Thursday, June 30, 2011


Elyria – For weeks business owners have been concerned about a rash of dumpster fires that have been occurring in Downtown Elyria and just north of downtown in the late evening hours.
Dumpsters behind Moss’ Steakhouse, McDonalds downtown, the Old County Courthouse, Subway on Cleveland Street, Smitty’s on East Bridge and BP next door have been just some of the targets, some multiple times. Usually when there was one another would follow shortly thereafter.
Elyria Police and Elyria Fire Officials have been investigating the arson fires and with the help of a local business owner who pointed a surveillance camera at their dumpster the suspect was captured late Wednesday night.
Officials working with an image of suspect captured on the surveillance camera staked out the downtown area Wednesday night and when the call came in for a dumpster fire on Tremont near Moss’ they began looking for their man. Sure enough 48 year old Thomas Fagan of Elyria was standing nearby watching and was nabbed by Police.
Fagan has admitted to setting several fires and authorities are continuing to investigate if any were copy cat fires.
Downtown merchants gathered after Fagan was arrested and said they were relieved. They were concerned the suspect might have grown tired of small trash fires and upgraded to structures.
At this point Fagan has been charged with two counts of Arson.



Story & Photos by BRIAN WOODS
Elyria – An Elyria man was arrested early Wednesday morning after he broke into a home on Yale Ave and attempted to walk out with a laptop under his arm.
The homeowner told Police she was sleeping on the couch in the living room when a something woke her up and she saw the stranger in her house. The man asked her where John was, she thought he said her son’s name which sounds the same, and so she went and woke him up. The suspect then started walking out with a laptop under his arm when the resident told him to put it back. The man placed it on the counter and then walked out of the house.
As Officers began arriving in the area they received reports of a male matching the description of the suspect in the back yard on Miami Ave. Police surrounded the area and spotted the suspect who ran after he was ordered to stop by Police.
After a foot chase through the neighborhood the suspect was captured in a back yard. Police searched the man, later identified as 37 year old Mark Streets of Denison Ave in Elyria, and found a camera on him belonging to the homeowner on Yale.
Streets was charged with Burglary.


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You will find a box inside of the Elyria Police Station Lobby where you can drop off your form and payment for the K5K.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Elyria – Two people were injured late Tuesday night after a head on collision on Route 113 between Lake Ave and Lorain Blvd.

The crash occurred just before midnight in the eastbound lane at the top of the Rt. 113 Bridge. The collision caused heavy damage to both vehicles and tossed the Jeep Wrangler onto its side. Police say the driver of the Jeep was able to self-extricate while the driver of the passenger car had to be extricated from her vehicle by Elyria Firefighters.

Mike Bridge, Elyria Paramedic Supervisor of LifeCare Ambulance, said both victims left the scene in stable condition but might be flown from Elyria Memorial Hospital due to mechanism of injury.

The crash is under investigation but Police say one of the vehicles is believed to have been traveling westbound in the eastbound lane. A witness said it happened quickly but she remembers seeing headlights coming towards her just before the crash and then just a lot of dust and smoke.

The eastbound lane of 113 was closed down for about 2 hours for the investigation.

More details and a COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY later today on TMC NEWS

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Elyria – Residents of Colonial Oaks feared the worst when they discovered a neighbor’s trailer on fire Friday night on Pennsylvania Ave. Frantic calls to Elyria Police and 9-1-1 lead rescuers to believe there were people trapped inside of the mobile home.

A slew of Elyria Police Officers were the first to arrive on the scene. Officers found the trailer and a nearby shed on fire. Officers busted a window near the back of the home in an attempt to find someone inside. Fire poured out of the window and Officers could see that fire had already spread throughout the length of the home.

Knowing if anyone was in the home they would be unable to rescue them, they began alerting and evacuating neighbors from their homes.

When Firefighters arrived they were able to get the fire under control in a short amount of time and completely extinguished a short time later. A primary and secondary search showed that nobody, including the resident’s dog, was inside of the home.

A neighbor later told Firefighters that he saw the man, who owns the home, pack up his dog and leave earlier in the evening.

