Wednesday, March 11, 2009


“Spit was coming out of his mouth, wanting me to get out of my car to beat me up.” Louie Lockhart
Elyria – Elyria Firefighter Chris Nilges appeared in front of Judge John Musson early Wednesday morning and plead Not Guilty on charges of Assault, Menacing and Unlawful Restraint.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred Monday morning when Nilges was traveling behind Louie Lockhart in Carlisle Township. Nilges told authorities that Lockhart had thrown something out of his car at his truck. Nilges pulled in front of Lockhart, blocking his vehicle and approached the 57 year old former City of Elyria Street Department Superintendent.

Lockhart said that Nilges “ripped my car door open and I tried to pull my door shut. He opened it again and pulled my arm, injuring my hand and pulling the muscles in my shoulder. I thought he was going to rip my arm off.”

Lockhart said Nilges swore at him and threatened him during the incident. “Spit was coming out of his mouth, wanting me to get out of my car to beat me up.”

Nilges told Sheriff’s Deputies that Lockhart had been driving slowly in front of him and kept hitting his brakes. He said he pulled in front of him and confronted Lockhart after he threw something at Nilges’ car. Nilges contends that he never opened Lockhart’s car door or touched him. When asked if he made any threats to Lockhart Nilges said he may have, he wasn’t sure and added that he was mad.

Lockhart said that it wasn’t until he yelled Nilges’ license plate number out and said that he would notify the Police that Nilges left the scene.

A statement given by an eyewitness supports Lockhart’s version of the incident.


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