Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Aldi’s store near Value City has a new blacktop parking area that is well marked as well as a new front section added on to making more room for grocery products for folks to buy that are on a tight budget, like most senior citizens and folks on disability.

So what were they thinking when they put all the Handicap parking spaces on the south side of the building and not next to building, but away from the building on a steep incline, steep enough that if the shopping cart is not held with one hand it will roll down toward the building.

Now it seems to me if one is a senior or has a handicap of sorts it would be a pain in the rear area (if you know what I mean) to load ones car because it takes two hands for one who isn’t handicapped to load their car of bought goods.

Gee wonder if there is a market on shopping carts with brakes…..?

Ken Behner
Elyria, Ohio

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