Sunday, April 12, 2009


Elyria – Elyria Police have released the names of those arrested after Saturday mornings brawl on Broad Street and raid on the Zulu Motorcycle Club.

Arrested on Broad Street:
Tolona Higginbotham, 26 of Lorain, charged with Assault on a Police Officer, (F-4) and Aggravated Riot, (F-4)
Nykeya Higginbotham, 18 of Lorain, charged with Aggravated Riot, (F-4)
Bratton Higginbotham, 20 of Lorain, charged with Aggravated Riot, (F-4)
Justin Partlow, 25 of Elyria, charged with Aggravated Riot, (F-4), Carrying a Concealed Weapon, (M-1) and Obstructing Official Business (M-2)
Quintin Lovett, 26 of Elyria, charged with Aggravated Riot, (F-4), Possession of Cocaine (F-5), Possession of Paraphernalia (M-4), and Resisting Arrest (M-2)
Nasira Mah-Jabeen, 25 of Lorain, charged with Aggravated Riot, (F-4)

Once the disturbance on Broad Street was under control Officers entered the Zulu Club and executed their Search Warrant. A total of 45 people, members and patrons, were found inside of the club and secured by Officers.

As a result of the search, Officers seized beer, liquor, a firearm and a slot machine. Officers also seized a small amount of marijuana that appeared to have been discarded onto the floor by patrons.

Three members of the Zulu Club were arrested:
Edward Reiford
, 33 of Cleveland, Rodney Jackson, 33 of Cleveland and Rodger Parker, 35 of Cleveland were all charged with two unclassified misdemeanors. They are Keeping a Place Where Beer and Intoxicating Liquor are Furnished in Violation of Law and Action Prohibited without a Permit; Unauthorized Source of Liquor.

Two patrons were arrested on unrelated charges:
Ralph Tidmore, 28 of Cleveland, arrested for a Bench Warrant through the city of Rocky River.
Alexis Charlton, 20 of Elyria, was charged with Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Forgery and Contempt of Court.

Police say that all information will be sent to the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office for review and consideration of additional charges and/or legal action.



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