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A crash in Sheffield Township late Friday night left two people trapped in one car with a total of four being sent to area hospitals; two to Metro by helicopter.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Miquel Sanchez, 21 of Lorain, was driving north on Route 57 at a high rate of speed when he collided with a Dodge Ram sitting at a red light. Lorain Police Officer Craig Payne, in a statement to the Patrol said he just happened to be in the area on patrol at the time of the crash and was an eyewitness.

“I was on patrol in the area of 57 & 254 when I witnessed the accident. The Dodge Ram pick up was stopped at the red light facing north on 57 when it was struck from behind by the Honda. Subsequently the Honda pushed the truck into the air, turning it around before coming to rest in the median. The Honda veered of to the left and struck a guardrail.” Officer Payne went on to say that in his opinion Sanchez was driving in excess of the posted speed limit and that he did not believe Sanchez’s car had any lights on at the time of the crash.

Chief Joseph Bandagski of the Sheffield Township Fire Department said that both victims from the Honda were trapped when they arrived. “The Honda had severe front end damage. Striking both the back of the Dodge Ram and then the guardrail the engine and dash were pushed into the passenger compartment of the vehicle pinning the two people inside. We were able to get the female passenger out fairly quickly but the driver was practically pinned under the dashboard making his extrication a bit more difficult.” Chief Bandagski said that Firefighters looped a chain around the steering column and attached it to their Jaws of Life, which was anchored to a guardrail post in front of the car. “Once that was hooked up we activated the Jaws which pulled the chain which lifted the steering column and dashboard off the driver then other Firefighters were able to extricate him.”

Sanchez and his passenger, 18-year-old Adrienne Caraballo of Cleveland, were both transported to area hospitals where helicopters quickly flew them to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.
The driver of the Dodge Ram, 50-year-old Hector Vazquez of Lorain along with his son were also both transported to area hospitals with less serious injuries.
Chief Bandagski said that Sheffield Township received assistance from Lorain, Sheffield Village and Elyria Township Fire. “With the number of victims, the extent of injuries and the extrication that needed to be done it is nice to have such cooperation from surrounding communities.”
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What they failed to mention is this was a drunk driver. Another dumbass who could have killed a child and his father. No matter how a good a driver he is, mr.vazquez would never have seen this coming being the driver of the honda had no lights on. "High rate of speed" ?... HELL YEAH!! did you see the size of that truck!! thats the only way a honda could move that thing. Must of been like hitting a brick wall. I feel badly for his family, but I hope mr. sanchez felt every bit of it.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous tj said...

Great job, again TMC !!!! Too bad the local media can't take lessons from you.... coverage that is not even mentioned in the local rags..... Keep up the good work...

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that we, as human beings, make decisions that are irreversible. How many times have we done something we wish we hadn't, but gotten away without hurting anyone? For the person that said I hope Mr. Sanchez is feeling every bit of it, if it comforts you at night...he is. I wish he could have made a better decision that night, but he didn't and there are consequences for his actions. I hope the Vazquez Family is recovering quickly and they find it in their hearts to forgive Mr. Sanchez and pray for his recovery, as well.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only was the driver, who caused the accident drunk, but the driver of the truck was cited for drinking as well. Unfortantely he got hurt but he could have caused the accident as well because he had been drinking.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous 13 yr old's mom said...

To anonymous number 3 WRONG!!!! the driver of that truck was not drinking that night . he had just gotten off of three 3-11 shift at the steel mill and was picking up his/my son to spend the weekend with him.Iam that 13 yr.olds mother so be careful of the accusations you make. he would never drink and drive with his son . I know this as fact!! I was married to him 13 yrs. Get your facts straight, cuz to my knowledge there are no toxicology reports public as of yet. What I know came from the trooper as I was standing over my son in the ER trying to assure him his dad was ok. MR VAZQUEZ WAS NOT CITED! Honda had no headlights on, THAT came from the trooper as well. why didnt you ID yourself with you false accusation?

2:17 PM  

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