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Elyria Township – Speed and alcohol played a big part in a crash that occurred early Saturday morning on Haven Drive in Elyria Township.

Troopers say that 20-year-old Matthew Groboske of Elyria was traveling east on Haven Drive at a high rate of speed when he lost control of the car on the wet pavement. The car went off the right side of the road striking a utility pole – the car then spun around and took out a bush before striking a 2003 Trail Blazed that was parked in a driveway.

When Elyria Township Firefighters & Paramedics arrived the driver and front passenger was already out of the car and walking around. Two passengers in the back seat were still in the car unable to get out. The passenger side rear door was damaged so heavily it could not open – the driver’s side rear door was pinned closed because the Trail Blazer was pressed up against it.
Firefighters had to wake up the owner of the truck to get him to come outside and move the vehicle so they had access to the back seat passengers.

The passenger who was sitting in the back seat behind the driver sustained serious injuries while the passenger in the front seat was treated and transported with less serious injuries. The third passenger was not injured but Troopers say that because he is under age, Paramedics had to transport him.

Groboske refused any treatment or transport.

Troopers then gave Groboske a field sobriety test at the scene – he failed. Groboske was taken into custody and charged with Failure to Control and OVI.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

These stupid children are lucky they didn't kill anyone else or themselves. Let's not forget that it is everyone's responsibility not to get into the car with an impaired driver, let alone let a friend drive drunk. I sincerely hope that all of the occupants do not look back on this as a bad experience because they got caught, but a blessing because they all survived, and it could have been much much worse.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another little gangster want to be. Nice t-shirt.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Heather said...

I moved out of elyria when i was in 8th grade and it kills me when i look on here and see someone i know. I know Matthew G and I knew Seth who died a while ago. Two different situations but still. What a MORON Matthew is. and all drunk drivers for that matter. i could go on and on but it falls on deaf ears.

12:56 AM  
Blogger nothing said...

Stuff happens. it could have happened to anyone, A-N-Y-O-N-E! There are alot worse accidents then this one, so why focus on this when there are actual people getting away with KILLING PEOPLE! yeah people make mistakes of driving with a couple beers in their system, but still you dont know him and you dont know the whole story. In this day and age, this is entertainment for pople. the police and the media make it look alot worse then it really is for the ENTERTAINMENT purposes. and this website is a perfect example of it, everyone commenting on this because they have nothing better to do... get a life people and just because you have such a horrible life doesn't give you the right to slander this guy. i am pretty sure some of you walked away after driving completely DRUNK. and it just so happenes that this guy gets in trouble, yet there other people are walking away with committing actual murder of driving drunk. PLease save your comments and opinions for something better. i highly doubt you are all innocent! really i do.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous karl said...

They aren't kidding with the "high rate of speed" comment. Hit the other car hard enough to knock it sideways and partially off the driveway. They and their friends should be glad they're still alive to consider this a "learning experience."

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was involved with this accident. and yes it has been a learning experience for all of us, so dont try to make it seem like were all just retards. we were just trying to have some fun, but with the weather the way it was things slipped out of control. we do concider ourselves very lucky. this report has made everything seem worse than it was, but thats the way the world works these days. if you want a full story or more of the truth, find one of us.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Under age drinking and driving, high rate of speed, and poor weather conditions. Poor judgement was made on the part of everyone in that vehicle. There is no excuse for this to happen. NONE, NADA, ZIP. You are all lucky that you can call it a "learning experience". I call it dodgeing a bullet. I hope proper punishment is in place for those legally responsible. Putting others lives at risk is not something you can just blame on those that haven't been caught. "Yeah, I drove drunk, blah blah blah... But others do it and get away with it, blah blah blah.." The driver COULD have killed someone. That's just a defense mechanism that stupid, young kids make.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im glad everyone is ok o and happy late birthday cuz

3:05 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Several points to make about this article, and its one-sidedness:

1. According to the law, "high rate of speed" can mean as little as 1 mile an hour over the posted limit. When wet pavement (whether it be rain, snow/sleet/ice, wet leaves) or loose gravel is involved it can be dangerous. You could be going the speed limit and still get in an accident. No one is perfect. Additionally, when you hit a slick spot in the road, speeding or not, your speed accelerates UNTIL you hit something or stop spinning. So technically, the Blazer could have saved their lives! Not to mention, 30 in a 25 is not exactly a recipe for disaster.
2. I understand the sobriety needing to be lower, but nowadays, you cannot even wash your mouth out with Scope w/o having some alcohol content. The amount of alcohol consumed that evening would have been no more than a few swigs of Scope. I remember when BAL was .18. Now it is even lower, I think .08. So does mouthwash impare your judgement? Listerine? Are we going to make it illegal to mouth wash and drive?

I know MG and he is a very responsible individual, for himself and others. Yes, this is a bad thing; HOWEVER! A lot of people are pre-judging on the basis of alcohol and forgetting that these kids came out ALIVE! Don't let the stretcher scare you - it is standard operating procedure for an ambulance crew to put an accident victim on one even if they only have a bruised shoulder.

3. To those of you who think this is "dodging the bullet" - it would be so if they were D-R-U-N-K. .18 is not even enough to ACT BUZZED. Yes the punishment is being handed out accordingly, but it was a learning experience and saying "dodging the bullet" implies it will happen again. I don't think a near-death experience is going to make ANYONE do it again.

Those all high-and-mighty on their horse may want to think about how perfect their own personal lives might be. I know there is not a person out there that has skated on the wrong side of the law here and there - especially speeding: late to work, showing off, whatever. Again, 1 over the speed limit is "high rate of speed" so unless you go the exact posted speed limit ALL THE TIME, you are just as guilty and, shall I say "lucky" that you "dodged the bullet" by not being near traffic to hit anyone or kill anyone. I will let you have "impaired judgement" if it were the case of being drunk, but this case it was bad weather. Sobriety doesn't mean that you are drunk - just past the legal limit to drive (which I think is far too low). If a couple light beers put you over the limit, then I revert to my previous comment: Make sure you have a designated driver each morning before work because you used Scope or Listerine after brushing.

Oh, and by the way, to the T-shirt/gangster comment - That is a shirt from one of the ultimate sweet movies, Boondock Saints, and is FAAAAAAAAAAR from being how you phrase, "gangster".

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Everyone in that vehicle had admitted to drinking alcohol. This is not an assumption. their speed was greater than 30 in a 25. Look at the skid marks. Besides, they lost in in the curve, hit the pole, then still had enough energy in the vehicle to spin around and knock the Chevy from the driveway. These kids were drinking, driving and being stupid. They could have killed themselves or someone else. Irresponsible and deserving of punishment. Once again, you can try and turn the blame onto others. Saying things like "Oh, you've never gone 1 mile over???" If I drink and drive and wreck and hurt others, I am an idiot and I deserve to be punished and I dodged a bullet. Try as you may to water down how lucky they are to be alive, but when it comes down to it, just a car full of stupid drunk kids that are lucky to be alive.

Were you there?

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these excuses made are the problem with people today.
The law is the law for a reason. He failed a field sobriety test. It doesn't specify that it was a breathalyzer, nor is he claiming that he was driving around with a bottle of listerine and moutwashing while driving. That's an absolutely ridiculous idea anyway (I'm 20, was out driving around at 2am with 4 other underage passengers, and swigging mouthwash) - and I'm sure that would be considered distracted driving anyway - which is still stupid. If you use mouthwash and then TWENTY MINUTES LATER leave for work, you wouldn't fail a breathalyzer. And if you did, you'd ask for a blood test. Which would be 0.00 - unless you CONSUMED the listerine, in which case - you're an idiot.

And whoever said "OMG THERE ARE MURDERERS OUT THERE!11!!!!" - yes, and this driver could have been one of them had one circumstance gone differently.