Elyria Fire Investigators were called to the scene to find the cause of the fire.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


A group of friends came together Wednesday night in Grafton to let the Tomasheski family know; “You’ve supported us in the past, now we are here to support you.”

The nearly 100 people stood with candles and special shirts made by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office to raise money for the Tomasheski family and prayed for the family that has lost so much and still have such a long road ahead.

Organizers wanted to remind the community that donations can still be made at ANY First Place Bank Branch in the name of the Tomasheski Family Memorial Fund.

Friends will also be collecting donations outside of the Sparkle in Grafton Thursday from 10a to 2p.

A car wash will be held Saturday from 10a to 3p at the Convenient Food Mart in Grafton.

To purchase a shirt you can call the Lorain County Sheriff's Office at 440.329.3794 or 440.329.3844. Shirts are ONLY $10.00.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The 2011 Special Olympics Torch Run came through Lorain County Monday morning and this year there were more participants and a special meaning to the run.

Lieutenant Vince Abt of the North Ridgeville Police Department organizes the run and said this year the run included Officers from at least nine different Lorain County Agencies including: Avon, Avon Lake, Amherst, North Ridgeville, Elyria, The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Lorain County Metro Parks Rangers, Cadets from the Lorain County Community College Police Academy and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Each participant pays $25.00 to the Special Olympics and this year Abt noticed one special check. Corrections Officer Tom Tomasheski had written out the check and had planned on running in this year’s event. A small group from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department ran the last leg with heavy hearts and wishing their colleague and friend could have been with them.

Abt said all of the Officers that ran Monday had Tomasheski on their mind and continue to keep him and his entire family in their thoughts and prayers.

The run on Monday raised over $3,000.00 for the Ohio Special Olympics.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Elyria – Two people were trapped in a pickup truck after a collision on Gulf Road at Ohio Street just after 9 p.m. Monday night.

A total of four people were transported with non-life threatening injuries to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Details of the crash and a complete photo gallery later today

Monday, June 20, 2011


Happy Fathers Day! Oh crap, I never called my dad... Well, he didn't call me either. So we're even. As I inch closer and closer towards "maturity" and I watch myself starting to age much like the ripening avocados on the kitchen counter; I reflect a bit more on each day, sometimes each hour. This Fathers Day, I enjoyed some Mexamerican cuisine (fancy? No. It's called tacos and burritos), and some strawberry lime margaritas. Who could hate that?

While I watched my children playing in their pool and sliding down their slides, I thought for just a moment, "what the heck did I do to be able to spend a day in this house with those little monsters running amuck?" I considered myself blessed, then reality set back in...."I'm slight inebriated aren't I?" Oh, I'm kidding, I am a blessed man and I only prefaced this week’s rant with that story because last week we lost half of the Tomasheski family and in a terrible car crash. Check with TMC for ways to give and support this family which lost a mother and son, so heartbreaking!! But, I am not the obituary column, nor am I the advice column. So as the resident color commentator, I say let's paint this town!

The color of choice today is: dunce cap gray, because we've got some real hum-dingers that kept it pretty interesting this week. 2 different motorcycle crashes one sounds like failure to control, the other sounds like failure to launch! We'll go with the story number 2. There are 2 aspects to this story that set it up to be a failure from the beginning. #1- motorcycle #2- an 80 year old man. Those two things are a recipe for a Life Alert commercial.

Now, I know I have a reputation for not defending elderly drivers. I can't disagree with that. I've been to the bureau of motor vehicles and have seen the 90 year old woman fail the vision test 26 times. Why 26? Because they basically let her name off every letter of the alphabet!! A? No! B? No, try again. C, D...I offered to read it for her!! So when I see an 80 year old man, in the rain, on a motorcycle, with no helmet and some pretty thick bottle glass for spectacles....I lose some of that sympathy. He fell off his bike and was FINE so, let's get that out of the way. But he lost control while wiping the rain off his glasses. Well, that's probably a good indication that your balance may be a little off if you can't manage to use one hand for a few seconds. It also shows you may be a little off in your judgment that you wouldn't just pull over and wait out the torrents. So, I've got some strict advice for Mr. Magoo here...get a helmet, maybe some need pads, and if you can't handle your horse, stick to your rascal scooter, or try a trike instead! Good thing no one was hurt. Maybe some pride.

