Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Elyria – A routine drive home didn’t end so routinely for one woman early Tuesday morning.

The woman was heading home and had just pulled into her apartment complex on Fox Hill Lane when she went off the right side of the road and struck a stop sign. The car bent the sign down thus making it a launching ramp sending it up and over a large rock, which turn the car onto its side.

The car slide across the pavement before coming to rest on the driver’s side.

The woman was able to get out of the car on her own and refused any treatment by Paramedics.

The Elyria Police is investigating the crash.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CANT CLICK ON PHOTOT GALLERY THIS POPS UP ....https://www.blogger.com/start

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give the driver a 7 for the landing

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give tmc news a 9 for the headline name !

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Sue said...

a BMW??????? why is someone that drives a BMW driving down Fox Hill Ln.??????? Tell me I'm not the only one who's wondering that!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man that vest in the background is awfully distracting. It really hurts the photo quality.

5:42 PM  
Blogger davidv440 said...

and yet again somebody who post anonymous has to bring up the vest,get a life man,obviously you dont have a job to where your life is in jeapordy where the vest could come in useful in saving a life,or your just jealous you dont have one,but im sure that most of the viewers on here would take up a collection and buy you one so youll just shut the hell up about them,so instead of posting anonymous put your name up there and lets see about getting you one,if you dont want to post your name then just SHUT UP ABOUT THE VEST,as again this story had no relation to the vest... [by the way,for your info that is a coat,not a vest]if you had something to do besides sit on your couch,eat cheetos,and go on tmc and make fun of WORKING PEOPLES attire you might realize its cold out here for those of us that do have a job and a life

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David440 take a chill pill. I dont think they were bitching about the vest or having to wear it. They just thought it would have been a good photo if there wasnt a big yellow reflective coat in there. You talk about that person getting a life but you wrote a novel about that person getting a life so I suggest you take your own advice.

7:45 AM  
Blogger davidv440 said...

gee anoyher anonymous,most likely the same person constantly bitchin about the vest,as in the post prior to mine,and yet not enough balls to post with a name.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David440 I am not the one that wrote the previous comment regarding traffic vests BUT What the Fu#@ does it matter if someone posts w/ a name or anonymous? I can go ahead and tell you my name is Rick or Bill or steve and it makes NO difference. If the only thing you can do is call someone out for not having a blogger name than you got nothin... Sorry that some of us dont sit in a dark empty computer room with the glow of the monitor beaming on our faces just waiting for Anonymous people to post messages that you are reading to deeply into. Maybe I can be as inventive as you and make my Blogger ID... Steve440. Geeeeeeeezzzz that was tough. Go back to loraincounty.com

Steven Morano
Avon, Ohio

11:20 PM  

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