class Time
Meningitis is an infection of the fluid in the spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds the brain. Meningitis is usually caused by an infection with a virus or a bacterium. It is important for Health Officials to know if the Meningitis has been caused by; a virus or a bacterium because of the difference in the seriousness of the illness and the treatment required.

VIRAL MENINGITIS is usually considered relatively mild. It clears up within a week or two without specific treatment. Viral meningitis is also called aseptic meningitis.

BACTERIAL MENINGITIS is much more serious. It can cause severe disease that can result in brain damage and even death.

Signs and Symptoms
In persons over age 2, common symptoms are high fever, headache, and stiff neck. These symptoms can develop over several hours, or they may take 1 to 2 days. Other symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, confusion, and sleepiness. In advanced disease, bruises develop under the skin and spread quickly.
In newborns and infants, the typical symptoms of fever, headache, and neck stiffness may be hard to detect. Other signs in babies might be inactivity, irritability, vomiting, and poor feeding.
As the disease progresses, patients of any age can have seizures.

Who is at risk for bacterial meningitis?
Anyone can get bacterial meningitis, but it is most common in infants and children. People who have had close or prolonged contact with a patient with meningitis caused by Neisseria Meningitis or HIB can also be at increased risk. This includes people in the same household or day-care center, or anyone with direct contact with discharges from a meningitis patient's mouth or nose.

To read more about Bacterial Meningitis: CLICK HERE

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


An accident this morning on the Ohio Turnpike shut down two lanes of westbound traffic near the 130-mile marker.

One semi slammed into the back of another semi that was parked on the birm at the 130.8-mile marker early Tuesday morning. South Amherst Fire was dispatched for possible extrication and to secure the scene.

Paramedics treated and transported 60-year-old Michigan truck driver Jonnie Johnson to Community Health Partners in Lorain. The other truck driver, Gerrick Kocher, 60, of Toledo, was treated and released at the scene.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


A very alert University Ave. resident may have thwarted a tragedy for their next-door neighbor. After seeing smoke coming from the base of their neighbor’s chimney they felt something was wrong. “We have been seeing more smoke then usual and then we noticed the smoke coming from the bottom where it shouldn’t be so I walked over to let them know.”

The Elyria Fire Department responded and was able to locate and extinguish the fire. Assistant Fire Chief Tim Mitchell said that the homeowners had started a fire in their fireplace on Friday and again this morning around 9am. “Somewhere along the line it got outside the flue and started to the attic. When the Engine crew arrived they got a line set up inside and opened up a scuttle hole, knocked it down and ventilated.”

Chief Mitchell said that the homeowners were very fortunate that the neighbors were as alert as they were. “They noticed something out of sorts and they told them about it. Had this gone into the evening and sparked up while the family was sleeping, this could have been much worse.”

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A late night crash brings down a utility pole on Oberlin Road in South Amherst. The driver of this “green” minivan lost control of his vehicle going off the road and stopping only when the front of his van clips a pole. LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics checked the driver out but with just a scratch on his nose he refused to go to the hospital.

The Ohio State Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007


As the 140th Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade stepped off today Lorain County was well represented by both the Elyria Police Department Color Guard and Grafton’s “Soldier’s of History”.

The Elyria Police Department Color Guard was born in 1997 after having been dormant for several years as part of a combined Elyria Safety Forces Color Guard. The Color Guard consists of active duty officers of the department. The unit has conducted duties for deceased active duty and retired officers and participates in community events, such as Elyria Memorial Day Parade, Cleveland’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, as well as participation in The Greater Cleveland Peace Officer Memorial, Lorain County Peace Officer Memorial, and The Canadian National Peace Officer Memorial. In 2006, the unit traveled to Washington D.C. for The National Peace Officer Memorial. The group consists of 7 officers and is commanded by Sgt. D. Bermudez.

Both groups were placed in the first divison and with over 10,000 people taking part in this years parade, that’s pretty good. Police estimate that there were over 250,000 spectators, the largest crowd in
the parade history. Cleveland is the 3rd largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the United States.

