Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Gone but NOT forgotten”

George Brenner, City Marshal
Wellington Police Department 7.17.1883

Rupert Becker, Night Watchman
Amherst Police Department 4.10.1916

Fred J. Webber, Patrolman
Lorain Police Department 12.23.1923

Charles C. Deal, Patrolman
Lorain Police Department 11.06.1925

Franklin J. Strohl, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 6.13.1930

Howard B. Taft, Patrolman
Elyria Police Department 8.18.1942

George Kirk, Patrolman
Lorain Police Department 3.30.1944

Edmund G. Smith, Patrolman
Wellington Police Department 5.04.1957

Michael J. George, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 1.09.1961

John P. Palermo, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 1.21.1964

Robert Woodall, Patrolman
Oberlin Police Department 3.10.1971

Francis Smolka, Patrolman
Vermilion Police Department 10.29.1978

Kenneth M. Tomaszewski, Deputy
Lorain County Sheriff 7.03.1979

Robert Perez, Trooper
Ohio State Highway Patrol 5.15.2000

James A. Kerstetter, Patrolman
Elyria Police Department 3.15.2010

“Gone but Not Forgotten”


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working on plans to plant a tree called the Kerstetter tree

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