Monday, May 03, 2010


Elyria – A frantic 15 year old, Evan Broadstock, ran towards a Police Car on West River Road South yelling for help. Broadstock told the Officer that he just watched his friend get hit by a train.

Broadstock lead Police to the railroad tracks to where his friend was lying. The Officer stated that as they arrived Broadstock went to the girl and began helping her up at which time the Officer advised him to leave her alone – do not move her. The girl was located slumped down on the bridge over the Black River just east of West River Road.

The Officer observed injuries to the back of her head and a laceration near the front of her hairline. She also had significant bruising to her back according to the Police report.

Broadstock identified the girl as Katie Bartram. Broadstock said the two had been walking westbound along the tracks while a train was traveling westbound on the south tracks. He told Police that he saw the train behind them and grabbed Katie to pull her off the track. Katie was struck by the engine and knocked into the rail of the bridge. Katie hit her head on the rail and was knocked out. Broadstock attempted to wake Katie but was unable to so he ran to get help.

Police took Broadstock back to his home on West River near the tracks and turned him over to his mother. Broadstock confirmed that Bartram had been wearing headphones with an iPod at the time of the incident. A pair of headphones and blood splatter was found under the grating on the bridge. The Officer also noted what appeared to be a tall can of beer get knocked off the bridge and into the water below.

The train engineer told Police that he saw two people walking along the tracks and he sounded his horn constantly to alert the two that a train was coming but neither looked back. He told Police he then heard a loud thump.

Bartram was taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital where she was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Bartram is listed in good condition today.

Photos by: BRIAN WOODS


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