Saturday, December 25, 2010


Elyria – A crash early Christmas morning sent two intoxicated people to jail and left a sour note to a Christmas party amongst family and friends.

Bobby Shannon of Elyria said that he was enjoying a Christmas party with family and friends on East Ave and Wolf Court when his wife came to him and said she heard two loud bangs out front. When they rushed to the front porch to see what was the matter they found two of their cars all in a smatter. That means smashed up by the way.

Shannon said that the woman who they call the Grinchess that Stole Christmas was stumbling around while her male passenger took off on foot running. “He said he was running to get help, even though there were about a dozen people standing out here looking.”

Some of the people from the party took off following the male who eventually ran out of gas at East Ave and Howe Street where Police took him into custody. Witnesses say they found something on his person other than candy canes.

The driver of the car admitted to driving at the time of the crash was taken into custody at the scene. While the Officer was attempting to handcuff her he told her to put her hands behind her back. She hoisted them high in the air. He again told her to place them behind her back. She then put them on her head. At this time a bystander from the party told the woman, “behind your back, not on your head.” The woman then placed her hands behind her back and was cuffed up.

Shannon said that although surveying damaged vehicles was not on the list of things to do during the party they refuse to let the crash ruin Christmas. “We have had a fun evening with family and friends tonight and we will not allow the Grinchess to steal Christmas from us. I’m just glad that nobody was injured and Merry Christmas to all.”

And to all a Goodnight!



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Lay off the eggnog TMCNEWS. Brian Wooooods!

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