The other story that caught my eye was another valiant rescue by our fine EFD. So what cute cat got pulled out of a tree this week? Wait, that's not a cat, that's an orangutan! No, no, no! It's just some silly Elyrian 30 feet up in the foliage! So it's an honest mistake. The guy was trimming the verge and managed to knock his ladder over. Unfortunately he was much higher than jumping distance and he doesn't look too light on his toes. I'm guessing a fall from 30 may have left him a foot shorter and that much wider too. Thank God we still live in a time where we can call our firefighters out to rescue us from our mentally challenged selves sometimes!! Had it been me up there, I'm sure someone would've offered to just cut the tree down whilst I was in it, or leave me to my own devices. This guy must have much more sympathetic friends than I do. Again, perhaps only pride was left bruised after this event. But if I could offer some Dear Abby here: next time you decide to climb up into the heights of nature, defy gravity and test Newton's Law all at the same time...pack a parachute, and perhaps a lunch!

That's really all I've got. We're reaching the deadline to get involved with this year’s Kerstetter 5k, so check with TMC NEWS and get all the info you need and check the new website out

As always, stay SMART, stay SAFE, and get your great grandpa off that motorcycle!
God Bless Us, Everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Elyria – Residents in the area of East River and Harrison called 9-1-1 Sunday afternoon reporting a motorcycle crash. Police, LifeCare Paramedics and Firefighters responded to the area but only found an 80 something biker from Grafton that had fallen off his motorcycle while trying to wipe the rain off his glasses.

The biker told Paramedics that he wasn’t hurt and just wanted to get on his way back to Grafton. Police on scene suggested he hold off until the rain let up but he hopped back on the bike and headed south.

To view more photos visit our FACEBOOK PAGE


Elyria Township – A motorcyclist was flown from Elyria Township late Saturday night after he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed on Route 57 near Griswold Road.

One witness told Troopers and Elyria Police he had been following the bikes since the Huron area and said they were driving just fine – no speeding or weaving and always using signals.

Once the motorcyclist exited Route 2 onto Route 57 something happened to cause him to lose control. One driver following behind speculates he might have hit loose gravel along near the side of the road.

After the crash witnesses rushed to the man’s aid and found him without a pulse. A nurse who was about two cars back performed CPR on the man and was able to get a pulse.

Elyria Township Firefighters, with the assistance of LifeCare Paramedics and Elyria Firefighters, treated the man on the scene before taking him to an awaiting helicopter in a nearby field. The helicopter medical crew worked on the victim for nearly 30 minutes before flying him to Cleveland.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating what caused the man to lose control of his bike.



Elyria – A two car crash on I-90 below the Gulf Road overpass sent four people to the hospital late Saturday afternoon.

Police say two cars traveling east on I-90 connected on the construction area and smashed into the concrete barriers. The driver of the at fault vehicle told Police her tire began to wobble, and then she noticed the other car’s tire began to wobble. The next thing she knew they were connected and spinning around.

The crash sent one car into a muddy ditch off the right side of the road.

LifeCare Paramedics treated and transported 4 victims from the crash to Elyria Memorial Hospital. Two people refused treatment or transport at the scene.

Police say the woman (driver of the red car) would be cited with Reasonable Control.



Elyria – An Elyria man was trimming his tree Saturday afternoon when one of the limbs he cut took down his ladder as it tumbled to the ground leaving him stranded about 30 feet up the tree.

Elyria Firefighters were called in to rescue the man from his perch. After Firefighters placed one of their ladders against the tree the man safely made his way back down to the ground.

No injuries were reported.


Monday, June 13, 2011


If you would like to make a donation to the Tomasheski family you can do so at ANY First Place Bank.