Excuses excuses excuses. If he were innocent, he wouldn't have been arrested. Yes I'm sure we've all made mistakes - but it just takes one mistake to kill innocent people. How does the fact that many people get away with a crime everyday, make the crime ok? It doesn't. Still a crime, still a dangerous mistake.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone have a life other than commenting on a stupid news story? really. get a life people.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous minor involved in the accident said...

this story is extremely biased.

to set some shit straight: this story claims i wasnt injured at all, and the other backseat passenger "sustained serious injuries." he was bleeding and delirious, but required nor received any medical treatment, they took him to the hospital to charge him for a ct scan which resulted in no damage, and charged him for letting him rest.
i had to stay at the hospital a few hours longer than the rest of the passengers, and all i have is a broken thumb; so in complete contradiction to this story, i sustained the worst injury.

the two front passengers had been drinking (though matt shouldnt have been driving at all, no one is defending him in that case. .18 can hardly be called drunk, mind you) yet the other backseat passenger and i had not, nor did we claim to have. "dave's" logic is severely flawed.

tmcnews has now lost all credit.

4:15 PM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

To the “minor involved in the accident”
Allow me to respond to your comments:

I’ll start with your comment about you not being injured. We were told by both the Trooper on scene and by the Assistant Fire Chief that you were only being transported because you were a juvenile. I hope your thumb is feeling better by the way.

Next I’ll address the issue about the other back seat passenger. In your comment you say that he was “bleeding and delirious” – you went on to say; “but required nor received any medical treatment.” I can only assume that you meant did not require or receive any medical treatment. If that is the case, if you are claiming that he received no medical treatment then I would suggest you simply review the photos – the Paramedics on scene were treating him.

Your statement that he was taken to the hospital “to charge him for a ct scan and charged him for resting” – well, the only thing I would suggest is that maybe you should contact the people at Elyria Township Fire Department (440.324.2973) and set up a visit to their station. Allow them the opportunity to explain to you why they do the things they do to crash victims at the scene and why they transport them to hospitals. I am 100% sure they will be happy to host you and provide you with that information. Please write back afterwards and let now how it went.

You say that the two front passengers “had been drinking” but then you said “though Matt (the driver) shouldn’t have been driving at all, .18 can hardly be called drunk” – that is an issue you need to take up with the State I assume. I would also encourage you to contact the local post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (440.365.5045) – ask for Lt. Peterson, the Commander of the Post – Perhaps he can have you to the Post to explain why the limit is set where it is and why they have a zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Please write back afterwards and let now how it went.

Your comments about what other people have written – well, that is between you and them – I’m sure they will respond. However, if any of them write or suggest that you or any of the others were intoxicated then you are correct that they are out of line with such statements.

Lastly, I’m sorry you feel that TMCNEWS.NEW has lost all credibility. We do the best we can and hope you will continue checking out the site. Good luck to all of you that were in the car – hope you are all well.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You weren't drunk when you got into the car with someone who had been drinking? When you easily could have driven? Good call! You just earned some credibility points yourself there, I don't think I'd point further fingers at TMC if I were you.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would point all fingers at TCM, blogging about news stories and at the people involved, should be banned!
1.) the blogging makes things worse then it really is.
2.) im sure the people involved with this have already heard it from there loved ones and really dont need to hear it from anyone else, because its none of your business, and because you ridicule, when in actuality, im sure plenty of you have done this only probably much worse.
3.)it's immature, obnoxious, rude,and very disrepectful to the pepole involved, to their loved ones, and other people that are reading this blog.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Ban the news. Because offending people should be illegal. Right. Did you even read your comment before posting it??? Hm, wait, what did I just say.... you posted a comment... on a news story... oh my, we must send you right to virtual-jail!

Grow up. If you don't like it, don't read it! You have that choice in this country, just as we have the choice to say what we've said. You're free to move to China if you disagree.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didn't say "bann the news" i basically said "dont let stupid assholes like you comment on them."

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Heather said...

