Saturday, May 29, 2010


Elyria Township – A Samuel Street home suffered nearly $40K in damages early Saturday morning after a chair caught fire in the home.

Our own Brian Woods was first on scene and found the elderly homeowner standing on the front porch lighting a cigarette with heavy flames showing inside the house. Woods said he yelled to the man to get off the porch and away from the house. The man suggested that a fire extinguisher would be enough to put the fire out. Woods told the man again to get off the porch and away from the house saying that the Firefighters would be there in a minute.

The man, who is on home oxygen, walked towards the driveway and told Woods that he thinks it was a cigarette that hit the oxygen tubing and that started the fire.

When Firefighters arrived they quickly extinguished the fire. Although the fire was contained to the front right portion of the home – the entire home suffered severe heat, smoke and water damage. Smoke detectors in the rear of the home were completely melted.

Assistant Chief Russ Scarbrough of the Elyria Township Fire Department wanted to stress how dangerous it is for people to smoking while on home oxygen. “This man was very lucky – this fire could have been very tragic.”



Elyria – An Elyria teen told Police that he snuck out of his Fairwood Street home, took his parents car and went for a ride just before he buried the car into the woods on Burns Road.

The teen, which does not have a driver’s license, first told Police that he had just left his home around 9 and was heading to a friends home off Hilliard Road. The Officers questioned first the time because the crash occurred around 2:30am and then also questioned if he was heading to Hilliard, which is south of the teen’s home, would he be up on Burns Road. The teen was then asked how fast he was driving at the time of the crash and he indicated that the digital speedometer on his Ford Focus was between “37 & 38 MPH.” The posted speed limit on Burns is 25 MPH.

Neighbors did not see the actual crash but heard it and ran outside to see what had happened. They said the teen was shaken and told them that he had to swerve to avoid a car that had come into his lane. The teen said that the crash wasn’t his fault because of the other car coming into his lane and he had no choice but to go into the woods.

The teen missed hitting a utility pole by just inches and struck a fire hydrant, which stopped his car from traveling into a ravine.

The teen was placed in a Police Car but was not arrested – only cited. His parents showed up a few moments later to take custody of him. One neighbor suggested that the teen was in for a long ride home.



Sheffield Township – A playground set that sits behind Vincent Elementary on North Ridge Road was hit by an arsonist again early Saturday morning.

When Firefighters arrived on scene they found the set fully involved and crumbling. The fire was extinguished quickly.

Deputies from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene shortly after the fire was extinguished and began their investigation.

An 18 year old male who lives in the neighborhood was taken into custody by Deputies and is currently being held at the Lorain County Jail.

This playground set was constructed after the last one was torched by two young girls back in August of 2008. To see that story CLICK HERE

We will bring you more on this story as details become available.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Columbus – This is an exciting time for high school seniors, as well as friends and family, taking part in all of the festivities surrounding graduation. This time of celebration can easily turn to a time of tragedy because of the increased prevalence of underage drinking, as teens may be tempted to drink at graduation celebrations.

“I commend those who make the wise and mature decision to not participate in illegal and dangerous behavior,” said Ohio Investigative Unit Executive Director Glenn Taylor. “Parents and administrators have the best opportunity to influence decisions and attitudes. To help foster safe choices, parents and teens need to understand Ohio’s underage drinking laws.”

Parents may not provide alcohol to anyone under 21, even in their own home with the other parents' permission. Those convicted of providing alcohol to a person under 21 years of age face maximum sentences of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Law enforcement may also confiscate any alcohol, money or property used in committing these offenses.

It is illegal to share in the cost of purchasing alcoholic beverages, or to attempt to purchase alcohol, even if the sale is refused. The penalty for underage individuals attempting to purchase an alcoholic beverage is a maximum fine of $250 and/or up to 30 days in jail. Anyone who purchases, sells or gives alcoholic beverages to underaged individuals can be sent to jail.

If you are under 21 years of age and are caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration between .02 percent and .08 percent, a level that can be reached after just one or two drinks, you can be arrested. Punishment is suspension of your driver license for at least 90 days up to a maximum of two years, plus four points added to your driving record. Having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle is also illegal.

We must continue to work together to stop the senseless tragedies associated with irresponsible and illegal underage alcohol consumption. If you have information about a bar, store or carryout selling beer and/or liquor to persons under the age of 21, please notify us by calling the department’s toll-free hot line at 1-877-4MINORS. Ohio Investigative Unit agents will investigate every complaint. Working together, we can protect Ohio’s young people and make this the safest graduation season yet.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Elyria – A two car crash on Lake Ave near Spruce Street early Sunday morning sent two people to the emergency room and another to jail.