The Tomasheski Memorial Fund was set up at the First Place Bank main branch on Main Street in Grafton but we are told you can walk into any First Place Bank to make your donation.

Friends of the Tomasheski family will also be taking donations outside of the Chestnut Commons WAL-MART on the following dates: This Tuesday June 14th, Wednesday June 15th and Thursday June 16th.

Next Monday June 20th Tuesday June 21st, Wednesday June 22nd and Thursday June 23rd. Friends will be collecting from 4 to 6pm each day.

They will also be at Sparkle Market in Grafton Saturday June 18th and Saturday June 25th from 10a to 2p.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The Ohio State Highway Patrol's Elyria Post investigation into the double fatal crash that happened on State Route 83 near milepost 5 in the Village of Grafton around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night continues at this hour.

Here is what Officials know now. Thomas Tomasheski, 38 of Valley City was operating his 2010 Honda Civic southbound on State Route 83 with his wife and 2 children in the car.

Gerald Wetherbee Jr., 35 of Oberlin was traveling northbound on State Route 83 in his 2004 KIA Optima when the right side tires of his vehicle went off the right side of the road. Wetherbee then over-corrected causing his vehicle to cross over the centerline, striking Tomasheski's vehicle head-on.

Tomasheski was responsive but sustained internal injuries and was transported to Cleveland Metro Hospital for surgery. His 13-year old daughter Danielle was unresponsive and transported to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for surgery.

His wife Tammy, age 36 sustained open fractures and internal injuries. She was transported to Cleveland Metro Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. His son Thomas III, 11-years old was pronounced dead at the scene.

All four were wearing seatbelts.

Wetherbee sustained open fractures and was transported to Cleveland Metro Hospital. Troopers say it is unclear if Wetherbee was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Alcohol and or drugs were a contributing factor according to the report by the State Patrol.

The crash remains under investigation.

A PHOTO GALLERY has been posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE

For those without Facebook view PHOTO GALLERY here


Another collection of stories, and I'm struggling to see the brighter side of life. This week had some good, bad and ugly to it. But life is not a bed of roses. Although given the fact that roses are so pretty and their thorns are so sharp...if you made a bed out of them...oh never mind. How was your week? Mine? Fair. But enough about us, right?

Starting with something good; Thanks to Wolfey's for a great contribution for the Kerstetter 5k. It is great to see businesses supporting real causes that affect the people of our communities, and in honor of the men and women who serve and protect them. Thank you! I will have to make it a priority to get to Wolfey's and see what the talk is all about. You know me, I follow my stomach first, then my heart.

So we had a sad story in Elyria that could've been sadder. There aren't that many details about the man burned by electrical wires. But it sounds like something right out of a horror movie as he was actually engulfed in flames. Just a reminder to anyone and everyone: electrical wires are dangerous and no one should be near them, or attempt to move them. The saving grace in this story was the fact that LifeCare was literally next store and able to respond instantly. Luckily he'll just have scars and stories to talk about. Sounds like he is a very fortunate to be alive!

I remember reading, years ago, a story about a man who had hit an electrical pole with his car. The wires came down and entangled the vehicle. The bozo got out of his car, removed bolt cutters from his trunk and began to snip his car free. Needless to say, the world has one less genius walking its fertile soil, that guy didn't make it. So, leave it to the professionals.

Now from one electrical nightmare to another. Only this time, it is someone's poor driving skills that led to others misery. The car crash in Elyria, which is still under investigation that ended up leaving the south side of Elyria without any power on Wednesday, which was roasting! Apparently he failed to stop quickly enough for the car slowing in front of him, so he veered off the street, into a pole. Really? Stopping requires one foot on one pedal. Was that really necessary? The pole damage resulted in a power outage that couldn't have come on a hotter day. People were instantly on their porches trying to catch a breeze in the stale, slow air. The guy was cited with some minor traffic violations. Now, I'm sure he was doing something far more important than looking the road while driving, but you know how I have a thirst for the proper judgment. I find it to be fair that for his punishment, he be sentenced to a week in a hot box. I hate being hot and having no control over it. So I say put him in an ugly Christmas sweater, snow hat, itchy wool pants and boots. Then put him in a glass box downtown with some air holes and a space heater in it. One week should cure him of his bad driving habits. But what do I know. At least no one was injured in the crash, just extremely inconvenienced.

