Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ruby Oakes heard the roar of the storm and took cover in her bathroom. When things seem to calm down she came out to survey the damage and she said she couldn’t believe her eyes. The storm brought down her garage right on top of her car.
Tom Kelly, Lorain County Emergency Management Director said that when he got the page about the tornado he stepped out onto his front porch and saw it himself.

Eric Lucas of Elyria drove through the storm as it was just starting. “I had just finished a run in Burr Oak with a buddy around 7:30 and we had started heading towards Bob Evans to get something to eat. When we got in the area of Ford Rd near Midway we saw sheet metal fly by us and we didn’t know what the hell was going on. When we started to look more we spotted signs down near BW’3’s and shopping carts blowing around across the roadways and through the parking lots.”

Other areas that has sustained damage so far in the Midway Mall area are, Staples, Lazer Car Wash, Northern Savings & Loan, Aaron’s Appliance, Joann Fabric, BW’3 and others.


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