Witnesses say that 22 year old Brittany Stone of North Ridgeville was traveling at a high rate of speed around 2:30am as she crossed the railroad tracks on Lake Ave. She began fishtailing and then went left of center and struck a car traveling south on Lake Ave.

Stone’s car continued north before going off the road and into a yard where she struck a tree.

The two passengers inside of the vehicle that Stone struck had to be treated by Paramedics and then were taken to Elyria Memorial.

Stone was arrested at the scene and charged with Reasonable Control.



Elyria – When Firefighters pulled up to a Huron Street home Saturday afternoon they thought they had a working house fire. Upon closer review it was just burning food on the stove.

Neighbors stood outside and could only see smoke coming from an open front door and fire showing from inside the home. As Firefighters arrived on scene the homeowner, who is bound to a wheelchair, had gone back into the house and neighbors were yelling for him to come back outside. As Captain Robert Donofrio approached the house the man was exiting the home. Donofrio entered the home and discovered fire coming from a pot on the stove.

Firefighters covered the pot with a pan and carried the pot outside to let the fire burn itself out.

The home was ventilated before the man was let back inside.



Elyria – Two people were injured Saturday morning after a crash on Lowell Street near West Park.

Police say that 17 year old Tenisha Green of Elyria was traveling east on Lowell Street when she went off the right side of the road. Green lost control on some gravel, got back onto the road and then went off the left side of the road where she struck a phone poll cutting it in half.

Green and her passenger were both treated at the scene by LifeCare Paramedics and then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital for further evaluation. Neither had serious injuries.

Police cited Green with Reasonable Control.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Cleveland – Police Officers from all over the United States and the world including Canada and Germany came together Saturday morning to honor the 177 Peace Officers that have been killed in the line of duty here in the Greater Cleveland area.

Elyria Police Officer Jim Kerstetter, Elyria’s Unit 177, was the 177th name carved into the Memorial that sits in Huntington Park at Police Memorial Square in downtown Cleveland.

Also added this year was Cleveland Heights Police Officer Thomas Patton who died while chasing a suspect on March 13th – just two days before Kerstetter was killed.

Wellington Village Marshal George Brenner was killed in the line of duty on July 18th, 1883 and was just recently discovered. Brenner was honored today.

Although there were many speakers at today’s event, two messages kept coming up…
“Heroes Live Forever”

“They’re Not Heroes Because of How They Died,
But How They lived”

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Lorain – Firefighters in Lorain will be without their only aerial truck for an undetermined amount of time after a set of wheels came off of Tower One Tuesday night while responding to an alarm call.

Firefighters were responding to a residential fire alarm Tuesday night when they made a turn onto Kolbe Road off of West Erie. Shortly after the turn the nearly 7 year old truck lost one set of dual rear wheels.

The two Firefighters that were on board at the time were not injured.


In September, 2004, Elyria Fire Department had a similar incident when their Ladder Truck was responding to a fully involved house fire on Olive Street and the rear axle and gas tank came off on Broad Street near East Bridge. To see this story: CLICK HERE

Monday, May 17, 2010



Elyria – A woman that jumped from the 4th Street Bridge in Elyria Monday afternoon has been flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland for treatment.

Police were called just before 4pm after witnesses saw the woman jump from the Bridge to the water below. A bystander told Police that she tried to talk the 34 year old woman out of jumping but her efforts failed.

An off duty Oberlin Officer who was in the area when the woman jumped made his way down to the water to help the woman. The Officer was able to hold onto the woman until Elyria Police and Firefighters arrived and took over the rescue operation.

The woman was secured to a backboard and carried up the hill where LifeCare Paramedics began treating her. She was then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. She was flown a short time later to Cleveland with a broken leg.



Elyria – Hundreds turned out to take a peek at vintage cars and motorcycles Sunday afternoon the Big Lots parking lot on S Abbe Road and to pay tribute to fallen Elyria Officer James Kerstetter. On display with the old cars was Kerstetter’s cruiser – 177 –

The Cruise In was organized to help raise money for the Kerstetter Memorial.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Carlisle Township – A LaGrange teen walked away from a roll over crash on West Ridge Road Sunday afternoon after failing to negotiate a curve.