A couple of things to comment on

First of all to the person below my first comment: I cannot speak for everyone but I can tell you that I am innocent of all those things you have mentioned. I am 20 years old and have never driven with anything in my system. Do I drink yes but I do not drive nor am I dumb enough to get in the vehicle with someone who has. Also yes there are murders out there walking free but was this article about them? Nope which is why people arent focusing on them. Also reality check just because we say something you do not agree with does not mean our lives are horriable. I am actually pretty happy thanks. Also you are right this could have happened to anyone and let me assure you that TMC would have reported on it regardless. And yes the media does a fine job of strecthing the truth to make it look more appealing however I believe TMC states the facts. I see no embelishment at all.

To everyone in the vehicle I am glad the worst injury was a broken thumb. And I am glad you are all learning from this.

Like Dave said there is NO excuse to drink and drive.

Also Michael please inform me as to where you get your facts stating a high rate of spped can be as little as one mph over the posted speed limit because I seriously doubt thats true.

One last thing: GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE. it really pisses me off when people say things like "people who comment this stuff have no life" correct me if I am wrong but arent you doing the same thing. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion and you do not have to agree with it.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

This has obviously spun way off-topic.

The original problem that was addressed was the bias of the reporting. Now, to agree w/ whomever the "anon" commenter was, he/she did not say "ban the news". The original purpose of "the news" was to tell the story. The WHOLE story. Nowadays you have so many news programs and literature that is biased towards one way or the other that the public doesn't know which way to turn. FOX vs CNN, right-wing vs left, etc. The purpose of any news story reporter is to bring the complete un-biased view to the public for THEM to make a judgement call. Verbage also plays a part as well. Instead of using double-meaning phrases that could be interpreted as wishy-washy, offer the facts alone without personal opinion. Lastly, the COMPLETE story must be obtained. This article stops after people were taken away (either in a squad car or ambulance). There is no followup. The 2 that posted in this commenting explained a lot of that already.

Now, granted, I was not there and a lot of other people who commented probably weren't either. BUT, we do have confirmation from one or two involved that this has definitely been blown way out of proportion and it turned out not as bad as it could have been - "dodging the bullet" or "stupidity" or whatever you call it - everyone is still alive.

Let it rest. The parties involved are being taken care of, whether it be punishment or treatment.

I also admit, I did get a little fired up over this as it was blowing up. But I have to stand back and look at the grand scope of the situation: Yes, it was bad and drinking (no matter how much) then driving is not smart. From this, those involved have learned. So what is the big deal to let it rest now. It is now over and let these people get back to normal living instead of having to be scrutinized and ridiculed by the public.

It's over, it was a mistake, and it was a lesson learned.

"Let those without sin, cast the first stone." [John 8:7]

4:15 PM  
Anonymous minor involved in the accident said...

tmc's credibility is shattered because this is simply a blog basing its writings on public safety stories. meaning a lot of it will be one-sided with its author/sources; partially fiction.

LOL, the pictures show him getting put on a stretcher? and nothing else?
yes im aware even tests that result in no fault are required, i was pointing that out because its in contradiction to this tale youve posted.

to this passage about contacting the police for questioning their law on substance? you must be what thomas jefferson would call: a sheep.
i said nothing to justify matts actions to drink and drive, no matter the limit; but thanks for the random suggestion?

daves not necessarily "out of line," hes simply a person whose opinion overrides rationality; ex: "Were you there?" ...he doesnt have the liberty asking that question, he clearly wasnt either.
i could go on, but i shouldnt and wont.

anon: i wasnt aware mattske was drunk, and he obviously didnt show signs. i also cant drive, or youd be absolutely right, it wouldnt have made sense not to drive.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Sandor from Europe said...

I knew someone involved in this fortunate accident and I feel better now to see nobody had been injured seriously. I have learned something 10 years ago during my visit in the USA. No matter what you have done but all it matter whether you can learn from it or not and I guess they all paid their own credit and I am sure they never going to do it again.


(The Ghost)

7:53 PM  

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