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Sláinté: An Irish Toast Meaning - "Good Health"


Top photo courtesy of Brian Yorko
Firefighters from Vermilion, Vermilion Township and Amherst spent hours Friday night fighting a house fire on Vermilion Road just a little south of Cooper Foster Road.

Vermilion Fire Chief Chris Stempowski said they believe the blaze started in the garage and then spread. “Basically when we arrived the fire was in the garage area in the south end of the house and got up in the structure on the south end, that is how it got into the house.”

No injuries were reported.

To view a short video shot by Brian Yorko: CLICK HERE

Thursday, March 15, 2007


An early morning blaze destroys an Eaton Township home and leaves a family out in the cold. Eaton Township Fire Department responded to the North Reed home just after 4am after receiving a 911 call of a house fire. Eaton Township Fire Chief Phil Slack said the home was fully involved when Firefighters arrived on scene.

The homeowner noticed the fire just after 4am and he believes the fire started in the kitchen area. The homeowner, his girlfriend and his son all fled the home escaping injury. Because the fire was so intense they were unable to use a phone in the home sending them to a neighbors house to call 9-1-1.

Eaton Township received assistance from Columbia Township and Grafton Township Fire Departments.

The Lorain County Fire Investigators and the State Fire Marshall have been called in to investigate the cause of the blaze.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ruby Oakes heard the roar of the storm and took cover in her bathroom. When things seem to calm down she came out to survey the damage and she said she couldn’t believe her eyes. The storm brought down her garage right on top of her car.
Tom Kelly, Lorain County Emergency Management Director said that when he got the page about the tornado he stepped out onto his front porch and saw it himself.

Eric Lucas of Elyria drove through the storm as it was just starting. “I had just finished a run in Burr Oak with a buddy around 7:30 and we had started heading towards Bob Evans to get something to eat. When we got in the area of Ford Rd near Midway we saw sheet metal fly by us and we didn’t know what the hell was going on. When we started to look more we spotted signs down near BW’3’s and shopping carts blowing around across the roadways and through the parking lots.”

Other areas that has sustained damage so far in the Midway Mall area are, Staples, Lazer Car Wash, Northern Savings & Loan, Aaron’s Appliance, Joann Fabric, BW’3 and others.


The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a TORNADO WARNING for Lorain County until 8:15. Reports of Tornado’s touching down have come in from the Elyria Township area.

UPDATE: 8:18pm Tornado Warning is canceled - Lorain County is now under a FLOOD WATCH


If you live in Lorain and haven’t heard of the “Word Of Mouth” blog site yet, you must not have a computer. The Word Of Mouth deals with Lorain politics and general issues that effect their city. I encourage you to take a look at their site, even if you don’t live in Lorain. You will find more in depth coverage and investigations into issues related to the city then in the C-T and Morning Journal combined. The extent of their research into issues is amazing and a credit to their commitment to exposing political spinning.

WOM now has a new feature called “Candidate’s Forum” where they invite the candidates running for office to write a piece about themselves and what they plan to do if elected into office. Readers are then allowed, through the comments section, to ask questions of the candidate. The WOM has vowed not to edit what the politicians write, no matter how much they write, it is all there uncut for you to read. That is the way it should be.

If you would like to check it out: CLICK HERE

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tmc news introduces...

Officer Rick Walker & Stuka

Rick Walker grew up in Elyria and knew early on that being a Police Officer is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After graduating from Elyria High School in 1985 Walker went into the Military where he served three years in the United States Navy. Upon returning home from the Military Walker quickly began taking Police tests around the area. He said that after coming home he felt that he had a decision to make as far as what direction he was going to take in his life. “Back then you had your big group of friends and with a lot of guys you are teetering on that fence, which side were you going to fall to? A couple of my friends had a lot going for them and they chose the wrong side of the fence and I saw how that devastated not only me but our other core of friends and it kinda pissed me off a little bit to see what drugs could do to a person. I wanted to be a Policeman my entire life, my Grandpa was a fireman and he retired from the city back in 1975. So I was fortunate growing up to be able to see that aspect of it. My whole family wanted me to be a fireman, but like I said I have always wanted to do this job.”

