Thursday, March 08, 2007


Elyria High School received another Bomb Threat this morning at 10:45, the school was evacuated and Elyria Police searched the building. Students were returned to the building after it was deemed safe by Officials. The call this morning was traced to a pay phone in the parking lot of the Gyro House on West River Road. Elyria Police were processing the phone for possible finger prints this morning.

Lorain Admiral King and Southview also received threats this morning. Those buildings were also evacuated and searched by Officials before allowing students back in. Lorain Board of Education still has a $1,000.00 reward offered for the capture of the person or people responsible for making the threats.

NewsChannel 5 reported today that in Brunswick where their High School had to evacuate and close for three days cost the district $200,000. In that case 19 year old Stefan Prince has been arrested and charged with a 4th degree felony of Inducing Panic.


Blogger Dan O. said...

I hope any judges these juvenile clowns go in front of show zero leniency.

I remember having bomb threats when I was in school, but never an epidemic of them like this last month. We as students always thought whoever did it was a moron. Now these idiots think it's a fad.

If it weren't such a waste of resources, I'd say treat them all as terrorist suspects and investigate their whole family. Disrupt their lives as much as they've disrupted everyone else's.

7:06 AM  

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