Sunday, June 12, 2011


Another collection of stories, and I'm struggling to see the brighter side of life. This week had some good, bad and ugly to it. But life is not a bed of roses. Although given the fact that roses are so pretty and their thorns are so sharp...if you made a bed out of them...oh never mind. How was your week? Mine? Fair. But enough about us, right?

Starting with something good; Thanks to Wolfey's for a great contribution for the Kerstetter 5k. It is great to see businesses supporting real causes that affect the people of our communities, and in honor of the men and women who serve and protect them. Thank you! I will have to make it a priority to get to Wolfey's and see what the talk is all about. You know me, I follow my stomach first, then my heart.

So we had a sad story in Elyria that could've been sadder. There aren't that many details about the man burned by electrical wires. But it sounds like something right out of a horror movie as he was actually engulfed in flames. Just a reminder to anyone and everyone: electrical wires are dangerous and no one should be near them, or attempt to move them. The saving grace in this story was the fact that LifeCare was literally next store and able to respond instantly. Luckily he'll just have scars and stories to talk about. Sounds like he is a very fortunate to be alive!

I remember reading, years ago, a story about a man who had hit an electrical pole with his car. The wires came down and entangled the vehicle. The bozo got out of his car, removed bolt cutters from his trunk and began to snip his car free. Needless to say, the world has one less genius walking its fertile soil, that guy didn't make it. So, leave it to the professionals.

Now from one electrical nightmare to another. Only this time, it is someone's poor driving skills that led to others misery. The car crash in Elyria, which is still under investigation that ended up leaving the south side of Elyria without any power on Wednesday, which was roasting! Apparently he failed to stop quickly enough for the car slowing in front of him, so he veered off the street, into a pole. Really? Stopping requires one foot on one pedal. Was that really necessary? The pole damage resulted in a power outage that couldn't have come on a hotter day. People were instantly on their porches trying to catch a breeze in the stale, slow air. The guy was cited with some minor traffic violations. Now, I'm sure he was doing something far more important than looking the road while driving, but you know how I have a thirst for the proper judgment. I find it to be fair that for his punishment, he be sentenced to a week in a hot box. I hate being hot and having no control over it. So I say put him in an ugly Christmas sweater, snow hat, itchy wool pants and boots. Then put him in a glass box downtown with some air holes and a space heater in it. One week should cure him of his bad driving habits. But what do I know. At least no one was injured in the crash, just extremely inconvenienced.

The saddest news comes just recently with a head on collision in Grafton Village on 83. A mother and her child's life were claimed. The story shows that alcohol/drugs were a contributing factor. The oncoming driver "over corrected" and hit this family of 4 dead on. I've always been very outspoken about people driving under the influence or even impaired in any way, I've always said it'd be more fair to drive yourself off a cliff than to jeopardize anyone else. I stand behind that. I realize the driver has a family too, but forgive me for pointing out the fact that he chose to endanger others first. Vehicles, when not respected in the thousands of pounds of metal that they are comprised of, become weapons when they are under the control of an irresponsible individual. This was easily avoidable, and if the driver had been a little more disciplined, maybe, just maybe, their lives would have been spared. That is two lives that this reckless driver will have on his mind and in his heart forever. As a father and a husband, I always say I pity the person who'd come between my family and I; and I do. Because no one can make up for the loss of a child or a wife and it affects everyone who has ever known them as well. The rest of the family, already bruised and battered will now have to endure the reality that they have lost a light in their life. I hope and pray that they will be able to find the strength and the peace that they need to persevere through such a trying time. A sobering reminder to everyone that your life is not yours to govern, it can be taken at anytime. So, live in this moment, knowing you may not have another, and hold on to the ones around you knowing they may not always be there either. Prayers and wishes for everyone involved. I believe this mother and her child are walking, hand in hand, amongst the angels. Hopefully that image brings peace to the family they left behind.

Sadness in our portion of this big world today. But we move forward. Hopefully more safely, and a little smarter....God Bless you all.



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