Saturday, May 29, 2010


Elyria – An Elyria teen told Police that he snuck out of his Fairwood Street home, took his parents car and went for a ride just before he buried the car into the woods on Burns Road.

The teen, which does not have a driver’s license, first told Police that he had just left his home around 9 and was heading to a friends home off Hilliard Road. The Officers questioned first the time because the crash occurred around 2:30am and then also questioned if he was heading to Hilliard, which is south of the teen’s home, would he be up on Burns Road. The teen was then asked how fast he was driving at the time of the crash and he indicated that the digital speedometer on his Ford Focus was between “37 & 38 MPH.” The posted speed limit on Burns is 25 MPH.

Neighbors did not see the actual crash but heard it and ran outside to see what had happened. They said the teen was shaken and told them that he had to swerve to avoid a car that had come into his lane. The teen said that the crash wasn’t his fault because of the other car coming into his lane and he had no choice but to go into the woods.

The teen missed hitting a utility pole by just inches and struck a fire hydrant, which stopped his car from traveling into a ravine.

The teen was placed in a Police Car but was not arrested – only cited. His parents showed up a few moments later to take custody of him. One neighbor suggested that the teen was in for a long ride home.



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