Monday, February 04, 2008


Elyria – A City of Elyria Street Department crew was out working on Route 57 Monday morning filling potholes when a car rear-ended one of their vehicles.

Gary Dickerson, Elyria Street Department Director, said that he had crews working on Route 57 this morning filling in potholes when the crash occurred. “This stretch of road is really bad with the potholes so we have been trying to stay ahead of it. This morning we had several vehicles out here working on this project, the last vehicle – the one that was struck – was our safety vehicle that is there to protect the guys ahead of it and it is equipped with the large flashing arrow on the back to signal to the oncoming traffic.”

Dickerson said that the 1984 truck was struck from the rear by a vehicle traveling westbound on Route 57 between Gulf Road and West River. The driver of the car was treated by LifeCare Paramedics and transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital to be evaluated.

Mark West, who was operating the truck at the time of the crash, said that shortly afterwards words from his supervisor earlier in the morning came back to him. “Before I left the garage this morning I remember him saying to me take care of that truck today.”

Dickerson said that although we have had a relatively easy winter the roads are still in bad shape. “This portion of roadway is scheduled to be paved later this year, and it needs it bad.”

None of the city employees were injured in the morning crash.

The Elyria Police Department is investigating the crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Remember if you are driving and see an accident scene ahead, “SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER.” Allow Police, Fire, EMS and Tow Services to do their jobs without becoming a victim.


Anonymous Eric L. said...

wow. kinda hard to miss with a big flashing arrow and all.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Bawb Sagget said...

I take it this person was about as bright as a blown light bulb. How can you NOT SEE a BIG ORANGE TRUCK!?!?! DURRRRR!!!!!


I'm sorry, you were too busy finding your phone that fell on the floor while you were texting your boyfriend and drinking coffee at the same time.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Eric L. said...

In reference to "Bawb's" comment, I first thought that this driver was 1.)an elderly person or 2.)a woman however after careful review it appears to a man. Can anyone verify this? And does his boyfriend know that he was involved in a traffic accident?

P.S. I'm joking....I'm glad the driver is OK and no one was hurt. We all get in a fender bender at one point or another.

4:00 PM  

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