The saddest news comes just recently with a head on collision in Grafton Village on 83. A mother and her child's life were claimed. The story shows that alcohol/drugs were a contributing factor. The oncoming driver "over corrected" and hit this family of 4 dead on. I've always been very outspoken about people driving under the influence or even impaired in any way, I've always said it'd be more fair to drive yourself off a cliff than to jeopardize anyone else. I stand behind that. I realize the driver has a family too, but forgive me for pointing out the fact that he chose to endanger others first. Vehicles, when not respected in the thousands of pounds of metal that they are comprised of, become weapons when they are under the control of an irresponsible individual. This was easily avoidable, and if the driver had been a little more disciplined, maybe, just maybe, their lives would have been spared. That is two lives that this reckless driver will have on his mind and in his heart forever. As a father and a husband, I always say I pity the person who'd come between my family and I; and I do. Because no one can make up for the loss of a child or a wife and it affects everyone who has ever known them as well. The rest of the family, already bruised and battered will now have to endure the reality that they have lost a light in their life. I hope and pray that they will be able to find the strength and the peace that they need to persevere through such a trying time. A sobering reminder to everyone that your life is not yours to govern, it can be taken at anytime. So, live in this moment, knowing you may not have another, and hold on to the ones around you knowing they may not always be there either. Prayers and wishes for everyone involved. I believe this mother and her child are walking, hand in hand, amongst the angels. Hopefully that image brings peace to the family they left behind.

Sadness in our portion of this big world today. But we move forward. Hopefully more safely, and a little smarter....God Bless you all.

Story & Photos by BRIAN WOODS
Grafton Village – A crash on Route 83 in Grafton Village has left a child dead and a mother in critical condition.

Troopers say that a KIA was traveling north on Route 83 when it passed a vehicle. After passing it attempted to get back into its lane and went off the right side of the road. The driver then tried to get back on the roadway but lost control and slammed head on into a southbound Honda Civic.

In the Honda Civic was a Mother, Father and two children. One child was killed instantly upon impact and the child’s mother, who was in the passenger seat, was in critical condition. The child’s father was the driver and there was one other child in the car at the time, the conditions on the father and other child are not known at this time. The father was speaking with Troopers at the scene however.

Multiple Departments assisted Grafton Village in treating the victims and transporting them to local hospitals.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is leading up the investigation and will issue more information later today.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


ELYRIA – Flanked by members of the Elyria Police Department, Wendy & Scott Wolfe of Wolfey’s Bistro & Pub in Elyria presented a check in the amount of $2828.00 to Officer Jim Welsh for the 2nd Annual James A. Kerstetter 5K Run / Family Walk as part of their sponsorship.

Throughout the month of May Wolfey’s donated 10% of all their sales, open to close, on each Tuesday to the K5K. “This was a phenomenal event and we could not be happier with the support we have received from Wendy, Scott and the entire staff at Wolfey’s,” said Elyria Police Officer Jim Welsh. “Wolfey’s could have easily just said we’ll donate $1,000.00 and been done with it but they stepped up and along with the financial support they have really been promoting the K5K too and that is also important.” Welsh said they have just over 200 people preregistered already and are looking for more. “We are calling for ALL runners, Avid or Amateur. All walkers, young and old and we are encouraging people to make this a family event. Last year we had families pushing strollers along the route, one guy was on crutches and that is something we really like seeing. That is what this event is all about.”

Joining Wolfey’s as Top Tier Sponsors are Elyria Memorial Hospital, LifeCare Ambulance and Time Warner Cable. Welsh said that sponsors are not just donating money but they will be active during the event. “Time Warner Cable will have their staff on hand passing out fruits, power bars and drinks to the participants and LifeCare will be there of course with their Paramedics on bikes following the runners just in case someone needs help. Elyria Firefighters will be set up checking blood pressures and Great Lakes Church from Amherst will have a Jump House and Cotton Candy machine for the kids.”

