Saturday, January 23, 2010


Elyria – When President Barack Obama walked into Smitty’s Friday afternoon he met one man that had been waiting 98 years for such an encounter.

Charlie Raymor, a 98-year-old lifelong Democrat, said he was honored to meet The President of the United States. “My first vote for President was for FDR and I have voted Democrat ever since. So I joked with The President that it took me 98 years to finally meet a President. He laughed because he said he couldn’t believe I was actually 98.”

Raymor has been going into Smitty’s since 1934 when his brother in law opened the doors. He said back then you could only order 3.2 beer – anyone care to admit they remember back to those days?

Raymor did not know that The President was going to be at Smitty’s but said he wondered why there were so may Police cars in the area. “There were cops everywhere. I thought maybe something was robbed because you could hardly get around. I had to use a lot of back roads to get here and I sure am glad that I did. I am really happy that I had this opportunity and what a great day for Elyria.”


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