Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Carlisle Township Firefighters were kept busy Tuesday night after a tractor pulled down power lines and a transformer.

Officials said the tractor, owned by Clifford Farms of LaGrange, was driving down Butternut Ridge Road near Indian Hollow when one of the posts, that extended 14’6” into the air, pulled down power lines. When the lines came down it also brought down a transformer spilling fuel onto the roadway. Because of the age of the transformer Officials were not 100% sure what type of fuel was inside. Ohio Edison Officials investigated and discovered that there were no hazardous materials issues with the spilled fuel.

Although most power was restored shortly after Ohio Edison arrived on scene, two homes were left without power overnight.

The driver of the tractor did not stop at the scene; apparently he was unaware of the incident when it happened. He was found and told of the incident in the LaPorte area and returned to the scene to speak with Officials.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating.

CORRECTIONS - June 14, 2007
The transformer that fell to the ground contained mineral oil, not fuel. The line that was caught by the tractor was a cable TV line and may not have been installed at the correct height. The cable TV line pulled down the rest of the lines, including the transformer and two service lines to two residences.


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