Sunday, May 09, 2010


Elyria – One of the Train Station’s biggest draws is when they feature the band “Dr. Mo featuring Monica Robins” of Channel 3 News.

Robins and her band were performing Saturday night when a man attempted several times to get up on the stage. Bouncers from the Train Station gave the man repeated warnings to stay off the stage. Finally the man had to be escorted out of the building and was asked to not return due to his disruptive actions.

A short time later the man entered the bar through a back door with a large canister of Pepper Spray and began shooting it off hitting Robins in the face. The man continued spraying indiscriminately hitting many of the patrons in the bar. It was at this point when Bouncers and patrons took action to subdue the man and hold him for Police.

LifeCare Paramedics arrived and treated the man for injuries he received while being subdued. He refused and further treatment or transport from Medics. He was later released to his wife and was sent on his way. Charges are pending an investigation.

The man was described by witnesses as a “psychotic fan” who they believe has been stalking Robins and the band. According to the band site on Facebook they say although they do not believe that Robins was the intended target of the pepper spray and they are not sure if he is indeed a stalker – Robins will be filing a restraining order against the man on Monday.

The band also expressed their gratitude to the Bouncers, patrons and Police for their quick actions Saturday night. “Monica’s played in chicken wire before and has endured a lot of out of control fans, but nothing like this. We’re so very fortunate that it wasn’t worse and grateful to those who came to our aid.”

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