Trooper Charlie Jackson of the State Patrol said that 16 year old Drew Fitzgerald of LaGrange was traveling south on West Ridge Road, just north of Butternut Ridge, when he lost control of his car. Fitzgerald told Troopers that he was traveling at 55MPH in a 45MPH posted area when he failed to negotiate the curve and went off the left side of the road. Fitzgerald’s car hit the ditch and rolled over into a field coming to rest on its roof.

The teen was able to get out of the car on his own and was up walking around when Troopers and Firefighters arrived.

Fitzgerald refused any medical treatment from LifeCare Paramedics at the scene and was released to an adult family member who responded to the scene.

Troopers say that Fitzgerald was charged with Failure to Control and Seat Belt.



Lorain – A two car crash in Lorain sent two people to the emergency room in critical condition, at least one other in stable condition.

Ricardo Vazquez of Lorain said that he was heading east on East 28th Street just before 11:30 pm Saturday night when he heard a loud explosion. “I was just under the railroad bridge when I heard the loudest explosion that I have ever heard. I looked into my rearview mirror and all I could see was dust and headlights spinning around.”

Vazquez turned his car around and went to see what had happened. When he returned to the intersection of East 28th & Toledo he found one pickup truck on its side and another with heavy front end damage. “I ran to the truck on its side cause I figured they would need help right away. I was talking to the people and telling them to stay still until help got there. The people inside were talking and told me that the other truck just came out of nowhere and really fast.”

Lorain Firefighters had to cut two people from the truck before LifeCare Paramedics were able to treat them and transport them to the hospital.

Vazquez said that although it was a very serious crash he thinks the people will be ok. “I stayed with them until they were put in the ambulance because they only spoke Spanish so I was interpreting for the Medics and Firefighters. The woman was complaining of real bad back pains but I’m not sure what else was wrong with her. I just hope they all pull through.”


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Elyria – Players, Coaches, parents and Board Members of Elyria East Little League surrounded the pitcher’s mound today during a dedication ceremony honoring the 3 Firefighters and 2 Police Officers who lost their lives in the Line of Duty in Elyria.

League President Kevin Brubaker said that the Board Members were moved to do something after Officer Jim Kerstetter was killed in the Line of Duty 2 months ago. “We wanted to not only honor him for his ultimate sacrifice, but for all who laid down their lives while serving our community. So today we are honoring the 3 Firefighters and 2 Police Officers who died in while on duty.”

A flag pole with a plague at its base with the 5 names of those being honored is surrounded but special landscaping and a black fence.

Members of the Kerstetter family were joined by Mayor Grace, Police Chief Duane Whitely, Fire Chief Rich Benton and Council people as members of the Elyria High School ROTC raised the Flag.

Chiefs Benton and Whitely were presented with replica plagues and Elyria East All Star jerseys, each with the #1 on the back. They were then asked to throw out the first pitch.


Firefighter Emil Hess – July 1919

Police Officer Howard B. Taft – August 1942

Firefighter Albert Andress – February 1963

Firefighter Earl Shelton – August 1982

Police Officer Jim Kerstetter – March 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010


Sheffield Township – A Roosevelt Ave home suffered severe damage Thursday afternoon after a fire ripped through the upstairs portion of the home.

Chief Joe Bandagski of the Sheffield Township Fire Department said that the fire was spotted by the homeowners as they were pulling into the driveway just before 2:30 pm. “Nobody was in the house at the time of the fire except for the family cat and they were able to get him out unharmed.”

Bandagski said that the fire was concentrated to the upstairs portion of the home.

Firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control within 30 minutes but remained on scene for a couple hours checking for possible hot spots and for overhaul.

A damage estimate was not available but officials say that with the heavy fire damage upstairs and the heavy smoke and water damage downstairs it should be extensive.



Lorain – A chase that began in Elyria after a man ran his truck into a church ended with him crashing his truck in Lorain and him running into Lake Erie.

Justin T. McCallihan, 24 of Amherst, lead Elyria Police on a short chase after striking a church at the corner of Lake Ave and Lowell Street and then fleeing the scene. Due to McCallihan’s high speed and reckless driving Elyria called off their pursuit. Deputies from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office spotted gauge marks on Baumhart going northbound and began following the trail towards Lorain.

While searching for McCallihan Lorain Police received word of a truck that had crashed on Baumhart near the Ford Plant and a white male was seen running from the crash.

Deputies along with Officers from Amherst and Lorain searched the area and found McCallihan running towards the lake. At one point he was tasered but fell down a hill and pulled the darts out and kept running.

