Monday, April 25, 2011


Elyria – Two men were reportedly stabbed while inside of Vic’s Nightclub early Sunday morning. One victim refused treatment at the scene and the other was flown to Cleveland.

Police were called to Vic’s Nightclub at 3:01 a.m. Sunday morning in regards to a large fight inside the club. When Officers were making their way inside of the club a female ran by them saying that a man had been stabbed.

Police say as they entered the club the music was still playing and the lights were still down low and they could smell burnt marijuana. A large number of patrons were making their way out of the club at the same time Officers were entering making it almost impossible for Officers to gain entry. 
Once Officers made it into the club they found several bouncers wearing blood covered neon yellow shirts. None of the bouncers were injured however.
One man who had blood on his face was attempting to leave the bar. Officer spoke to him after the Manager pointed him out as being one of the men involved in the fight. The man told Officers that he was jumped in the bar but did not know who did it or why and that he just wanted to leave.
Several subjects wearing white t-shirts with blood on them were exiting the bar away from the Officers. The report states that due to the large crowd and only 7 Officers they were unable to stop the group.
Officers then spoke with victim Anthony Smith who had a stab wound to his back, between the shoulder blades. Elyria Police Officer Nick Eichenlaub asked Smith what had happened in the club, Smith responded with, “Eichenlaub, I have no idea, it was a fucking riot in here.” Smith further advised that he had been hit with a bar stool and then his back started hurting. Smith left the club before being treated by LifeCare.

Police then located victim number two, James Jackson. Jackson had stab wounds on his head and torso. Jackson told Police he did not know who stabbed him or attacked him. Jackson was treated at the scene by LifeCare Paramedics and then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital. He was later flown to Metro in Cleveland where he was later released.
Police did locate a black lock blade knife near the stripper pole on the northwest side of the dance floor. The blade did not have any signs of blood on it however.
Police spoke with the manager of Vic’s and asked why they had not closed the bar and turned on the lights once the large fight started. The manager said the bar does not close until 4am. She further advised that if she owned the bar it would be closed at 2:30 just like all of the other bars.



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