Wendy Wolfe applauded the other sponsors and people working on the K5K saying it is a great event for the community. “The entire community has supported this event and all events in Jim’s name, that is a true testament to the kind of person and Officer Jim was. Jim was all about his FAMILY, his COMMUNITY and HEALTH – I believe the K5K really brings all of those together in one event. We have been honored to be a part of this event and will continue to be as long as we are around.”

Welsh encourages runners and walkers to register early at saying that the first 400 people who register will receive a free K5K shirt. They will also have shirts for sale the day of the event.


Elyria – Many residents were left without power on the south side of Elyria late Wednesday night after a car crashed into a pole on West Ave near 10th Street.

The Elyria Police Department is investigating what happened to cause the male driver to go off the road and crash into the pole around midnight Wednesday. Neighbors said they heard a loud crash and then saw a bright flash of light – and then their air conditioners and fans stopped.

Neighbors went outside and found the crash and a male lying on the ground near the car.

LifeCare Paramedics treated the man, the sole occupant of the car, at the scene and then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Elyria Firefighters checked wires that were hanging near the scene to make sure nobody at the scene was in any danger or hot wires.

The crash is currently under investigation and residents in the area are still without power or relief from the heat.


Monday, June 06, 2011


Elyria – A 19 year Elyria man was burned over much of his body Monday afternoon after an incident occurred while working on a roof at 219 West Ave.

LifeCare Ambulance has a station just next door to where the incident occurred and two Paramedics heard an explosion according to Herb de la Porte, Vice President of LifeCare. “When they heard the noise they went outside to investigate and saw the man on the roof. People below started telling them what had happened and they immediately called for Elyria Fire to assist in getting the man down off the roof.”

Neighbors say they too heard what sounded like an explosion and went to see what had happened. One man said two men were on the roof and one was on fire and the other was attempting to put out the fire. Neighbors say they believe the man had indirectly touched an electrical line causing the explosion. Neighbors pointed out a stick that had been placed against the house to move a wire away from the roof area.

Elyria Firefighters arrived on the scene and began setting up their Tower truck to extricate the man from the roof. de la Porte said Paramedics gave Firefighters burn sheets to wrap the man in. He said the sheets are sterile and would help protect him from infections.

Firefighters picked the victim off the roof and then lowered him to LifeCare Paramedics below. Paramedics then began treating the victim before transporting him to Elyria Memorial Hospital where a helicopter crew was waiting.

The other man also had to be extricated from the roof by Firefighters.

The victim was flown to Cleveland in critical condition with “extensive burns across most of his body” according to de la Porte.

The other man on the roof was treated by LifeCare and transported for burns on his right hand, burns he received when he tried to extinguish the flames. He was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Well as if the heat wasn't enough reason to sit inside and put together this little blurb, turns out there were a few stories this week that caught my ever-judging eyes.

Seriously, is it hot enough? The first day of summer is in the end of June and here we are at 80 plus degrees and a humidity level that would give any self-respecting church lady a reason to put a bonnet over her frizzy hair. We joke about there either being snow or construction workers covering our roads, so it seems like the summer is already in full swing.

So the news....
You know I was gonna say something about the three car pileup on Rt. 57. FRENCH FRIES?! I mean, come on, this is what the news is all about, dumb people doing dumb things. It's now official, fast food can kill you slowly, via your arteries, or now it can get you quick, and in your car. Now, I am as guilty as the next guy when it comes to multitasking in the car; Phone calls, kids screaming, radio blasting, emails on the iPhone, Facebook notifications, all while trying to shove a dollar menu item down my gullet... But, there's an art to juggling these things. This young man broke a cardinal rule of proper preoccupied driving (or PPD, if you will). The rule is: French fries always go in between your thighs! Isn't that a literal and figurative fact! But, it’s true. Not in a cup holder, not on the passenger's seat, not wedged between the parking break and the driver seat either. If this silly boy would have followed PPD protocol (or PPDP, if you will), he would never had needed to take his eyes off the road to search for his grease soaked potatoes. Lesson learned here. It's a mistake he'll never make again. Glad to see that even with 3 cars involved, no one was seriously hurt.