He was hired by the Grafton Police Department 17 years ago and stayed with them for two years before being hired by the Elyria Police Department, that is where he has been serving the public now for the last 15 years. Walker has been a member of the Elyria Police Special Response Team and has also been in the Neighborhood Impact Unit several times. Walker said that he loves working the road because he likes to be there when it’s happening. “A lot of us feed on the confusion, so when you have a big melee or it’s really hitting the fan out there, there’s an adrenaline there that you just don’t get in a lot of other jobs. I still enjoy the chase, I still enjoy running through the back yards.”

Throughout Walkers 15 years with the Department he has lobbied with others to bring Police Dogs back to the force. It has been about 25 years since Elyria as had Police Dogs. So last year when the Department sent out an Email to all Officers asking for anyone interested in becoming a K-9 handler to apply, Walker did.

The process involved interviews not only with Department heads but also with Tim Russell, the K9 trainer from Cleveland. Russell is currently a K9 Officer for the Cleveland Police Department and runs a training center.

Once Walker was chosen he went through a 3 month intensive training program with Russell. During the training Walker brought his family in so they could meet the dog that was chosen for him to see if they would get along. After the training program Walker had to be certified and calls that process one of the most stressful things he has done. The certification process would end and Walker would fail if he and his dog failed any single station. Walker passed but couldn’t have done it without the help and professionalism of a 4 legged Officer named Stuka.

Stuka is a German Sheppard and was named after the World War Two German Dive Bomber, The Stuka Bomber. Stuka is 3 years old and began his training when he was about 18 months old. The training for the dog first starts with obedience training then he would move from there to the training with Tim Russell and then with Walker. To show how selective Russell is with his dogs all you have to do is look at his acceptance rate. For about every 100 dogs he looks at as prospects to join his training program he will choose one.

Walker said that he learned there are different methods when training dogs to do Police work. “There are some dogs that are on electric collars, some on pinch collars and then there are some dogs on rolled leather collars that are just a regular choke collar. The way Tim trains and it sounds kind of corny but his whole philosophy is love. He treats the dogs with love and respect and I’m not saying the guys who use the other methods are bad; it’s just the style that they were trained. After being trained without one I’m much happier with that because, in my opinion, you’ve got a dog that is doing what he is doing for you."

Stuka is considered a dual purpose dog. He is trained in 4 areas of narcotics; he can do cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines. He is also certified in apprehension, area searches, article searches and tracking. The only thing he really doesn’t do is bomb and cadaver.

Stuka lives with Walker, his wife, their two kids and a black lab that the family got shortly before finding out about the K9 program. We asked Walker how the family got along with Stuka. “Well my son just turned 7 last week and he goes out there and plays ball with him, never alone he is always with me. He feeds him and brushes him, my wife is the same. Then there is my daughter, she is a 13 year old teenager so she doesn’t want anything to do with him. She said he is big, hairy and slobbery.”

For now he stays in a heated garage and is on a disciplined sleep schedule and diet. He gets 8 hours of sleep after getting home from work. He is fed 6 cups of dry dog food and a half a can of Alpo a day. He also received two biscuits a day. No table scraps or Burger King for Stuka. Somewhere down the road Stuka might join the family in the home but for now he has his own little wing. During a normal shift while on patrol Walker will make pit stops where he will let Stuka get out of the car and stretch his legs, but the stop isn’t just a matter of stretching legs and taking a break, its continuous training.
“When we take those breaks we are also working on commands and other things. It’s non stop throughout the night.”

We asked Walker about the dog in the car during the summer months where he might have to leave the dog in the car. He has what is called the Hotdog System. “What I have is an automatic door release for my one back door and I have a remote. Say I am out of the car and a fight starts I can hit a button and the back door opens up and he can come up and help me out. It also has a temperature control, the panel is up front with me and it is set at 67 degrees. The high is 88 degrees, so if the temp ever goes above 88 the back windows will automatically drop and it also has an alarm system where it will start beeping. Same as if it gets too cold the windows will go up.”

Walker speaks proudly of calls that Stuka has already been on and performed well. Recently they responded to Bell Ave when a 21 year old male fled from another Officer. Walker and Stuka assisted in stopping the car, then Stuka was on. “We got out of the car and approached the vehicle. Stuka, while on his leash had his paws up on the driver’s side door and his head inside the window. The driver immediately obeyed all commands from the Officers.” Walker said that Stuka performed phenomenally that night.

