Sunday, February 03, 2008


Carlisle Township – “It sounded like thunder”. That is how neighbors described the sound of a truck crashing in their front yard late Saturday night on West Ridge Road.

The truck ended up in the front yard of Blake Morgan. Morgan, who has lived on West Ridge Road for 2 years, said he has never seen a crash this bad in his neighborhood.
“I was sitting inside the house watching TV with the Grand-Kids when all of a sudden we heard the crashing noise. I thought it was thunder, it was just so loud and out of the blue.”

Morgan said his wife and daughter-in-law looked out the front window and told him that there was a crash in their front yard. Morgan called 9-1-1 immediately while the others ran out to check on the driver. “When we got out there the man was talking and was lucid, as a matter of fact he was on his cell phone calling his wife.”

The truck, driven by 45 year old Gregory Kopp, was traveling southbound on West Ridge Road at a high rate of speed when he went off the right side of the road striking a 3 feet round – 4 feet high, concrete post with a concrete lion head on top. The truck continued through two yards after striking the post rolling over and spreading engine parts, tools from the bed of the truck and a bunch of other junk across the yards and roadway before coming to rest in Morgan’s front yard.

Carlisle Township Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics began working on the victim right away through the open window areas while other Firefighters began working on extricating the man. Metro LifeFlight was initially dispatched to the scene but Firefighters and Paramedics were able to remove the man within a matter of minutes. The victim was transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital where he was then flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland with injuries to his leg.

Carlisle Township Firefighters also used their Thermal Imager to search the area to make sure there were no other occupants that may have been thrown from the truck.

Firefighters and employees from Elyria Auto Service had the daunting task of clearing the large debris field, estimated at over 500 feet, and collecting all the tools. A tow strap was found dangling from an overhead power line.

Kopp, who lives on West Ridge Road and was almost home, will likely be charged with failure to control and OVI as the investigation continues.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

Remember if you are driving and see an accident scene ahead, “SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER”. Allow Police, Fire, EMS and Tow Services to do their jobs without becoming a victim.


Anonymous karl said...

Anybody even want to take a guess at how fast this guy was travelling if the debris was spread over 500 feet?? I think he ought to count his lucky stars that he is still alive no matter what charges he is facing.

10:16 AM  

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