Officers heard a loud splash and then spotted McCallihan in the water. They called for the Lorain Coast Guard to respond to help get the man out of the water. While waiting they watched as the man attempted to swim further away from them. He was eventually talked back in by Officers on shore.

The man was treated on scene by LifeCare Paramedics and transported to Community Health Partners Emergency Room.


The National Weather Service has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM warning for Lorain County. The WARNING remains in effect until 4:15am.

At 3:07am Doppler Radar indicated a line of SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS capable of producing quarter size hail and damaging winds in excess of 60MPH. These storms were located along a line extending from 8 miles west of Vermilion to 8 miles southwest of Willard and were moving east at 55MPH.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a TORNADO WATCH for Lorain County. The WATCH will remain in effect until 9PM.

There is a slight risk for SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS this afternoon and this evening. The main threats are damaging winds and tornadoes.

The threat for severe weather is expected to diminish with time overnight as the atmosphere becomes less unstable.


Sheffield Township – Firefighters from 4 communities are fighting a house fire on Roosevelt Ave in Sheffield Township at this hour.

Firefighters were called to the home at 2112 Roosevelt Ave, off Oakwood, in the Township around 2:30 p.m. today. When Firefighters arrived they found heavy brown smoke showing from the roof area. Within minutes fire broke through the roof on the east side of the home.

Firefighters entered the home and attacked the blaze bringing it under control within 30 minutes.

The fire appears to be concentrated in the attic of the home and is under control at this time.

Sheffield Village, Elyria Township and Avon Fire Departments are assisting Sheffield Township Fire.

The Lorain County Chapter of the American Red Cross has been called to the scene to assist the family and to assist the Firefighters in rehab.

More on this story and a complete photo gallery will be posted later. A mini photo gallery has been posted on our Facebook page.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Police Officers and Dignitaries from across Lorain County gathered at Ely Square Monday morning to Honor the 15 fallen Officers from Lorain County.

The ceremony reminded us all that the Officers who died may be gone but will Never be forgotten.


“Gone but NOT forgotten”

George Brenner, City Marshal
Wellington Police Department 7.17.1883

Rupert Becker, Night Watchman
Amherst Police Department 4.10.1916

Fred J. Webber, Patrolman
Lorain Police Department 12.23.1923

Charles C. Deal, Patrolman
Lorain Police Department 11.06.1925

Franklin J. Strohl, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 6.13.1930

Howard B. Taft, Patrolman
Elyria Police Department 8.18.1942

George Kirk, Patrolman
Lorain Police Department 3.30.1944

Edmund G. Smith, Patrolman
Wellington Police Department 5.04.1957

Michael J. George, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 1.09.1961

John P. Palermo, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 1.21.1964

Robert Woodall, Patrolman
Oberlin Police Department 3.10.1971

Francis Smolka, Patrolman
Vermilion Police Department 10.29.1978

Kenneth M. Tomaszewski, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 7.03.1979

Robert Perez, Trooper
Ohio State Highway Patrol 5.15.2000

James A. Kerstetter, Patrolman
Elyria Police Department 3.15.2010

“Gone but Not Forgotten”

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Elyria – One of the Train Station’s biggest draws is when they feature the band “Dr. Mo featuring Monica Robins” of Channel 3 News.

Robins and her band were performing Saturday night when a man attempted several times to get up on the stage. Bouncers from the Train Station gave the man repeated warnings to stay off the stage. Finally the man had to be escorted out of the building and was asked to not return due to his disruptive actions.

A short time later the man entered the bar through a back door with a large canister of Pepper Spray and began shooting it off hitting Robins in the face. The man continued spraying indiscriminately hitting many of the patrons in the bar. It was at this point when Bouncers and patrons took action to subdue the man and hold him for Police.

LifeCare Paramedics arrived and treated the man for injuries he received while being subdued. He refused and further treatment or transport from Medics. He was later released to his wife and was sent on his way. Charges are pending an investigation.

The man was described by witnesses as a “psychotic fan” who they believe has been stalking Robins and the band. According to the band site on Facebook they say although they do not believe that Robins was the intended target of the pepper spray and they are not sure if he is indeed a stalker – Robins will be filing a restraining order against the man on Monday.

The band also expressed their gratitude to the Bouncers, patrons and Police for their quick actions Saturday night. “Monica’s played in chicken wire before and has endured a lot of out of control fans, but nothing like this. We’re so very fortunate that it wasn’t worse and grateful to those who came to our aid.”

For more information on “Dr. Mo featuring Monica Robins” you can visit their website at



The National Weather Service has issued a FREEZE WARNING this afternoon that will be in effect from midnight tonight until 8AM Monday morning.

