Saturday, January 23, 2010


Elyria – Smitty’s has always been known for their burgers and as being the place where all the big name people go to have lunch. Well, Friday the biggest name in the Country stopped in for a burger – President Barack Obama.

Steve Frank, owner of Smitty’s Place, said he started hearing that the President might be having lunch in his restaurant early Friday morning. “We were pretty sure around 11 this morning but then we knew for sure at about noon when the Secret Service Agents came in and closed the place down. After that point nobody else was allowed in.”

Frank said that they brought the President in through the back of the restaurant and he began shaking hands and talking to people right away. “I’m not one who is impressed by a lot of people – but this is the President so that is super, that is a great thing. He met everybody in the place and shook everybody’s hand.”

The President stayed clear of the famed Smitty Burger because of the mayonnaise but did order a hamburger with mustard, lettuce and tomato – a side of French fries and a glass of water. Frank said that The President sat and ate lunch with Elyria Mayor Bill Grace and that he paid for his own meal. “He paid for his own as everybody does here, nobody eats free. We will be framing the dollar bills however, that is something that will we hang onto for sure.”

Frank said that everyone in the restaurant seemed to enjoy meeting The President. “He’s the leader of the free world, this is the most important man in the United States and we were all able to stand a foot away from him and shake his hand – of course this was special for everybody in the restaurant.”


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