Another call was when they responded to a neighborhood after shots were fired. Other Officer’s had already set up a perimeter around the house where suspects were believed to be. The concern was would Stuka bark and give away the Officer’s presence. “When we arrived on scene everything was dark and quiet and the Supervisor let everybody know that dog was out of the car so if anyone ran from the house to let Stuka get them. My concern was that we have 10 guys down there moving around in the shadows and the dog would start barking because these guys are moving and then give away that we are there. You just don’t know what is going to happen. So we get out and start working around through the back yards and I put him in a “sit” right next to me and we have guys 10 feet on either side of us and guys across the street. He stayed right by my side, he’d kinda give me a little lovin by leaning up against me and he would look around anytime I would make a move but he never once made a peep. I was like a proud daddy that night.”

After 17 years of being a Police Officer, 15 years with Elyria, is this the best time for you?

“Ah, that’s a tough one. I think with anything it goes in spurts. The first five years I worked here I hated my days off and despised vacations and couldn’t believe I got a paycheck to do it. It was just that much fun the first five years. My wife would tell me, you have no idea how lucky you are to truly love what you are doing.

I think right now is the most trying time, because everything is new and the pressure is on you, on both of us to perform. If the program is going to take off and we are going to get more dogs, it’s based off of what we do.”

I’m guessing that is something that you thrive on…

Yeah. Absolutely.


Photo courtesy of Bishop Photography

Today we dedicate the 5 Quick Clicks to Veteran Reporter Jeff Mohrman.

Jeff began working with the Elyria Chronicle Telegram over two decades ago and was not only a very well known news reporter but a much liked and respected one as well. Mohrman has been battling a form of brain cancer for the last two years and passed away Monday. Mohrman was 43.

TMC NEWS extends its sympathies to the Morman family and his extended family at the Chronicle Telegram.


To quote the great Maxwell Smart; “Missed it by that much”.

A tanker pulling into a gas station at Colorado and Lake Breeze in Sheffield Village this afternoon thought he had enough room to get his rig into the parking lot. He was wrong.

Sheffield Village Police and Fire Departments responded after a call came in of a gasoline tanker “tipping over”. Fire Officials had the driver dump his load before an attempt was made to get the truck out of the mud. Once the tanker was empty Police stopped traffic as a precaution as the tanker pulled out of the mud.

To se more photos:CLICK HERE

Monday, March 12, 2007



The Elyria Police Department announced today that three female juveniles have been “Certified to Juvenile Court” for Delinquency by Inducing Panic and Making False Alarms. The investigation revealed that two 17-year-old females were responsible for the bomb threat calls made to the Elyria High School on March 7th at 10:47am and March 8th at 10:46am. A third 16-year-old female joined these two females when the March 8th call was made.

The first bomb threat was reported to the police on Wednesday, March 7th at 10:47, the caller was believed to be female. The second call was reported to police the same day at 1419 hrs. This caller was believed to be male. The third call was reported to police on Thursday, March 8th at 1046 hrs, that caller was believed to be female. The fourth call was reported to police on Friday, March 9th at 1131 hrs. The caller was believed to be female. The Elyria Police Department is continuing its investigation into the four bomb threats called into the Elyria High School.

The bomb threats reported on March 7th at 2:19pm and on March 9th at 1131am are still under investigation and certifications are expected in the near future.

The Elyria Police Department will be requesting the harshest punishment under the law for these serious and costly crimes.


Dave Surman had just gone into his West Capel Road home to get lunch after working in his garage. Surman had been getting ready to reside his garage. While eating his lunch a neighbor called him to say that there was smoke coming from his garage. Surman looked out and saw the fire and immediately called 9-1-1.

Eaton Township Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Bob Resar said that when they arrived they found a working fire with the garage already down to the ground and the fire had extended to the boat.
“The garage was completely down and the boat was burning and you can see on the back of the house that is about 60 feet away from the garage, into the wind and yet the radiant heat still melted the siding.”