Another shooting in Elyria, this time on Beebe St. I am not familiar with the area, but I can say that this is beginning to be a weekly occurrence in Elyria! Didn't we just have this conversation?  I'm not going to get too political about whether people should carry guns or not. It just seems like the ones who do carry are the ones who do the shooting. Does that make sense? I've found it impossible to shoot at my neighbor’s house in the dead of the night due to the fact that I don't have a gun; and my slingshot skills are just not honed to perfection. I'm pretty sure that I'm repeating myself when I say that we should ban guns, aside from law enforcement, and hand out Swiss army knives to everyone over 21. Then, if you really feel the need to kill gotta do a lot more work and they'll have a fighting chance. We've raised generations of cowards. People who fight with words online, shoot others in their backs....the day you can finally cause bodily harm to someone via the Internet will be the day the world starts to dissolve; because I guarantee it'd be an overnight phenomenon. If you read the story, the police did put out a description of the suspect, "black male".... In Elyria? That should be an easy find! Good luck to the EPD and God bless the fortunate family, who did not lose their loved one to this heinous crime. It does bother me that these kind of crimes are happening in neighborhoods. What happened to the old days, when people got shot downtown Elyria? Those were the good ol' days

Lots of great things happening in the community, I promise. The news can be pretty gloom and doom but "big ups" to TMC for really highlighting some of the local efforts to bring people together for the betterment of themselves and each other. The Kerstetter 5k is quickly approaching and although I'm not medically cleared to run, due to the fact that I'm too stupid to even walk upright at times, I will be supporting the runners that day as well. I tried to get a job throwing banana peels onto the course...but no one wanted to spring the cash for the golf cart, or the produce. Hey, I'm just trying to make the world a little more interesting! So don't hate...participate!

That's all I got people. Be safe and be smart! Not necessarily in that order though!


Saturday, June 04, 2011


Grafton Township – An elderly woman was flown with head injuries after a two car collision in Grafton Township.

Trooper Tammy Yount of the Ohio State Patrol said the collision occurred at the intersection of Route 303 and Route 57. The 66 year old female driver of a silver minivan was north on Route 57, after stopping for the sign she attempted to make a left turn onto Route 303 and collided with a black Ford F150 that was traveling eastbound on 303 and had no stop sign.

The impact of the crash ejected the woman from her minivan tossing her into a ditch at the southeast corner of the intersection.

Grafton Township Firefighters responding to the scene immediately requested a helicopter after hearing a victim had been ejected. Toledo Life Flight landed about 15 minutes after Firefighters arrived on scene. The woman was treated on scene by Grafton Township and Eaton Township Firefighters and Paramedics before turning care over to the Life Flight team.

The driver of the Ford F150 refused treatment or transport at the scene. Two kids inside of the minivan were treated at the scene for injuries described as non life threatening and transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Trooper Yount said the driver of the minivan would be charged with Failure to Yield from a Stop Sign.



Eaton Township – One Elyria man was injured Saturday afternoon in a 3 car rear-end collision on Route 57 just south of 82.

Trooper Cliffton Dowell of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said a red Riviera was stopped in the northbound lane of 57 and a Dodge Durango was slowing down for the stopped vehicle when he was rear-ended by Michael B. Warren, 21 of Elyria. Warren told Troopers that he was slowing down but was also reaching for French fries and was distracted when he slammed into the back of the Durango. The collision pushed the Durango into the back of the Riviera.

The damage to the Durango and Riviera were both minor but Warren’s car suffered heavy front d damaged.

Eaton Township Firefighters treated Warren at the scene before transporting him to Elyria Memorial Hospital. Firefighters did a quick turn around and responded to Grafton Township’s crash at 303 & 57 to assist them with their multiple victims.

Troopers will charge Warren with Assured Clear Distance.

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