Sunday, June 05, 2011


Well as if the heat wasn't enough reason to sit inside and put together this little blurb, turns out there were a few stories this week that caught my ever-judging eyes.

Seriously, is it hot enough? The first day of summer is in the end of June and here we are at 80 plus degrees and a humidity level that would give any self-respecting church lady a reason to put a bonnet over her frizzy hair. We joke about there either being snow or construction workers covering our roads, so it seems like the summer is already in full swing.

So the news....
You know I was gonna say something about the three car pileup on Rt. 57. FRENCH FRIES?! I mean, come on, this is what the news is all about, dumb people doing dumb things. It's now official, fast food can kill you slowly, via your arteries, or now it can get you quick, and in your car. Now, I am as guilty as the next guy when it comes to multitasking in the car; Phone calls, kids screaming, radio blasting, emails on the iPhone, Facebook notifications, all while trying to shove a dollar menu item down my gullet... But, there's an art to juggling these things. This young man broke a cardinal rule of proper preoccupied driving (or PPD, if you will). The rule is: French fries always go in between your thighs! Isn't that a literal and figurative fact! But, it’s true. Not in a cup holder, not on the passenger's seat, not wedged between the parking break and the driver seat either. If this silly boy would have followed PPD protocol (or PPDP, if you will), he would never had needed to take his eyes off the road to search for his grease soaked potatoes. Lesson learned here. It's a mistake he'll never make again. Glad to see that even with 3 cars involved, no one was seriously hurt.

Another shooting in Elyria, this time on Beebe St. I am not familiar with the area, but I can say that this is beginning to be a weekly occurrence in Elyria! Didn't we just have this conversation?  I'm not going to get too political about whether people should carry guns or not. It just seems like the ones who do carry are the ones who do the shooting. Does that make sense? I've found it impossible to shoot at my neighbor’s house in the dead of the night due to the fact that I don't have a gun; and my slingshot skills are just not honed to perfection. I'm pretty sure that I'm repeating myself when I say that we should ban guns, aside from law enforcement, and hand out Swiss army knives to everyone over 21. Then, if you really feel the need to kill gotta do a lot more work and they'll have a fighting chance. We've raised generations of cowards. People who fight with words online, shoot others in their backs....the day you can finally cause bodily harm to someone via the Internet will be the day the world starts to dissolve; because I guarantee it'd be an overnight phenomenon. If you read the story, the police did put out a description of the suspect, "black male".... In Elyria? That should be an easy find! Good luck to the EPD and God bless the fortunate family, who did not lose their loved one to this heinous crime. It does bother me that these kind of crimes are happening in neighborhoods. What happened to the old days, when people got shot downtown Elyria? Those were the good ol' days

Lots of great things happening in the community, I promise. The news can be pretty gloom and doom but "big ups" to TMC for really highlighting some of the local efforts to bring people together for the betterment of themselves and each other. The Kerstetter 5k is quickly approaching and although I'm not medically cleared to run, due to the fact that I'm too stupid to even walk upright at times, I will be supporting the runners that day as well. I tried to get a job throwing banana peels onto the course...but no one wanted to spring the cash for the golf cart, or the produce. Hey, I'm just trying to make the world a little more interesting! So don't hate...participate!

That's all I got people. Be safe and be smart! Not necessarily in that order though!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ban guns?

Drugs are banned...who has them?

Kiddie porn is banned...who has it?

Criminals, that's who. So you want to take away my constitutional right to defend my family against criminals who could care less about a "ban"?

Maybe Jasons should be banned from writing...

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ban guns...really? Did you ever think that law abiding citizens who arm themselves against these thugs who carry ilegally purchased weapons should have the right to protect themselves? Most CHL holders I know have exceeded the amount of training that is required to carry because they want to be safe, and know the laws, not to go shooting people in the back, or for no justified reason. The store clerk that was shot doing what he was told all while having a gun in his face, would have loved to have a weapon to protect himself, something tells me that a swiss army knife wouldnt have done the job.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It just seems like the ones who do carry are the ones who do the shooting. Does that make sense?
Sure it makes sense. How else can someone shoot without a gun? lol
Tell you what... show me the stats that show who is doing the shooting. When you can show me where legally armed citizens are killing and doing all this shooting, I'll reconsider my position. Better yet, if you can GUARANTEE me that criminals and the mentally unstable are disarmed then I too will give up my right to carry and keep it in my home.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You 3 stooges, can't really be serious. I wasn't. If you read that whole thing and only got "ban guns" then I'm sorry you have selective intelligence. Obviously, I don't want to ban guns, but if I had one, no one would be safe. No one!
- Sunday's with Jason

8:45 PM  

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