Sunday, March 18, 2007


A very alert University Ave. resident may have thwarted a tragedy for their next-door neighbor. After seeing smoke coming from the base of their neighbor’s chimney they felt something was wrong. “We have been seeing more smoke then usual and then we noticed the smoke coming from the bottom where it shouldn’t be so I walked over to let them know.”

The Elyria Fire Department responded and was able to locate and extinguish the fire. Assistant Fire Chief Tim Mitchell said that the homeowners had started a fire in their fireplace on Friday and again this morning around 9am. “Somewhere along the line it got outside the flue and started to the attic. When the Engine crew arrived they got a line set up inside and opened up a scuttle hole, knocked it down and ventilated.”

Chief Mitchell said that the homeowners were very fortunate that the neighbors were as alert as they were. “They noticed something out of sorts and they told them about it. Had this gone into the evening and sparked up while the family was sleeping, this could have been much worse.”

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