Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Elyria Police released the following report from the shooting on Middle Ave last night: On Tuesday, August 1, 2006m, at approximately 2328hrs, Officers responded to the area of 10364 Middle Ave. in reference to an Aggravated Burglary complaint where the victim had been shot in the stomach.
Upon arrival, Officers made initial entry into the residence. An elderly female later identified as Alice Benko was standing in the kitchen. Officer observed a male later identified as Philip Benko laying on his back on the dining room floor with a towel in his right hand covering his lower right stomach. Mr. Benko was talking on the telephone with the phone in his left hand. Mr. Benko was observed bleeding heavily from the lower right stomach area. Officers applied direct pressure to the injury until Life Care arrived on scene. Mr. Benko was conscious and alert. Officers searched the property and buildings and no suspect was located.
Mr. Benko, advised Officers that he was laying on the couch in the living room when he was awoken by a male voice that stated, “Where’s the money at?” Mr. Benko stated, “I reached over and grabbed my gun and cocked the trigger and told the guy to “get out”. Mr. Benko stated he observed a W/M with a mask on standing in the entryway between the dining room and living room. Mr. Benko stated, “I fired one shot at the bastard. I don’t know if I hit him or not.” Mr. Benko stated he then heard a shot and realized he had been shot. .” Mr. Benko last observed the subject fleeing the residence through the dining room into the kitchen and out the south door of the kitchen. Mr. Benko stated he made it to the dining room phone, where he called 9-1-1. Life Care arrived and began treating Mr. Benko.
Ms. Benko stated while walking through the living room, she observed her son Philip sleeping on the living room floor with the television on. Ms. Benko stated she exited the bathroom and began walking through the southeast bedroom toward the living room. Ms. Benko stated she stopped when she heard a voice stating, “Where’s the money?” Ms. Benko stated she observed a subject standing in the entryway between the dining room and living room. Ms. Benko observed the subject holding a rifle style gun with two hands. Ms. Benko stated the suspect was pointing the rifle toward her son Philip who was sitting up on the living room floor. Ms. Benko stated the next thing she knew, the suspect shot Philip. Ms. Benko fled back to the bathroom. Ms. Benko was unable to provide any further description of the suspect. Ms. Benko stated, “It all happened so fast.” Ms. Benko did not observe the suspect flee the area, nor did she hear a vehicle leave the area.


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