Friday, November 30, 2007


Two men hunting in Grafton Township this morning spotted smoke coming from a nearby house, as they got closer they could see flames coming from the back of the residence.

Brad Conley was hunting Friday morning in his sister’s back yard with his son Eric. They decided to come out of the woods to get something to eat when they spotted smoke. “We first thought it was just fog or something but then as we got a little closer we could see it was coming from the house. We came down here and the entire back of the house was engulfed in flames, we didn’t know at the time if anybody was at home so we started to beat on the windows and doors and nobody answered.”

The Conley’s were still concerned that someone might be inside of the home so Eric kicked in the front door. “My son kicked in the door and we yelled but nobody responded that we could hear. The smoke was too thick in the home to even attempt to go inside so we just came out and used their garden hose and started hosing down the back deck until the fire department got here.”

Assistant Chief Tim Adams of the Grafton Township Fire Department said when they arrived on scene the fire had already gotten up into the attic. “We believe the fire started outside against the back wall of the home then spread up the home and into the attic. We immediately started an exterior attack knocking down the fire in the woodpile against the house and then sent two teams into the house and they started fighting the attic fire.”

Nobody was in the home at the time of the fire, fire Officials say that the homeowner was taking lunch to her daughter at school at the time of the fire.

Chief Adams said that their Department received mutual aid assistance from LaGrange Township, Eaton Township and Litchfield Township Fire Departments with Tankers and manpower. “We had a total of five Tankers and about 2 dozen Firefighters on scene helping today.”

No injuries were reported.

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