Monday, March 12, 2007


Dave Surman had just gone into his West Capel Road home to get lunch after working in his garage. Surman had been getting ready to reside his garage. While eating his lunch a neighbor called him to say that there was smoke coming from his garage. Surman looked out and saw the fire and immediately called 9-1-1.

Eaton Township Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Bob Resar said that when they arrived they found a working fire with the garage already down to the ground and the fire had extended to the boat.
“The garage was completely down and the boat was burning and you can see on the back of the house that is about 60 feet away from the garage, into the wind and yet the radiant heat still melted the siding.”

Surman said that the 30-foot Formula High Performance Speed Boat was his baby that he would race during the summer for fun and relaxation. Surman estimated the loss of the garage and contents, not including the $140.000 boat, between 80 and 90 thousand dollars. Surman told Fire Officials that he had been using a space heater in the garage.

Mutual Aid of manpower and tanker trucks was provided by Columbia Township, Carlisle Township and Grafton Township.

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