Monday, December 01, 2008


Columbus – The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported today that 11 traffic fatalities occurred on Ohio roads during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend marking the safest Thanksgiving holiday weekend on Ohio roads since 2001 when there 10 fatalities. Thanksgiving weekend fatalities were down from 17 traffic deaths last year during the holiday period.

Law enforcement agencies reported 11 fatal crashes, killing 11 people, from 6 p.m. Wednesday to midnight Monday.

As part of enforcement and motorist safety efforts, the Patrol arrested 501 motorists for OVI and assisted 3,741 motorists during the holiday weekend.

Some numbers: Of the 11 crashes 6 were on State or Federal Highways with 6 fatalities and 3 injured. 3 on County Roads with 3 fatalities and 4 injured. 1 on a City Street with 1 fatality and 1 injury. 1 on an Interstate Highway within a City with 1 fatality.

Of the 10 people killed in automobiles, 7 were wearing safety belts and 3 were not. The 11th fatality was a pedestrian.


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