Friday, August 21, 2009


Carlisle Township – A Wakeman woman was transported to Allen Community Hospital Friday afternoon after being involved in a two car crash at Oberlin-Elyria Road and Butternut Ridge Road in Carlisle Township.

Trooper Mandi Rodriguez of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said that the crash occurred when the driver of a Bellman Plumbing truck failed to yield from a stop sign. “Mr. Bellman was traveling east on Butternut Ridge Road and came to a stop. Mr. Bellman said that he did look both ways but was in a hurry and must not have seen the car.”

The other car, driven by 70 year old Minnie Evans of Elyria, was traveling northeast on Oberlin-Elyria Road when 30 year old Scott Bellman of Wakeman pulled out in front of her. The Ford Escort ZX2 that Evans was driving struck Bellman’s van on the passenger side near the rear tire causing the van to roll over onto the driver’s side.

Bellman was able to crawl out of the passenger side window of the van on his own after the crash.

Carlisle Township Firefighters and LifeCare Paramedics treated Evans at the scene chest pains and minor injuries and transported her to Allen Community Hospital in Oberlin.

Trooper Rodriguez said that Bellman was charged with failure to yield from a stop sign.

On a side note: Rodriguez said that when Bellman was crawling out of the passenger side window of his overturned van – he saw a man that had stopped on the road. The man took photos of Bellman climbing out of the window of the van and then got back in his car and drove away.

Another thing, When Firefighters described the collision they said Evans’ car “struck” Bellman’s van. Bruce Bishop, Chief Photographer from the Chronicle Telegram, said that Evans’ car “bipped” Bellman’s van. I decided to go with “struck.”

Lastly, although this story is news worthy it is not, contrary to what others might think, a BREAKING NEWS story.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vehicles are "broken" so there for it is a "breaking" story. Or maybe not. Haas

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

Keep up the good work. Breaking story or newsworthy, its worthwhile reading. Patsy

11:47 PM  

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