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Hey folks, how ya doin? I just flew in from the Sunshine State and boy are my arms tired! Remember when that joke used to be funny? I don’t either. So I know you are all glad to see I’m back. Not a moment to soon as I see Lorain County was pretty busy while I was away. We even managed to start a mini civil war with some loud mouths from Massachusetts (of all places). But, that’s for later.

Ready? Let’s go.

So Tuesday apparently is still the preferred day to stab someone. I am not sure if it’s because people are still sleeping the weekend off on Monday or not. But by the looks of this latest slasher, I’m guessing he sleeps, well…all the time. Talk about bed-head. And why is it that no one can argue without driving a knife into someone? I mean, we all argue on this site all the time. None of us have been stabbed (yet). Now I admit it, there have been some reader comments that have made me want to Google up their address, load my car up with some bricks and deposit them through that person’s front window. But that’s just the nice kinda guy I am.

But I would never stab someone I was arguing with, not to mention, who wins the argument then? I don’t know about you but the worst ending to a dispute (to me) is a, “no contest.” Call me old-fashioned.

Now what’s up with the doobie smuggling ladies out at Grafton Correctional? Was there a big sale down at Swap-Meats on the “Mary Jane?” Buy 2 bags – get free rolling papers? Take it from me ladies (if that’s what you want to call yourselves); it’s probably in your best interest to let your baby-daddy (or whoever) sit in the slammer getting “high on life” rather than getting yourselves sent to prison for 5 years. Is he really worth it? Come on, you know he’s not. It’s probably the same guy you got that restraining order against for slapping you around anyway, (I’m just speculating). Get a life.
Oh and to the dude who crashed his car because he was, “upset and looking for his ex-girlfriend,” rather then driving erratically through a neighborhood and endangering others; try hitting yourself in the head with a hammer a couple of times instead. Not only will you be incapacitated, you also won’t remember anything when you wake up. Easy enough?

I think everyone should be happy about the free fireworks display in Elyria on Friday. All it takes is a drunken bozo of a woman driving her silly dumb little self into just the right utility pole and SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! It’s the fourth of July. I for one thought a little excitement on a Friday night was just what the Doctor ordered!

But that pales in comparison to my favorite story from this week. The silly little lady who almost blew herself up because she was puffin on a cigarette with her oxygen tank on. Now, sure it was tragic, but let’s look at this as a learning experience (don’t hate, participate).

A document I was reading from Walgreen’s Home Care website made it pretty plain and simple. Always follow these steps to avoid a tragedy—fire, explosion, even death: Never smoke or have open flames within eight (8) feet of the oxygen equipment or the user—that includes lighted matches, smoking materials (cigarettes, cigars, pipes), candles, barbecues, space heaters. Never smoke while wearing oxygen equipment. Do not smoke near oxygen equipment—even if the oxygen tank is turned off. Never smoke anywhere while on oxygen—in the car, at home, sitting outdoors. Always assume the oxygen tank is "on."

So what have we learned class? Belligerence + Fire + Oxygen= Charred stumps for limbs (and that’s a best case scenario). I don’t want to make fun of this 64 year old woman (you all know I have a soft spot in my heart for blissfully oblivious elderly people), but here’s your options ma’am: You could stay on oxygen and chew a lot of gum (or just chew your gums…ouch, I had to) OR you could just smoke yourself right into a pine box. You decide, but you can’t have your smokes and your air too. Enough said.

Finally, poor “Mr. G.” He was rolling in his grave before he was lowered into the ground. How can anyone have the audacity to smear this death with a bunch of excuses on why it happened? I don’t care why Decio Rodrigues killed this man. I don’t think the “why” matters. I don’t think that we need “all the facts.” Neither facts, nor reasons, nor speculation will bring Jose Gonzalez back to life. It also doesn’t matter if Decio was a “crack head” or a “good boy.” He’s now a killer, something he must answer for. People have really shown their ignorance and upright tasteless insensitivity in the comment war on this site. I think its funny how someone from Lowell, Massachusetts has the audacity to call everyone in Lorain “border jumpers.” Looking at Decio’s name and picture makes me think that he is not a descendant of the Penacook Indians found the land, or the European settlers who explored there, or the Reverend John Eliot who set up the town and its first church and courthouse. There is nothing wrong with that, but let’s not make Lowell out to be the great white north either. After all, it has the second biggest population of Cambodian immigrants in the nation and approximately 14 percent of its residents are Hispanic or Latino (Lorain has approx. 21 percent). Also, like Ohio, it was primarily a manufacturing community that, like Ohio, had fallen upon hardships along the way. No need to compare folks, but the grass is always greener…and now Lowell, a feather in your cap, you can add murderer to your list of accolades.

I think the bigger issue is respect. No one wanted to see this happen and it was a brutal and absolutely despicable crime. Do you think the people of Lorain were not entitled to be a bit angry? I think that is just something Decio’s family will have to understand. Let’s just see if we can’t all swallow some of our egos and realize that there are 2 hurting families involved. No one wants to take ownership of family member’s wrong-doings and they shouldn’t have to. But, they also have to come to the realization that this is a real, devastating situation, and that succumbing into irrational attacks, in effort to defend a loved one, will do more harm to their reputation and integrity. Maybe a quiet apology or sincere expression of just being silent would have served everyone a little better.
On our part; I think it’s only human to be mad, upset and even distraught. But, let’s not make Mr. G’s death a spectacle of pure hatred and aggression towards his killer. Instead we could use that energy to fuel us toward doing some good for his family and friends.

God Bless you and Keep You, Jose Gonzales. Let the Lord show his favor on those who are meek and those who do good. I believe there may be a little shop in Heaven on the corner of Golden Street and Pearly Gates; and Mr. G will be telling big stories to anyone who will listen, reminding people that everything is “on the house.”

Be safe, be smart and be silent when your anger wants to speak.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said...Thank you for that! And for waking those in Lowell there own.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Good one jason. Good feelings on that shit

7:18 PM  
Anonymous karl said...

Good commentary and right on the mark about the next civil war being between Ohio and Massachusetts. I always thought Massachusetts was supposed to be the "Bay State" not the state of "venom and vindictiveness." Oh well, learn something new every day. And as to their state motto "Make it yours" please keep it, we don't want it, if you are talking about people like Decio. I'd rather they keep such exports so people like Mr. Gonzalez can remain with us.
Also, for the stabber, you may have won the fight but now you are really going to lose (and big time) with a jail sentence. This would have been a good fight to say "okay, you win" and walk away rather than getting out the old bowie knife.
In closing, Jason you're just lucky the pilot of your return flight (known to his friends as "bifolcals bob") hasn't read any of your senior citizens comments.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jason tells um how it is once again! rock on jay dizzle

11:30 PM  
Anonymous joe said...

well said

2:25 PM  

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