Surman said that the 30-foot Formula High Performance Speed Boat was his baby that he would race during the summer for fun and relaxation. Surman estimated the loss of the garage and contents, not including the $140.000 boat, between 80 and 90 thousand dollars. Surman told Fire Officials that he had been using a space heater in the garage.

Mutual Aid of manpower and tanker trucks was provided by Columbia Township, Carlisle Township and Grafton Township.

To see more photos: CLICK HERE

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Vermilion Police pulled over a car late Friday night after an Officer noticed the car had expired plates. During the stop the Officer obtained identification on all three subjects inside the vehicle, while running their information the Officer noticed the two passengers exited the car. When the Officer approached them to find out what they were doing they told him that the driver was acting stupid and they didn’t want to be a part of it. It was then that the vehicle took off. The Officer The chase hit speeds of up to 90 MPH and lasted under 12 minutes because the car the suspect was driving ran out of gas. When the Officer approached the vehicle he asked the driver, 18-year-old, William Blimka, why he would run, he told the Officer because he has warrants.

A search of Blimka’s court records shows that he has been arrested for such crimes as Driving Under Suspension, Receiving Stolen Property, Theft, Breaking and Entering, Identity Fraud, Misuse of a Credit Card, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana.

Blimka is being held without bond and is set to be in Vermilion Municipal Court Tuesday.


The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Lubbock Police Department has canceled the Amber Alert for the 3 day old kidnapped from a Lubbock hospital yesterday. The child was found safe in Clovis, New Mexico.

Police have reported that they received a call from a person who reported that they had seen a woman matching the description of the suspected kidnapper, in Clovis. The Clovis Police Department was notified and while investigating they found Mychael in a Clovis home along with the alleged kidnapper.

The child was found in good condition and currently the suspect is being questioned by FBI Agents from Lubbock.


Quick reactions by neighbors may have saved a house tonight on Alton Drive in Eaton Township. Randy Tenoschok and his cousin were working on a car in his garage late Saturday night when they spotted flames shooting out of a back window from the house next door. Randy grabbed the garden hose and did what he could until the Eaton Township Fire Department arrived. “They were here real quick and put it out, I just did what I could until they got here. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing cause it seemed to happen so fast. I looked out the window and saw the flames shooting real high in the air.”

The owner of the vacant house showed up a short time later and told us that the house has been a frequent target of vandals. “We have replaced that side window a number of times, as a matter of fact I have replaced windows so much I have two spares inside just in case. I just hope they weren’t destroyed. If it’s not breaking windows it’s spray painting around the house or they have gotten inside and spray paint the walls.”

Tenoschok said he believes someone broke into the home through a back window. “When I got to the back of the house with my hose I noticed the one back corner window was completely smashed out. It’s a shame after all the work these people do to fix up the house and these kids come along and destroy it just like that.”

Eaton Township Fire Officials had the Lorain County Arson Team called in to investigate the blaze. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Department was also on scene investigating.


These three guys took full advantage of the nice weather Saturday when they played some hoops at Ely School on Gulf Road in Elyria. Tristan Mathes, Jared Lottman and Jordan Dietrich didn’t let the little bit of snow still left over from our recent snowstorms stop them from playin some ball. Mathes and Lottman may have been jumpin the gun a little with the shirts off but with the weather this weekend expected to be up near 50 and in the 50’s for most of next week, maybe we will see them looking for a swimming pool.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


A national Amber Alert is still in effect for 3-day-old Mychael Darthard after a woman posing as a hospital employee abducted the baby girl from hospital in Lubbock Texas early Saturday morning. The suspect told family members that the baby needed to go for some tests and she took her from the room. The suspect is an African American female in her 20’s with light complexion; stands 5’3 and weighs approximately 150lbs. The suspect was captured on a surveillance camera as she left the hospital wearing a large puffy coat and carrying a large bag. Officials believe the baby was inside the bag. The suspect was last seen in a red Dodge pickup truck with black trim and tinted windows.

The baby is African America, with dark eyes and hair. Officials say she was born with jaundice and needs medical attention.


That is how one of the speakers at a rally today described how he feels the Lorain County Commissioners are spending tax dollars.