Clear skies and light winds will develop this evening. This will allow for very cold temperatures and widespread areas of frost overnight. Low temps at most locations will be in the lower 30’s. Traditional cold spots in northeast Ohio could see readings dip into the upper 20’s by daybreak Monday.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Elyria – An Elyria Police Officer had just turned onto Olive Street from Cleveland Street early Saturday morning when he spotted smoke pouring across the street near the rail road tracks. He first feared that the fire might have been at the business that houses propane tanks but as he got closer he spotted a yellow Jeep in the parking lot just south of the tracks.

Officers blocked the area as tires and other items began exploding in the fire.

Elyria Firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze. Fire Prevention Bureau Officers who had just finished up on West River Road South responded to the scene to inspect the burnt out Jeep.

The Jeep was registered to an Elyria Resident but they could not be reached Saturday morning.

The Jeep was impounded for further inspection by Fire Officers.



Elyria – Elyria Firefighters returned to 417 West River Road South early Saturday morning after a neighbor saw something on fire.

When Firefighters arrived they found a small fire just inside of the side door, similar to other fires that they had found in the past.

The fire was extinguished quickly and the house was inspected for additional fires but none were found.

This was the third time Firefighters had to extinguish a blaze at the same house. The ARSON sign still hangs on the front of the house warning people to stay out.

The Elyria Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau is investigating the blaze.


Gold Card Member and long time friend of TMC NEWS, Joy Vaughn is celebrating her birthday this weekend at a casino somewhere in Pennsylvania. While away her children decided to litter her front yard with signs wishing her a Happy Birthday – well, sorta.

When Joy returns home this evening she will be met at the driveway with an oversized driver’s license indicating that she is now permitted to drive people crazy. Other signs were not as nice suggesting frequent bathroom stops and something about explosive gases ahead.

Unlike her mean children we would like to extend a warm birthday wish to Joy and also to offer our services when she prepares to retaliate against her kids. You know our number.



Elyria – As the storm blew through Lorain County Friday night most of the big stuff was to the north. One bolt of lightning however did find the roof of a home on Brandemere Court off Hilliard Road.

The lightning struck the peak of the roof causing a fire to break out. Elyria Firefighters responded and once they made their way through the attic they quickly extinguished the blaze. The use of a thermal imager showed that the fire had not extended to any other area of the home.




Elyria – One woman was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital Friday after a 2 car collision on Cleveland Street near the Salvation Army.

The crash occurred after a driver pulled out of the Hemlock Cottage driveway and into the path of another car.

Injuries were minor and the traffic was only tied up for a short amount of time.



Elyria – Three people were shot early Saturday morning at the Toy Box Night Club in downtown Elyria.

Witnesses outside of the Night Club say they heard 4 to 5 shots ring out from inside of the bar and then they said people began pouring out of the Club screaming.

The three victims, two males and one 19 year old female, were quickly put into personal vehicles and taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. One of the victims was later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland while the other two were being treated at EMH.

One man who was in a vehicle that brought victims to the ER was taken into custody at EMH after it was discovered that he had several warrants.

Police are currently investigating the shooting.

Friday, May 07, 2010


UPDATE 11:00PM: Only the HIGH WIND WARNING remains in effect until 6PM Saturday night.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a TORNADO WATCH and a HIGH WIND WARNING for Lorain County this afternoon.

The TORNADO WATCH is in effect until 10PM Friday night.

The HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect from 4PM Friday until 6PM Saturday night.

Low pressure will strengthen as it moves east across the Lower Great Lakes tonight and a cold front associated with the Low will sweep across the area. Winds will turn west to southwest behind the front and become strong towards morning.

Winds overnight will increase to 20 to 30 MPH with gusts reaching 45 MPH – Mainly after midnight.

Saturday winds will continues to increase to 30 to 40 MPH with gusts to 60 MPH. The highest gusts will likely occur along the Lakeshore.

A HIGH WIND WARNING is issued when sustained winds of 40 MPH are expected for at least an hour – with gusts of 58 MPH or greater at any time. Damage to trees, power lines and property are possible with winds of this magnitude. If you have a high profile vehicle be extra careful until the winds subside.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Elyria – A frantic 15 year old, Evan Broadstock, ran towards a Police Car on West River Road South yelling for help. Broadstock told the Officer that he just watched his friend get hit by a train.

