Friday, November 16, 2007


A woman driving her SUV east on Route 113 Friday evening attempted to avoid striking a deer and ended up rolling her vehicle.

The crash occurred around 6 p.m. on 113 between Clemens and Murray Ridge Road. The driver, 29-year-old Connie Drochak, extricated herself from the vehicle after it came to a stop and only received minor injuries.
Elyria Township Fire Department responded and transported Drochak to Elyria Medical Center to be thoroughly checked out and to be treated for cuts she received to her hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would have been nice had they cleaned up all the glass from this wreck. I drove thru it the next morning!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh are you sure that was a deer?
Don't get me wrong I feel really bad for this woman it probably scared her to death, & look @ her SUV totaled!! but she's an adult so if she says a DEER ran out on front of her than that's what happened.. What about when a young man says a deer ran out in front of him? "oH he was Drunk and just seeing things, did it have a RED NOSE" that's stupid saying stuff like that, I guess that person doesn't drive on the country roads too often huh? "Hey buddy, We have DEER out here in the country & they dart out in front of us all the time" By the way that kid did pass his breath alizer test, even though some idiot gave him alcohol & he was stupid enough to drink it, & he had a little bit in his system, so the officer had to give him the driving under the influence. But how dare you say there was NO DEER.
Just wait till it happens to you Buddy! I don't think there was a deer that ran out in front of that 29 yr old lady either, she just wanted to flip her SUV, was there an alcohol test done on her, or did she sober right up? maybe you need to make the comment if that deer had a red nose in your little biography next week...

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It happened to a Lorain Fire truck. Tower 1 was being driven back from the dealership in southern Ohio after having some work done on it when a deer ran in front of it. The end result, deer burgers all over the road. They are in heat this time of year so they are running all over. Be carefull out there especialy if you are out on a bike. Haas

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'd like to leave a comment for the ASSHOLE that thinks that there was no deer in front of that lady!! I seen the accident happend and she swerved to miss it!! so before you make assumptions and say this like that get a life!!!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey #4 (Or should I say A- hoe) ?
Didn't get it did ya?
Read #2's again...
Get it now.??
What it meant was that People need to understand that us people that drive in the country have deer run out in front of us.... The writer referred the accident with the young man that he was blaming his accident on a deer, & the writer was making fun saying the deer had a red nose pulling santas sleigh.. Did you read it or NO?
Then this accident happened with the lady in the SUV. I felt really bad for her, then I seen what the writer said about the young man, & the red nosed deer, so I was wondering if he was going to say that in his weekly thoughts about the recent accidents?? My opinion was is wasn't fair to say that about that kid, to just assume he was lying... I believe the kid, & I believe that poor lady... Deer are everywhere!! Oh Yeah, I got a life, I own 6 horses & 3 of them are in Texas competing in Rodeos, 3 beagles That are going to trials next week. I go all over the us showing off my 1963 corvette at the car shows, my kids are all on the their own living extremely well.
Hey I need a break sometimes, I'm on vacation.. you get a life..

8:53 PM  

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