Amherst Councilman Nick Brusky organized today’s rally to get a 0.25 percent tax increase put on the November ballot. The Lorain County Commissioners voted last week to increase the county sales tax to offset a 3.5 million dollar cut from the state. Even though the increase would bring in close to 7.5 million dollars, the Commissioners have not decided what would happen with the extra money. Brusky has a tall task in front of him, to get the increase on the ballot he would need to obtain just over 10,000 valid signatures. A task he said he is up for.

Here are some quotes from today’s rally.

Garry Seaman, a member of the Local Liberty Committee
“The County Commissioners are calculating on two things to make this tax work, one, if the people of this county, if it was put before them in a vote would reject it. I think they are correct on that. The other thing that they are counting on is that the people of the county are too lazy and too stupid to do anything about that.” Seaman then directed the crowd’s attention to the new Justice Center behind him and said that is just one example of the wasteful spending by the county. “We have spent money like drunken sailors in the past 10 years and I apologize to all drunken sailors. They have shown no responsible leadership with our money.”

A line that drew the most applause was from Ashtabula County Auditor Sandy O'Brien. She said, “People, remember we are here today not to argue the merits of their claim that they need more money. We are here today as citizens and taxpayers in this county that we get the right to vote on any and all tax increases.”

Avon Lake City Councilman Marty O’Donnell
“People have a fundamental right to vote on this issue and I think that is an important situation that we have here. We weren’t given the right to vote, we weren’t given the right to give our input into the process on how the money was being spent, where the money is going. They had two meetings at 9 o’clock in the morning when people are working, so we were cut out of the process and I think that’s extremely unfair.

“Another issue, we have a 15 million dollar balance in this county. We have one Commissioner who doesn’t feel that this tax will be enough; the other two are talking about excess and giving the money back to us. That’s ridiculous; if you have excess and want to give the money back to us, don’t take it in the first place. The Auditor says they don’t need the money and it seems to me that there just seems to be general fiscal confusion of how the money is being used.”

The dozen or so people who showed up were given the opportunity to sign a petition and to take petitions to get signatures.

Friday, March 09, 2007



Elyria Police were called to the Burger King on Broad Street this morning after students from Elyria High started hanging out inside the dining room area causing a ruckus. The students had made their way to the Burger King after they were evacuated from the school because of the bomb threat. Police instructed the students to return to their designated evacuation sites.
There is a $1,000 reward. Anyone with information is asked to call 440-323-3302.


Someone said today that this is like being in our own version of the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. Today Elyria High School students were again evacuated after another bomb threat was called in around 11:30. Students are saying enough is enough.

This group of students we spoke to today say they believe that whoever is responsible for the threats should receive the strongest punishment allowed and if it is a student at Elyria High they should never be allowed back in the school again. They are upset because they are hearing that they might lose days from their Spring Break and if it keeps up they might lose days off of their summer break.
Stay with TMC NEWS for updates on this story.
There is a $1,000 reward. Anyone with information is asked to call 440-323-3302.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


While most gas stations around the area were raising their prices, the Marathon station located at Furnace and West River was still selling gas at just $2.31 a gallon. The lines were long around 3pm keeping the one employee on duty busy shuffling between lottery and gas customers. Don’t grab your keys to go top off your tank; we were assured that the prices would be increased at the Marathon station before the sun sets. You will be happy to know that TMC NEWS was able to get the news van topped off before the prices were increased. Most stations around the area are listing $2.57 for a gallon of regular gas.


Elyria High School received another Bomb Threat this morning at 10:45, the school was evacuated and Elyria Police searched the building. Students were returned to the building after it was deemed safe by Officials. The call this morning was traced to a pay phone in the parking lot of the Gyro House on West River Road. Elyria Police were processing the phone for possible finger prints this morning.

Lorain Admiral King and Southview also received threats this morning. Those buildings were also evacuated and searched by Officials before allowing students back in. Lorain Board of Education still has a $1,000.00 reward offered for the capture of the person or people responsible for making the threats.

NewsChannel 5 reported today that in Brunswick where their High School had to evacuate and close for three days cost the district $200,000. In that case 19 year old Stefan Prince has been arrested and charged with a 4th degree felony of Inducing Panic.
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