Sunday, March 11, 2007


Quick reactions by neighbors may have saved a house tonight on Alton Drive in Eaton Township. Randy Tenoschok and his cousin were working on a car in his garage late Saturday night when they spotted flames shooting out of a back window from the house next door. Randy grabbed the garden hose and did what he could until the Eaton Township Fire Department arrived. “They were here real quick and put it out, I just did what I could until they got here. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing cause it seemed to happen so fast. I looked out the window and saw the flames shooting real high in the air.”

The owner of the vacant house showed up a short time later and told us that the house has been a frequent target of vandals. “We have replaced that side window a number of times, as a matter of fact I have replaced windows so much I have two spares inside just in case. I just hope they weren’t destroyed. If it’s not breaking windows it’s spray painting around the house or they have gotten inside and spray paint the walls.”

Tenoschok said he believes someone broke into the home through a back window. “When I got to the back of the house with my hose I noticed the one back corner window was completely smashed out. It’s a shame after all the work these people do to fix up the house and these kids come along and destroy it just like that.”

Eaton Township Fire Officials had the Lorain County Arson Team called in to investigate the blaze. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Department was also on scene investigating.


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