Thursday, July 12, 2007


Jay Lough was doing chores in his home today when he walked out onto his front porch and saw a lot of smoke coming from across the street. “When I came out all I could see what a bunch of smoke but then as I walked out closer to the street I could see the flames." Lough’s brother called 9-1-1 and Lough said they watched as the fire moved quickly across the field. “It was moving very fast, it wasn’t real high flames but you could just see it moving quickly.”

Olmsted Falls Fire Chief Tim Potts said they received the call to assist Columbia Township Fire around 1:15pm. “The fire covered about 10 acres on the property but was contained in about 45 minutes." Chief Potts said that high winds and dense brush helped push the fire along so quickly.

The fire was on the grounds of the former Riverside Golf Club located on Columbia East River Road in Columbia Station. The golf course has been closed for about a year and is for sale.

Five area departments battled the brush fire and some crews remain on scene at this hour making sure it does not rekindle. Chief Potts said that Columbia Township Fire Department has jurisdiction and will be conducting an investigation as to what started the blaze. “We are not sure right now what started it but with the recent high temperatures that we have had combined with the low rain fall it could be as simple as someone dropping a cigarette butt on the ground. Columbia Township will investigate and find out what caused it.”

Chief Potts wants everyone to be very aware of the current dry conditions and how quickly a fire like this can spread.

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