Broadstock lead Police to the railroad tracks to where his friend was lying. The Officer stated that as they arrived Broadstock went to the girl and began helping her up at which time the Officer advised him to leave her alone – do not move her. The girl was located slumped down on the bridge over the Black River just east of West River Road.

The Officer observed injuries to the back of her head and a laceration near the front of her hairline. She also had significant bruising to her back according to the Police report.

Broadstock identified the girl as Katie Bartram. Broadstock said the two had been walking westbound along the tracks while a train was traveling westbound on the south tracks. He told Police that he saw the train behind them and grabbed Katie to pull her off the track. Katie was struck by the engine and knocked into the rail of the bridge. Katie hit her head on the rail and was knocked out. Broadstock attempted to wake Katie but was unable to so he ran to get help.

Police took Broadstock back to his home on West River near the tracks and turned him over to his mother. Broadstock confirmed that Bartram had been wearing headphones with an iPod at the time of the incident. A pair of headphones and blood splatter was found under the grating on the bridge. The Officer also noted what appeared to be a tall can of beer get knocked off the bridge and into the water below.

The train engineer told Police that he saw two people walking along the tracks and he sounded his horn constantly to alert the two that a train was coming but neither looked back. He told Police he then heard a loud thump.

Bartram was taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital where she was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Bartram is listed in good condition today.

Photos by: BRIAN WOODS


Elyria – The capture of a fleeing shoplifter Saturday evening was a team effort between Police, Loss Prevention Officers and neighbors off Chestnut Ridge Road near WalMart.

Loss Prevention Officers (LPO) witnessed a man loading a shopping cart with shirts, underwear, batting gloves and other items. The man drew suspicion by constantly looking around and up at the ceiling at the store cameras. Once the man had loaded his cart he pushed it to a secluded area and pulled out WalMart shopping bags and began packing up the items. He then walked out of the store through the front doors where he was met by two LPO’s who asked him to return to the store with the items. Once back inside the store the man fled with the LPO’s right behind him. The man even threw a baseball bat at the LPO’s in an attempt to slow them down.

The man left the store and ran into the woods behind the store. Police arrived and searched the woods but was unable to find the man.

While talking to the LPO’s neighbors informed Police that the man was behind some homes east of the woods. Police responded to the area and saw the man running behind the homes then across an open field towards Chestnut Ridge Road.

With Officers chasing on foot others were in cars heading to the road to cut the man off. The man had made it to the road but when he saw the Police cars he headed back through the yards right into the Officers who were chasing him on foot.

The man, later identified as 41 year old Stephen Bugg of Elyria, was arrested for Theft and Obstructing Official Business.



Elyria – Police Officers were flagged down Friday night on Cedar Street and informed that a car had just crashed and was lying on its side in the front yard of 126 Cedar St.

Officers found a blue VW Beetle resting on its passenger side and spoke with 19 year old Tyler McLean of Wakeman who stated that he was the passenger in the car at the time of the crash.

McLean told Officers that he had been drinking at a friend’s house and that his friend 17 year old Michael Jessup, also of Wakeman, had been driving at the time of the crash.

Officers found Jessup running down along the Black River. Jessup ignored Officers orders to stop and continued running but was caught after a short foot pursuit.

Officers were able to gently get the car back onto its wheels and began their investigation. While inspecting the inside of the vehicle Officers were able to determine that McLean was the driver based on the driver’s seat being pushed forward and the heights of the two men. Jessup also told Officers that McLean was the driver and the only reason he fled was because he was afraid of being arrested because he had been drinking.

McLean was given a blood alcohol test and blew .126.

McLean was cited for OVI, Underage Consumption and Reasonable Control.

Michael Jessup was certified as a juvenile and charged with Underage Consumption and Obstructing Official Business.


Sunday, May 02, 2010


Elyria – A teen girl was struck by a train Sunday afternoon on the railroad tracks near West River and West Bridge Streets. The girl who had been walking on the tracks was hit by a slow moving train and was treated on scene by LifeCare Paramedics for head and back injuries. The girl was then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. She was later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

More details will be posted as they become available.


Saturday, May 01, 2010


Elyria – The driver of a VW Bug took off on foot late Friday night after rolling his car on Cedar Street in Elyria.

Witnesses say that the driver was just going too fast on Cedar when he attempted to make the curve and went off the road. The car rolled over as it struck a guide wire on the tree lawn and ended up on its site in the front yard of 126 Cedar St. The car just missed striking the front porch of the house.

The driver took off on foot but was apprehended a short time later by Police.

Check back later for more details and a complete PHOTO GALLERY
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